Baccalaureate Curriculum Subcommittee: Course Changes

Course Changes Recommended 2012

Changes to CLS Curriculum, March 2012 -- includes changes to course numbers, number of credits, and prerequisites

Course Changes Recommended 2011

Collapse the lab section for 3 courses and make the 3cr lecture a C course with combined lab.

  • MLS4550/MLS4550 Immunohemotology changes to MLS4550C (3 cr)
  • BCH3023/BCH3023L Biochemistry changes to BCH3023C (3 cr)
  • PCB4233/PCB4233L Immunology changes to PCB4233C (3 cr)

Collapse 2 courses (lab sections included) and combine to make the combined lecture a C course with combined lab and increasing the credit hr to 5.

  • MLS4460/MLS4460L Diagnostic Microbiology and MLS4462/MLS4462L Medical Microbiology changes to MLS4460C Clinical Pathogenic Microbiology (5 cr)

Drop a credit hour for 3 courses.

  • MLS4191C Molecular Diagnostics is changing from 3 cr to 2 cr
  • PCB3134C Molecular Biology is changing from 4 cr to 3 cr
  • MLS3705C Clinical Lab Management is changing from 2 cr to 1 cr