Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams is a hub for team collaboration. As with all Office 365 apps, Teams is free for SF students, faculty and staff. With Teams you can integrate the people, content, and tools your team needs to be more engaged and effective, whether you share a work space, or work remote. Teams can be used by staff create a virtual shared office, or by professors and students to simulate a classroom environment. 

Adding Microsoft Teams to your Desktop

  1. Go to the Santa Fe College homepage and click the Office 365 link in top navigation bar.

  2. Login to Office 365.
    Note: Just like your wifi login, your username is your user ID followed by "" (i.e.

  3. Click the App Launcher in the upper left corner.

  4. Click Teams on the App Launcher menu.

  5. Click Join or Create a Team
    Note: Some Teams are private. If you do not see the Team you want to join, click the "Chat" icon on the left, search for the administrator of your Team, and send them a quick note asking them to add you. 

Accessing Microsoft Teams from your Mobile Device

Every mobile phone and device is different, but Microsoft documentation should provide all the instructions you need to install the Teams app. Once you do, adjust your notifications so that you know when colleagues are sending you chat messages or commenting in posting in a group channel. 

Using Microsoft Teams

Once you have Teams installed, search online for tutorials, including how you can integrate Teams with apps and add-ins like OneNote, Zoom, SoapBox, Flow, Jira, Trello and others.