Health Insurance


All international students holding F-1 visas at Santa Fe College must be covered with an annual health and accident insurance plan that meets guidelines specified by the College.

Santa Fe College students may purchase health insurance from Insurance for Students (IFS) by visiting the website and electing to enroll for the 2022-23 academic year. Alternatively, students holding health insurance that is comparable in coverage have the option of submitting a waiver form (Alternate Insurance Waiver Form, available on the IFS website) to request an annual exemption from participation in the IFS plan.

All F-1 students must complete the following steps before registering for classes in the Fall Semester (or before registering for Spring or Summer classes if the student's initial term of enrollment at Santa Fe College is Spring or Summer).

Remember: Purchase Health Insurance Online and then Register for Classes!

Insurance for Students:
Contact: Mr. Craig Bode
Office: 1-800-356-1235

Purchase Health Insurance from Insurance for Students (IFS)

Go to

Select the level of desired coverage. Please compare the plans and select the one that you feel will better meet your health needs. If you will make payment by credit card or electronic check, you can enroll using the online application.

If you will make payment by check or money order, you can enroll by printing and mailing your application to IFS.

Insurance For Students, Inc.
5295 Town Center Rd., Suite 101
Boca Raton, FL 33486
Fax: 954-772-0872

Once you have purchased IFS health insurance, an email confirmation is sent to you (the student) and also to International Student Services (ISS) at Santa Fe College

Important - Santa Fe College reserves the right to not accept health insurance plans that do not provide adequate and/or continuous coverage. Requirements for student health insurance coverage for international students of Santa Fe College can be found on the 2nd page of the Alternate Insurance Compliance Form.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does the IFS health and accident insurance plan cost?

Our international students can view the current premium on the IFS webpage for the SF International Health Plan. 

Can I purchase health insurance for one semester only?

Students have the option of purchasing Annual Coverage or Fall only Coverage. Students who choose the Fall only option will be required to purchase Spring/Summer Coverage prior to registering for Spring classes. 

How can I request a refund of the health insurance premium?

Refunds may be granted to students who are graduating and/or transferring to another college or university, or to students who are otherwise permanently departing Santa Fe College. Refunds will not be granted for students who are studying abroad, who are on summer vacation, or who carry a reduced course load. To request a refund, please send an email to IFS and International Student Services (ISS) of Santa Fe College to state your reason for requesting a refund and including your name and SF Student ID.

Please contact the International Student Services office if you would like assistance in determining whether you are eligible for a refund of your IFS health insurance premium.

I submitted proof of health insurance enrollment. Why can’t I register for classes?

If you have submitted proof of insurance but are still unable to register for classes, please contact International Student Services (ISS) for assistance in determining whether some required documents might be missing from your Santa Fe College student record.

Where can I find a list of physicians and hospitals that accept IFS?

You can find a list of in-network Hospitals and Urgent Care Centers in the local Gainesville area online.