Emergency Notifications


Santa Fe College has contracted with Rave Alert to provide emergency notifications and mass messaging in the event of a campus emergency.

This system is designed to reach students and staff by email, text or voice call, depending on which method the receiver chooses.

Should there be a crisis, as determined by either the crisis management team or the police, the college plans to utilize the new Emergency Notification System (ENS) to send out a message to all students and staff who have opted to register for the program.

Employees can opt in or out of the emergency notification systems and change their emergency contacts by clicking on "Emergency Notification Information" under "My Information" in eStaff.

Students can do the same by visiting "Emergency Notification Information" under "My Info/Status" in eSantaFe.

Emergency notifications will also be posted to the Santa Fe College website at the top of most webpages in brief and in full on the College News.