Note: As faculty and student needs change, the instructors may not be teaching a particular course in any given term.

Name Email Title Phone
Corey Moran, M.S. Chair, Sciences for Health Programs 352-395-5677 corey.moran@sfcollege.edu
Kendall Long, M.S. Academic Assistant 352-395-5706 kendall.long@sfcollege.edu 
Shaun Jensen, M.S. Academic Lab Manager 352-395-5669 shaun.jensen@sfcollege.edu
Alem Gebru, Ph.D. Adjunct Assistant 352-395-5713 alem.gebru@sfcollege.edu
Angela Lounds-Singleton, M.S. Adjunct Assistant 352-381-3811 angela.lounds-singleton@sfcollege.edu
Anthony Powell, M.S. Adjunct Assistant 352-395-5713 anthony.powell@sfcollege.edu
Asha Brunings, Ph.D. Interim Executive Director of Organization And Community Engagement 352-381-7144 asha.brunings@sfcollege.edu
Ashraf 'Ash' Amshaqn, M.S. Adjunct Assistant 352-395-5686 ashraf.amshaqn@sfcollege.edu
Cindy Montero, M.S. Adjunct Assistant 352-395-5714 cindy.montero@sfcollege.edu
Chad Caswell, D.P.T. Assistant Professor 352-395-5401 chad.caswell@sfcollege.edu
Doris Lombo, M.D. Adjunct Assistant 352-395-5714 doris.lombo@sfcollege.edu
Erin O'Reilly, M.S. Adjunct Assistant 352-395-5714 erin.oreilly@sfcollege.edu
Hale Toklu, Ph.D. Adjunct Assistant 352-395-5954 hale.toklu@sfcollege.edu
Israel Mitchell, M.S. Adjunct Associate 352-395-5714 israel.mitchell@sfcollege.edu
Jennifer Rackley, M.S.N. Adjunct Assistant 352-395-5954 jennifer.rackley@sfcollege.edu
Joni Craig Interim Assistant Professor A&P 352- 395-3708 joni.craig@sfcollege.edu
Kerry Chancey, M.S. Professor 352-395-7396 kerry.chancey@sfcollege.edu
Kristen Knelle Interim Assistant Professor Microbiology 352-395-5714 kristen.knelle@sfcollege.edu
Laura Hanold, Ph.D. Adjunct Assistant 352-395-3811 laura.hanold@sfcollege.edu
Lauren Hyden, M.S. Assistant Professor 352-395-5753 lauren.hyden@sfcollege.edu
Laura McChesney, D.C. Adjunct Assistant 352-395-5954 laura.mcchesney@sfcollege.edu
Lori Scott, M.D. Adjunct Assistant 352-395-5954 lori.scott@sfcollege.edu
M.C. Blackburn, D.V.M. Assistant Professor 352-283-6190 mc.blackburn@sfcollege.edu
Margaret Howell, D.C. Associate Professor 352-395-5694 margaret.howell@sfcollege.edu
Maria Theresa Singh-Johnson, M.D. Adjunct Assistant 352-395-5954 theresa.singh@sfcollege.edu
Mary Rice, M.S. Adjunct Assistant 352-395-5954 mary.rice2@sfcollege.edu
Michael Leach, Ph.D., DMSc Interim Assistant Professor A&P 352-395-5582 michael.leach@sfcollege.edu
Michael Weaver, Ph.D. Adjunct Associate 352-395-5714 michael.weaver@sfcollege.edu
Patrick Rowe, Ph.D., M.P.H. Adjunct Assistant 352-395-5954 patrick.rowe@sfcollege.edu
Rita Torto, Ph.D. Adjunct Professor 352-395-5954 rita.torto@sfcollege.edu
Ryan Rodriguez, M.S. Adjunct Assistant 352-395-5714 ryan.rodriguez@sfcollege.edu
Stephan Jahn, Ph.D. Adjunct Associate 352-395-5954 stephan.jahn@sfcollege.edu
Teresa Jackson, M.S.N. Adjunct Associate 352-395-5680 teresa.jackson@sfcollege.edu
Todd Dietrich, D.P.T. Adjunct Assistant 352-395-5714 todd.dietrich@sfcollege.edu
Tim McIntyre, M.D., M.B.A. Assistant Professor 352-395-5954 timothy.mcintyre@sfcollege.edu
Veronique Etienne, Ph.D. Adjunct Assistant 352 395-5954 veronique.etienne@sfcollege.edu