LAS Curriculum Subcommittee


  • , Natural Sciences, Office K-241, phone: 395-5591
  • , English, Office B-007K, phone: 395-5307

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The Curriculum Committee is established to provide a systematic process for reviewing and recommending actions for proposed changes that affect the College's curricula. The process should be faculty-driven, incorporate administrative leadership and support, and assure effective communication and feedback throughout the College.

The LAS Curriculum Subcommittee necessarily provides a forum for the discussion of educational matters related to AA, Academic Foundations, Student Development Instruction, and Library curricula. Membership of this subcommittee consists of the following:

  • two voting members from each LAS department
  • two voting members from Academic Foundations
  • two voting members from Student Development Instruction
  • one voting member from Education
  • one voting member from Library
  • the Director of Advisement (advisory)
  • the Curriculum Information Liaison (advisory)
  • Liaison from Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Office (advisory)