Social and Behavioral Sciences

Welcome to Social and Behavioral Sciences

The Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences provides quality instruction to promote student learning in six disciplines. Faculty in Anthropology, Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology contribute to the College's General Education Curriculum by teaching students about our historical/political world, the interaction of people and culture, and the diversity of human experience.

Courses fulfill requirements for the Associate in Arts degree, complete necessary prerequisites for upper division transfer into different majors and pre-professional programs, as well as afford opportunities for personal enrichment and self-enhancement. Faculty provide students with a learning environment that both challenges and supports them so as to encourage achievement of high academic standards and to promote a deeper understanding of human nature. These educational activities contribute to the College's mission of "Adding value to the lives of students and enriching our community."

"Educating students to better understand themselves and others, to value our heritage, and to appreciate the diversity of the world and its cultures."

Value Statement

The faculty and staff in the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences uphold the values of Santa Fe College in our teaching, concern for student success, participation in the college community, and commitment to providing the highest quality education to the people of Alachua and Bradford counties.

As a multidisciplinary department, Social and Behavioral Sciences values the unique composition and contribution of its faculty and staff. These qualities are evident in the variety of social and behavioral science courses that add value to students' lives through, for example, increasing their understanding of participatory citizenship, providing knowledge about the diverse world in which they live, and teaching the conceptual tools and skills that will help them to achieve their career and work goals.

Specifically, the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences faculty and staff value:

  • Academic Excellence for students and faculty.
  • Student-Centered teaching and learning that supports intellectual, social, and character development.
  • Collegial Diversity and Interdisciplinary Teaching
  • Technological Advancements that enhance the teaching and learning process, and provide students with alternative routes to achieving educational goals.
  • Community Service that focuses on student and faculty involvement and collaboration with the surrounding communities that SF serves.
  • Visionary innovations in teaching, use of technology in classrooms and curriculum, and the encouragement of alternative learning methods.

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