Students, faculty and staff can access Zoom through the SF website, and all access to Zoom will be through Single Sign On (SSO) using your SF credentials. A link is located near the top of every SF webpage along with Canvas, eSantaFe, eStaff and Office 365. You can also access Zoom at sfcollege.zoom.us/signin, and select the “Sign In” option.

Sign in using your SFID@sfcollege.edu (12345678@sfcollege.edu, not first.last@sfcollege.edu). From there you will be able to schedule, join or host a Zoom meeting.

By using SSO, users don’t have to maintain a separate password. Additional security features include requiring meeting attendees to register in advance and only allowing authenticated users to join meetings.

As always, if you are having any technical issues, you can contact help.desk@sfcollege.edu or call the SF Help Desk at 352-395-5999. 

Name changes

Zoom syncs with preferred names from our Active Directory. The Display Name setting in Zoom cannot be changed from within Zoom for SSO accounts. Name change requests using existing college methods (ITS/Records/HR) will sync back to Zoom.

SF Zoom Landing Page Instructions (SSO method)

  1. Browse to sfcollege.zoom.us
  2. Click Sign-in
  3. Sign-in with your Santa Fe username (ID@sfcollege.edu) and password

Zoom.us Website Instructions (SSO method)

  1. Browse to zoom.us or zoom.com
  2. Click on the SSO sign-in option
  3. Enter Company Domain: sfcollege
  4. Login with your SF username (ID@sfcollege.edu) and password

Mobile App Instructions (SSO method)

  1. Download the Zoom app:
  2. Click Sign-in
  3. Click SSO
  4. Enter the company domain name: “sfcollege”
  5. Login using your SF username (ID@sfcollege.edu) and password

How to update Zoom

Check your version of the Zoom Meetings Client by following these directions. If you do not have Zoom pinned to your taskbar or a shortcut on your desktop, search for the Zoom app:

Windows: Click the 'Windows' icon, search for the Zoom application, click to launch:

Mac: Click the search icon (upper right of Mac screen) and type Zoom. (You can also use Command + Space bar to open the search function). Find Zoom listed under 'Applications' then click to launch.


For Windows and Mac:

Once the Zoom Meetings Client is launched and you login, click on your user icon on the top right. From the drop down menu click 'Check for Updates.' If new updates are available, a message will appear that says 'Update Available'. Click on 'Update' to install.