NOTICE OF RULE DEVELOPMENT: The District Board of Trustees of Santa Fe College, Florida, gives notice of its intent to amend the following rules: Rule 2.3 TITLE/SUBJECT: Office for Development. PURPOSE AND EFFECT: Update titles, definitions, etc. RULEMAKING AUTHORITY: FS 1001.64. LAWS IMPLEMENTED: FS 1001.64; 6A-14.0261 FAC. Rule 3.9 TITLE/SUBJECT: Employment Contracts. PURPOSE AND EFFECT: Update rule to comport with current law. RULEMAKING AUTHORITY: FS 1001.02(6), 1012.83. LAWS IMPLEMENTED: 1001.64(18); 6A-14.041, 6A-14.0411, FAC. Rule 4.2 TITLE/SUBJECT: Grading System. PURPOSE AND EFFECT: Expand grading options. RULEMAKING AUTHORITY: FS 1001.64. LAWS IMPLEMENTED: FS 1001.64(4); 6A-14.0261(4), 6A-14.0301, FAC. Rule 6.8 TITLE/SUBJECT: Motor Vehicle Traffic and Parking Control. PURPOSE AND EFFECT: Revise financial processes and address expansion of facilities. RULEMAKING AUTHORITY: FS 715.07, 1001.64. LAWS IMPLEMENTED: FS 1001.64(24). For questions or copies of preliminary drafts, if available, contact: P. Locascio, 352-395-5170. 


Notice of Rule Development 2.3, 3.9, 4.2, and 6.8