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The Santa Fe Andrews Center has added online options for tutoring. See available tutors and hours on the Tutoring Services webpage.


The Andrews Center provides multiple services towards enhancing the quality of student learning experiences. Promoting academic excellence, our learning lab is complete with the latest technologies and dedicated staff to offer additional instructional assistance. Meet with math or writing tutors, get some homework done, or work on group projects. 

Tutoring Services

Hours of availability:
Please see Tutoring Services, as these hours are subject to change.

PERT Testing

The PERT (Postsecondary Education Readiness Test) is a multiple-choice exam used by the state of Florida to measure the academic readiness of future college students. The purpose of the exam is to evaluate a student's ability to perform college-level work in subjects such as reading, writing, and mathematics. Each section is composed of 30 multiple-choice questions. Students receive a score on each section that determines their placement level.

Andrews Center Test Proctoring

Students: The Andrews Center offers several options for facilitating proctored exams outside of class time. For the sake of convenience, students can coordinate with the instructor to schedule a proctored exam free of charge. We welcome you to make use of our safe, quiet, and secure testing facilities. Proctoring at the Andrews Center is a service available for all SF students. Tests should be scheduled at least two business days in advance of the proctoring date and must be taken at least two hours before closing time. For more inquiry please email AndrewsProctoring@sfcollege.edu.

Instructors: To schedule a proctored exam, please complete the online request form. Allow at least two full business days to secure an appointment time. Students should report to the Lab Manager in SA-204 at the scheduled date and time to complete their exams.

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