Website Updates

Update: Marketing is transitioning web pages to Modern Campus CMS.


The main college website is maintained by MarCom staff. Web editors across the college can make edits to the site using a content management system (CMS). Once edits are finished, editors submit changes to the Marcom web team for review. The college also has a news website that uses WordPress. The college websites are required to be 508 compliant. In order to keep the website content accessible and consistent with the SF Brand, staff are asked to work with MarCom to find the best method to update content or give feedback when changes are needed. The methods vary depending on the amount of training required, and are listed below from simplest to the most involved:

Request content edits in a project request

If you need a small amount of content updated on a page, complete a simple project request. Be sure to include the URL and the exact language that needs to be changed.

Provide content edits using PageProof

PageProof is a powerful tool that is simple to learn in just a few minutes. If the changes you need to make to your website are less frequent and more comprehensive – like if you and your team are doing an annual refresh on an older page – this is the perfect tool. Reviewers are able to see each others comments and either approve them or ask for further changes. You can use PageProof to suggest content edits on our live website, or on unpublished sections that are still under development.

Request access to Siteimprove

Siteimprove is a software system that monitors our website and checks for broken links and misspellings. If you want to monitor a specific section of the website to improve the quality of your content, you can request access.