NOTICE OF RULE AMENDMENT / DEVELOPMENT: The District Board of Trustees of Santa Fe College, Florida, gives notice of its intent to amend Rule 7.4 (Priority of Admissions) and Rule 7.9 (Student Academic Progress). PURPOSE AND EFFECT: Amend Rule 7.4 to remove the term “residents” for clarity and cross-reference rule for admission to limited access programs. Amend Rule 7.9 to create a new standard for measuring academic progress. RULEMAKING AUTHORITY: FS 1001.64 for Rule 7.4; FS 1001.64 and 1004.68 for Rule 7.9. LAWS IMPLEMENTED: FS 1001.64(8). CONTACT: P. Locascio, 352-395-5170. 


Notice of Rule Amendment and Development 7.4, 7.9