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Studying abroad is a great opportunity to learn about the world and new cultures while practicing what you learn in the classroom through hands-on experiences. It will also help you build critical skills that are needed in life, academia, and careers like cross-cultural communication, critical thinking, decision-making, adaptability, and more. 

When you participate in an SF study abroad program, you will:

  • Earn academic credit (general or degree-specific) while traveling abroad.
  • Be culturally immersed and learn about the rich histories of the world.
  • Be taught by Santa Fe College faculty. 
  • Have the opportunity to develop new perspectives, learn how to communicate cross-culturally, and hone new skills. 
  • Have the experience of a lifetime!

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Faculty Led Programs

SF offers short-term (one to two-week) programs led by faculty members in the spring and summer semesters each academic year. Each program is associated with multiple course topics ranging from 1 to 3 credit hours. The programs feature in-country cultural activities along with field trips directly related to the courses.

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Other Programs

If you are interested in participating in a longer-term study or intern abroad program, you can find these opportunities through non-SF sponsored providers. These include:

  • Fulbright Programs
  • Internships and Work Abroad
  • Study Abroad programs with UF/other Florida colleges

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