Financial Aid and Scholarships for Study Abroad


Planning well in advance of your study abroad program is the key to funding success. There are many ways to assist you in preparing your budget for international travel. For additional information, please contact the Office of International Education at, or by calling 352-395-5657.

Financial Aid

Generally, you can receive federal and state financial aid for your study abroad program as long as you meet general eligibility requirements and are earning academic credit within your program of study as part of the study abroad program.

With the exception of certain study abroad scholarships, financial aid for study abroad programs is awarded and disbursed through the normal financial aid process. Financial aid funds will not be available to pay for your study abroad costs up front, except for specific study abroad scholarships intended to help with pre-payment of program costs. See the scholarships section below for more information.

Only study abroad program sponsored by Santa Fe College, or another Florida public institution with a completed Florida Shines Transient Application, will be eligible for financial aid.

If you have questions about financial aid eligibility for study abroad programs, contact the Financial Aid Office.


The scholarship opportunities below may be able to assist you with pre-payment for your study abroad program. You can apply for these study abroad scholarships using a single application.

Study Abroad Scholarship Application

Study Abroad Scholarship - McKenzie Scott

Students must meet the following criteria:

  • Have proven financial need,
  • Minimum 2.5 GPA,
  • 15 credit hours of completed coursework,
  • In-state residency or Florida high school graduation out-of-state tuition,
  • Submit completed study abroad application
  • Make a non-refundable study abroad deposit
  • 15 scholarships available worth $1,500 each

Green House Church Study Abroad Scholarship for Vulnerable Populations

  • Non-U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Black or African-American,
  • Hispanic,
  • First Generation in College, or
  • Pell-Eligible
  • 5 Scholarships available for $1,000

Stuart McRae Scholarship

  • Have proven financial need
  • 12 credit hours of completed college coursework
  • A minimum 3.5GPA
  • Submit a written personal statement indicating the relevance of the proposed study abroad trip to their career, academic and/or personal goals
  • 7 scholarships available for $1,500 each

Johnson Scholarship Foundation for MBK Students

  • Have proven financial need,
  • Be an active member of the MBK Global Scholar Program,
  • At least 5 scholarships available for a minimum of $1,000 each

How to Budget

Financial aid, scholarships and student loans can cover most of the costs of a study abroad program. However, it is also important to budget properly to avoid any financial mishaps.

We suggest creating a budget for yourself that includes extra funds. For guidance, we have created a list of tips on how to save.

Ideas to Save:

  1. Cut expenses. Instead of buying a cup of coffee or lunch everyday, start making them at home and put that money in savings for study abroad.
  2. Save a portion of each paycheck.
  3. Use tax refunds or windfalls like bonuses, inheritance or winnings.
  4. For birthdays and holidays, instead of asking for gifts, ask for donations towards study abroad.
  5. Personal fundraisers, dine to donate and donations from community organizations.

More Resources

If you would like to discuss funding options or how you can personally budget for study abroad, set up a meeting with:

Office of International Education
Office: S-310
Phone: 352-395-5657