Read & Write Literacy Software

Read & Write Literacy Software

Read & Write is a customizable, easy-to-use toolbar that seamlessly integrates with mainstream computer applications and offers you help as you work, highlights and reads text aloud using natural-sounding voices, and includes a comprehensive set of support tools.

Many more features included! See what Read & Write can do for you!

This software is free for Santa Fe College students, faculty and staff. It aids in reading, writing, studying and researching. It is perfect for coursework support and regular student communication.

Read & Write makes the web, documents and files more accessible-any time, any place, and on any platform or device. It’s great for people with dyslexia and other learning difficulties, or anyone whose first language isn’t English. From reading on-screen text aloud to researching and checking written work, Read & Write makes lots of everyday tasks easier. It maximizes every college student’s confidence and attainment.

Read & Write assists students with

  • Text-to-Speech
    Reads text aloud with dual color highlighting using natural sounding male and female voices. International voices also available.
  • Dictionary
    Provides definitions as well as alternative words to help users expand their vocabulary and improve reading comprehension.
  • Verb Checker
    Helps determine correct verb conjugation. Select past, present, or future tense, and the correct verb selection can be inserted directly into document.
  • Speech Maker
    Quickly and easily select any text and convert it into a sound file, such as MP3.
  • Fact Mapper
    Allows users to produce a visual representation of facts and ideas on screen. Users can also add images and notes to help remember key facts.
  • PDF Aloud
    Reads aloud any accessible Adobe Acrobat PDF file with dual color highlighting.
  • Translator
    Allows single words, paragraphs, or blocks of text to be translated into multiple languages.
  • Product Feature Video Tours
    Video tours of all features are available from the toolbar.