Geoscience Engagement and Outreach


The Geoscience Engagement and Outreach (GEO) Program is a collaboration among Santa Fe College, University of Florida Center for Remote Sensing and the Orlando Science Center that offers SF students opportunities in geosciences through research experience, field exploration, classwork and an internship. This program is funded by the National Science Foundation.

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What can I do with Geosciences?

Geoscience Engagement and Outreach Program at Santa Fe College

Geosciences are individual disciplines involving the study of the earth. These include geography, oceanography, meteorology and more.

Through the GEO Program, a select group of six students will receive academic advising, opportunities for faculty-mentored research in meteorology, soil hydrology and geoscience and STEM education, as well as skill-building and career preparation.

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Coursework, Research and Internship

As part of their coursework, GEO Program students take Physical Geography (GEO2200C) and a seminar (GEO1920) during spring term. The seminar class includes working with UF professors in meteorology, soil science or STEM education, and a weekend studying at Seahorse Key Marine Laboratory.

Students then spend summer term in Orlando working at the Orlando Science Center for six weeks and are paid a stipend for room and board.

During fall term, students complete research with UF faculty and finish their Orlando Science Center project. SF advisers will help students fulfill the requirements to transfer to a four-year program in geoscience. Geoscience majors are offered in-state at University of Florida, Florida State University, Florida Atlantic University, Florida International University, University of West Florida, University of South Florida, Stetson and University of Miami. A minor in geoscience is offered at University of North Florida, Florida A&M and USF.

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