Tech Requirements


Hardware Requirements

See Canvas's website for a list of computer requirements.

Software Requirements

You should use a supported Web browser. Canvas lists specific browser requirements in the Canvas Guides and even provides links to download the most current version of each. It's also a good idea to have Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download for free from Adobe's website.

Other application software (Microsoft Word, PowerPoint Viewer, etc.) may also be needed, depending on the class. You should review the course syllabus or ask your instructor what other software you will need.

Internet Access

Access to an adequate Internet connection is your responsibility. The college does not provide students with free Internet access off campus; however, there are some computers on campus that you may use on a first come, first served basis, such as in the Library or the Northwest Campus Testing Center (a.k.a. Big Open Lab) on the Northwest Campus in Building N-216 (when computers are available).

Some courses may make extensive use of video. For these courses, a reliable high speed connection is strongly recommended.

Some courses may use live online meetings - due to the technology used for this functionality (Flash and Java) a laptop or desktop computer and a reliable high speed connection is required. The use of a phone or tablet as a sole or primary computing device is not acceptable for these courses.


Santa Fe College provides all students with a Santa Fe College email account. You will also have access to internal email within Canvas called Conversations. These are messages you send to your instructor and classmates within Canvas only. You can set up notifications in Canvas to have your Canvas email go directly to your Santa Fe College email or a personal email address to be able to read them immediately. However, you should not send an email regarding your class from a personal email. You must log into Canvas and send a message to your instructor from there.

Computer Skills

You should have basic computer skills needed to be successful in an online class. You should be able to:

  • Open multiple browser windows.
  • Open and save (download) documents.
  • Find a document on your computer and upload it (the same way you would attach a file to an email).
  • Type at a reasonable speed and with accuracy.

You should also read the section on the left navigation bar, Is Online Learning for You? to be sure you are ready for learning in an online environment.

Student Guide to Information Technology at SF

Information Technology Services publishes a document that covers everything technology at Santa Fe College, as well as all student policies related to computers and Internet use.