NOTICE OF RULE AMENDMENT AND REPEAL: The District Board of Trustees of Santa Fe College, Florida, gives notice of its intent to repeal Rule 7.4 (Priority of Admissions) and amend Rule 7.9 (Academic Progress) on 5/17/16 at SF Bldg. S-332, 3000 NW 83rd St, Gainesville, FL 32606 PURPOSE/EFFECT SUMMARY: repeal Rule 7.4 as outdated; amend Rule 7.9 to utilize GPA rather than deficit point system to measure academic progress Rulemaking authority: FS 1001.64. Laws implemented: Rule 7.4: FS 1001.64(8), 1004.65(5); Rule 7.9: FS 1001.64(8), 1007.263, 6A-14.0261, FAC; Notices of rule development were published in The Record on 1/21/16 To obtain a copy of the proposed rules or request a public hearing, contact Patti Locascio at 352-395-5169 within 21 days of publication of this notice. 


Notice of Rule Amendment and Repeal 7.4, 7.9