Syllabi Checklist


The following list of items must be included in every Santa Fe College syllabus. Specific departments may require additional information. For examples of syllabi, please contact your department chair or director.

Items with an asterisk (*) can be linked on the course syllabus.

Course Information

  • Official course title, course number, and section number
  • Term (Fall, Spring, Summer; A, B, C, or D session where appropriate) and year
  • Day(s) of the week and class starting and ending times

Instructor Information

  •  Instructor/professor name and title indicated
  •  Instructor's/professor's office hours (beginning & ending), days of the week and location(s)
  •  College email address and, if applicable, the URL of the instructor’s/professor’s website
  •  Office location including campus site (NW, Andrews Center, Blount Center, Davis Center, Perry Center, Watson Center, etc.)

Information for Students

  • Title, author(s), edition of the textbook(s) (optional or required) and information on other required materials
  • Official description of the course and enrollment prerequisites
  • Course objectives
  • If your course meets a General Education Learning Outcome, provide a listing of specific competencies and assignments that assess the attainment of the outcome
  • Class attendance and tardiness policy statement (e.g., Do you take roll? Does attendance affect grades? etc.)
  • Late assignment and make-up exam policy
  • Withdrawal with no record and receive a refund date, and withdrawal and receive a "W" date
    (The following statement may be used: Students must be aware of the withdrawal dates, available at )
  • Grading scale policy statement (e.g., A 90 - 100, B+ 85 - 89, B 80 - 84, etc.)
  • Final grade calculation policy
  • Specific schedule of major assignments, exams, projects, papers, with due dates, etc. (subject to change as necessary)
  • Final exam date, day of the week, starting/ending time and location

For all General Education Courses in compliance with HB7044, the following additional information is required:

College catalog course description

Student learning Goals (learning outcomes), specific objectives, and assessment methods

Student expectations such as attendance, timeliness, format or work submitted and any other expectations to which students will be held. 

College-level composition and computation skills requirement

  • ENC1101 and ENC1102 required Gordon Rule statement

    This course satisfies three (3) of the six (6) semester hours of English coursework required to meet Florida’s Gordon Rule in college-level communication.

    Students’ writing is graded and evaluated in this course for content and quality of writing. This means that in addition to a satisfactory evaluation of students’ written work based on content, students are expected to competently demonstrate college-level writing skills in English composition and grammar. Written assignments in this course include . . . [list kind of writing assignments students will be completing, such as research paper, reaction paper, and so on.]

    Students must satisfactorily complete the writing portion of this course in order to be eligible for a final course grade of C or higher. A course grade of D or D+ will allow the course to count as an elective, but neither Gordon Rule nor General Education credit will be given.

  • Writing-Intensive Course required Gordon Rule statement (if applicable)

    This course is writing intensive, requiring students to engage in a writing process that includes idea development and/or information gathering, drafting, revising and editing to produce effective discipline-based writing. It is a content-specific course that has as major instructional, learning and assessment objectives a substantial writing component that consists of instructor-assessed writing assignments designed to help students achieve competency for writing within this discipline. Students will be expected to use instructor feedback to improve their ability to communicate in written forms appropriate to this field of study. Written assignments in this course include . . . [list kind of writing assignments students will be completing such as research paper, reaction paper, and so on.]

    In this course, students are expected to demonstrate competence in college-level writing by exhibiting critical and analytical skills to discuss a topic; presenting paragraphs that are focused, developed, organized, coherent, and unified; expressing ideas in complete, clear, well-structured sentences; and enhancing ideas through discipline-appropriate diction, conventions, and rhetorical strategies.

    Students must satisfactorily complete the writing portion of this course in order to be eligible for a final course grade of C or higher. A course grade of D or D+ will allow the course to count as an elective, but neither Gordon Rule for writing nor General Education credit will be given.

  • Math Course required statement (If applicable)

    The A.A. Degree requires completion of 6 hours of General Education mathematics credit.

    To satisfy the Gordon Rule requirement for this course, students must receive a grade of C or higher for their final course grade. Earning a course grade of D or D+ will allow the course to count as an elective, but neither Gordon Rule nor General Education credit will be given.

College Policies

  • College Academic Integrity

    Recommended wording:

    The very nature of higher education requires that students adhere to accepted standards of academic integrity. Therefore, SF has adopted a Code of Student Conduct that outlines general guidelines. Students are encouraged to discuss issues related to academic integrity with instructors. For more information, go to

    The following statement may be used:

    It is YOUR responsibility to read and abide by the SF Code of Student Conduct that outlines general guidelines pertaining to academic integrity. This can be found at the following site

  • Accessibility Statement

    Required statement:

    Santa Fe College values diversity and inclusion and is committed to fostering mutual respect and full participation for all students. The Disabilities Resource Center (DRC) facilitates reasonable accommodations for students who encounter disability-related barriers in the learning environment. If you have a disability that may affect your work in this class and think you need accommodations, please contact the DRC to schedule an appointment and start a conversation about reasonable accommodations.  Our Disabilities Resource Center is located in Building S, Room 229 at the Northwest Campus and appointments are available at all College locations. Visit, call 352-395-4400, or email

  • Discrimination/Harassment Policy

    SF prohibits any form of discrimination or sexual harassment among students, faculty and staff. For further information, refer to College Rule 2.8 at

  • Commitment to Equal Access and Equal Opportunity

Santa Fe College (SF) is committed to maintaining a work and educational environment that embraces diversity and where no member of the college community is excluded from participation in, denied the benefits of, or subject to discrimination in any college program or activity based on: their race, ethnicity, national origin, color, religion, age, disability, sex, pregnancy status, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, genetic information, political opinions or affiliations, or veteran status.  Inquiries regarding non-discrimination policies or concerns about discrimination or harassment, including concerns about sexual harassment or sexual violence under Title IX, should be directed to SF’s Equal Opportunity Officer and Title IX Coordinator, 3000 NW 83rd Street, R-Annex, Room 113, Gainesville, Florida 32606, 352-395-5950,

  • Student Rights & Responsibilities

    The purpose of this document is to provide students with a general overview of both their rights and responsibilities as members of the Santa Fe College community. For a complete list of student's rights and responsibilities, please visit Student Rights and Responsibilities.

  • Santa Fe College Counseling and Wellness Center

    Santa Fe College recognizes that there may be times, as a college student, when personal stressors interfere with your academic performance and your daily life. The Santa Fe Counseling and Wellness Center supports students by addressing mental and emotional well-being and provides FREE and confidential short-term individual, couples, and group counseling, crisis intervention, outreach and referral services. To schedule an appointment, call 352-395-5508 or email with your SFID# and a telephone number where you can be reached. Our Counseling and Wellness Center is located in Building R, Room 227, on the Northwest Campus. Visit to learn more about services and resources.