President's Leadership Seminar

PLS : President's Leadership Seminar 2018

Santa Fe College is hosting the President’s Leadership Seminar to introduce individuals in all classifications at the college. Leadership will be demonstrated as it is best practiced in our nation’s colleges and universities. The seminar will be led by President Jackson N. Sasser.

SF’s success as the nation’s number one college is based on talented and innovative employees Many have the potential to become college leaders. SF has a strong heritage of leadership. This seminar will be inclusive and anyone interested in taking their service and leadership skills to the next level is encouraged to apply. This includes supervisors and non-supervisors, faculty, and any motivated member of career service, professional and administrative classifications.

With the mission and goals as a philosophical backdrop, participants will be introduced to a wide range of matters such as strengthening the college, applying broad vision in practical terms, dealing with conflict and pressing legal concerns, positioning a local institution in a global economy, and most of all how to better serve students and communities in a changing society.

The seminar is scheduled from October 24 through October 26, 2018. 

Supervisor Approval

Please print the Supervisor’s Approval form. The form needs to be signed, dated, and uploaded with your additional documents to complete the application process.