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Try College Navigator - from the National Center for Educational Statistics, part of the U.S. Department of Education

For schools in Florida, try Florida Virtual Campus

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  • School Finder - locates colleges and universities in Canada
  • General Education OnLine - Geographical listing of over 6000 colleges worldwide

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College Rankings

Caution! Take college ratings with a grain of salt. All such ratings are biased in some way.

A simple numerical ranking is not a sufficient rationale for any decision as important as selecting a college.

Just because a school has a medium-level ranking does not mean that it would not offer you an excellent education.

Many good schools and programs don't get ranked, often for reasons unrelated to the quality of education.
Try to determine what the ranking agencies mean by "good school" as this may not include what is important to you.

We license MyPlan for SF student use, which includes ratings of colleges for various factors.

Here are a few other well-known rating sites:

Wikipedia has a page linking to other ranking systems for colleges and universities, as well as a discussion of the methods by which these rankings are made.

Most important is your OWN rating of the schools that are accessible to you.
Please feel free to contact the Career Exploration Center staff for assistance in finding the information by which you may make this important decision.