In order to provide as many professional development opportunities as possible for Santa Fe College employees, ITS has curated training material on multiple topics that will help employees serve students better. Below are links to the IT skills we feel are necessary for most, if not all, Santa Fe College employees.

Microsoft Office

Information on how to use the latest version of Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Windows

Information on how to use the latest version of Microsoft Windows.


Learn how to use the office phones provided by Santa Fe College.

FERPA Training

The FERPA training is based on the federal law that protects the privacy of student education records and regulates what information can and cannot be released to the public. SF’s Office of the Registrar recommends all college employees take the training at their earliest opportunity to best protect the privacy of SF students.

Cybersecurity Training

This training course, when combined with the FERPA course, is designed to give SF faculty and staff the information they need to protect student information, and provide a fundamental understanding of computer security and their roles in protecting electronic information. The cybersecurity training teaches employees about ransomware, safe web browsing, phishing scams, creating strong passwords and mobile device security.