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SF Surplus allows departments within the college to reuse surplus property no longer needed by the original owner. Additionally, SF Surplus donates classroom furniture to Alachua and Bradford County schools, resells items not claimed for reuse in a public surplus sale, and recycles end-of-life items that cannot be utilized within the college or repurposed to another entity. 

Surplus property may also be available through the Federal Property Assistance Program.

Eligible Items

What items can be sent to Surplus?

The following items are considered surplus property and can be relocated to building H-A:

  • Furniture (office, classroom, common area)
  • Equipment (grounds, automotive, construction technology)
  • Scientific & Medical Equipment
  • IT Equipment (coordinated through IT department)
  • Appliances
  • Vehicles

What items cannot be sent to Surplus?

The following items cannot be stored in the Surplus area:

  • Liquids such as chemicals, cleaners, paints, aerosols, etc. Departments are responsible for disposing of such items. Contact Facilities or Safety and follow all safety recommendations.
  • Office Supplies such as paper, files, books, desk organizers, and other items that might be damaged in the open-air surplus area. See Surplus Swap below for instructions regarding these items.
  • Broken/Unusable Power Tools that may create a safety hazard. Contact SF Surplus for disposal instructions.

Preparing Surplus Items

  1. Ensure desks, cabinets, lockers, and other furniture items are free of paper, files, supplies, and debris.
  2. When requesting disposal of equipment that may biohazardous, radioactive, or chemically toxic, the department must ensure compliance with all Environmental Health & Safety regulations.

How to Request Surplus Pickup

  1. Access the Facilities Work Request System
  2. Select Moving as the Work Category
  3. Enter location and area/room number
  4. Provide description of what item(s) are being relocated to SF Surplus, to include condition.
  5. Add contact information
  6. Upload images (if applicable)
  7. Submit request. A work order number will be provided and status can be tracked under the “My Requests” tab.

How to View Available Surplus

To schedule an appointment for viewing available surplus property, contact Phil Carver.

Surplus Swap

Each department's Property Designee has access to the SF Surplus Swap. This pilot program allows departments to list items they no longer need as well as claim any items they might want. Surplus Swap should be used for items that can't be stored in the open-air conditions of the Surplus Area, such as:

  • Office supplies including paper, folders, binders, etc.
  • Small office items such as desk organizers, file sorters, hole punches, staplers, etc.
  • Any appliances, electronics, or similar items that would be damaged by outdoor storage

Surplus Contact

Phil Carver x5217