Test Anxiety

Do You Have Test Anxiety?

Test anxiety can create major roadblocks in a student's academic success. Identifying whether you have it can help you find solutions to overcoming the symptoms and therefore help you reach a greater level of academic enjoyment and success. Take the following questionnaire to see if you may suffer from test anxiety.

  1. I sometimes have trouble sleeping the night before a test. Yes No
  2. During a test my palms frequently sweat. Yes No
  3. Before a test, I often get a headache. Yes No
  4. During a test, I often get nauseated. Yes No
  5. Because of panic, I sometimes leave class on a test day. Yes No
  6. I often have pains in my neck, back or legs during a test. Yes No
  7. My heart sometimes pounds just before or after a test. Yes No
  8. I often feel nervous and jittery when I am taking a test. Yes No
  9. While testing, my mind often goes blank, even when I am prepared. Yes No
  10. I sometimes lose my appetite before a test. Yes No
  11. I often make careless errors on tests. Yes No
  12. I frequently worry when other students finish a test before me. Yes No
  13. I often feel pushed for time when I am taking a test. Yes No
  14. I sometimes worry that everyone is doing okay on the test but me. Yes No
  15. When I am taking a test I sometimes think of my past failures. Yes No
  16. During a test, I often feel as if I studied all of the wrong things. Yes No
  17. I frequently have trouble thinking clearly during tests. Yes No
  18. I often have a hard time understanding directions on tests. Yes No
  19. After a test, it is not uncommon for answers that I left blank or I did not answer to come to my mind. Yes No

If you circled “Yes” ten or more times to any of these questions, you are most likely experiencing test anxiety. You may want to consider seeing a counselor for tips on how to relieve your symptoms. To make an appointment with a counselor on SF’s Northwest campus, please call 352-395-5508 or come by the Counseling and Wellness Center in R227, directly above Financial Aid.