SF Senate Officers

Social & Behavioral Sciences
Presiding Officer
Construction & Technical Programs
Student Development Instruction

Executive Council Representatives

Area Representative Constituents
Academic Affairs Vacant Academic Affairs
Academic Foundations Academic Foundations
Adjunct/Part-Time Rep 1  
Adjunct/Part-Time Rep 2  
Adjunct/Part-Time Rep 3 Vacant  
Administration Administration
Advisement & Counseling Advisement & Counseling
Business Programs Business Programs
Centers & Continuing Education Centers & Continuing Education
Communications & Development Communications & Development
Construction & Technical Programs Construction & Technical Programs
Disabilities Resource Center & Grant Programs Disabilities Resource Center & Grant Programs
Education Education
English English
Facilities Vacant Facilities
Finance Finance
Fine Arts Fine Arts
Fine Arts Vacant  
Health Sciences Health Sciences
High School Dual Enrollment High School Dual Enrollment
Humanities & Foreign Languages Humanities & Foreign Languages
Information Technology Education Information Technology Education
Information Technology Services Information Technology Services
Institute of Public Safety Institute of Public Safety
Library Library
Mathematics Mathematics
Natural Sciences Natural Sciences
Nursing Nursing
Records and Admissions  
Social and Behavioral Sciences Social and Behavioral Sciences
SDI and Diversity SDI and Diversity
Student Life Student Life

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