NOTICE OF RULE AMENDMENT: The District Board of Trustees of Santa Fe College, Florida, gives notice of its intent to amend Rule 7.23 at its regularly scheduled Board meeting on 02/21/23 at the Blount Hall, 530 West University Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32601. PURPOSE AND EFFECT: Update Student Conduct Code including definition of plagiarism and clarifying issues re: conduct suspension and Rule 2.8. RULEMAKING AUTHORITY: FS 1006.60, 1001.64(4)(8). LAWS IMPLEMENTED: FS 1004.097(3)(g), 1006.60, 1006.61, 1006.62, 1006.63, 790.115. Notice of rule development was published in the Alachua County Today on 11/10/22. To request a public hearing, contact P. Locascio at 352.395.5170 or within 21 days of the date of publication; a copy of the proposed amendment is available upon request.  


Notice of Rule Amendment 7.23