Nursing Assistant (CNA)*, Certificate

Program Code


Program Overview

This is a 165-contact hour course. This course prepares the student for employment in an acute care facility, nursing home, or extended care facility. The clinical portion of this course is done at local acute care facilities and nursing homes. Upon successful completion of this course, the student is eligible to sit for the State Certified Nursing Assistant Examination.

Certification information 

After completion of the Nursing Assistant program, you may take the Prometrics practical and didactic exam to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in the state of Florida. Santa Fe College cannot confirm that completion of this program meets the requirement for certification in any other state. If you wish to become a CNA in another state , please contact the board of nursing in the state to determine whether this certificate program will meet their requirements.


The SF Nursing Assistant program is approved by the Florida Board of Nursing (FBON), 4042 Bald Cypress Way Bin#C10, Tallahassee, FL 32399-3251, 850-488-0595. The FBON web address is

The Nursing Assistant program is in person, Monday through Friday, from 9am to 4pm. Clinical rotations will take place twice per week and will be from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The following requirements must be completed in order to apply for the Nursing Assistant program:

  1. Enroll in Santa Fe College.
    • Go to and click the yellow button that says "Apply". Follow the prompts from there.
    • Send in any transcripts you may have from other colleges.
  2. Document program eligibility in one of the following ways:
    • PERT scores: 65 in Reading; 70 in Writing; 60 in Math
    • Accuplacer/Next Gen scores: 50 in Reading; 55 in Writing; 215 in Arithmetic.
    • College coursework in Math and English. Please see an advisor to evaluate your coursework.

Contact the Health Sciences Advising Office to apply to the Nursing Assistant program or if you have any questions.

Contact the Disabilities Resource Center at 352-395-4400 to learn about testing accommodations.

See Application Dates and Deadlines and closely review other requirements Before You Apply.

All tuition and fees are estimated costs and subject to change without notice.

Program Costs Breakdown

Tuition for 165 Contact Hour

  • $585.54 Florida Residents
  • $1,765.29 Non-Florida Residents

Additional Expenses

  • $130.00 Uniforms, shoes
  • High-speed internet home connection costs
  • $50.00 Books
  • $450.00 Health Physical and Required Immunizations
  • $55.00 American Heart Association Basic Life Support/CPR.
  • $244.90 Level 2 and Expanded National Background Screening; Drug Testing
  • $200.00 Prometrics testing fee and additional background screening

Program Cost Totals

  • $1,715.44 Florida Residents
  • $2,895.19 Non-Florida Residents


There are many scholarships available for Santa Fe College students to apply to. Please visit the Scholarships webpage for more information and how to apply.

Financial Aid

There are many options to finance your education.  You may be eligible for Federal Grants, Work Study, State Grants, Federal Loans, and Institutional Scholarships. Please visit the Financial Aid page for more information and how to apply.

Florida Open Door Grant

This grant pays 100% of the tuition, fees, books, supplies, and assessment costs for this program. Students may qualify for a stipend of up to $1,500 for living expenses while completing their program, as funds are available. For More Information visit the Grants Page.

Individuals meeting enrollment requirements will be selected to the Nursing Assistant program on a first-come, first-served basis. The program admits up to 10 students per admissions cycle.

Program Length, Format and Curriculum

The Nursing Assistant Program at Santa Fe College is a one semester, 165-contact hour course.  The clinical portion of this course is completed at local nursing homes. Upon successful completion of the program, the student is eligible to sit for the State Certified Nursing Assistant Examination. A passing grade of 75% on the state exam must be achieved in order to be issued a Certified Nursing Assistant certificate from the State of Florida.

Program Mission

The Nursing Programs of Santa Fe College provide quality nursing education that is student-oriented and accessible to a diverse student population, in response to the current healthcare needs of our community. We add value to the lives of our students and enrich our community through excellence in teaching and learning, innovative educational programs, student services, community leadership and service in healthcare.

The Nursing Assisting program is a practice discipline with cognitive, sensory, affective and psychomotor performance requirements. Based on these requirements, the following list of Program Performance Standards has been developed. Each standard has an example of activities which a student will be required to perform, with or without an accommodation, while enrolled in the Nursing Assisting program. The Program Performance Standards should be used as a guide to assist applicants in determining whether or not accommodations or modifications are necessary in order to meet program participation requirements. Applicants who identify potential difficulties with meeting the Program Performance Standards should communicate their concerns to the Academic Chair for Nursing Programs. If the concern is related to a documented disability, applicants are responsible for contacting the Disabilities Resource Center. Determination of reasonable and appropriate accommodation will be made on an individual basis in consultation with the Disabilities Resource Center. Additionally, applicants should assess their aptitude and ability to perform professional duties by reviewing the Program Performance Standards below and discussing them with their healthcare provider.

Health Sciences program applicants should possess sufficient physical motor, intellectual, emotion and social/communication skills to provide for patient care, safety and utilization of equipment. Performance standards for the program are outlined below.

Critical Thinking

Standard: Must be able to handle multiple priorities; apply reasoning and evaluation skills


Standard: Must display patience, empathy and concern for others; deal with fear and hostility in a calm manner; work with others in stressful situations.


Standard: Must be able to communicate needs in a prompt, clear and concise manner; accurately document pertinent information.


Standard: Must respond promptly to the patient's needs; be able to bend, squat, kneel, balance, reach above head, twist at waist; maneuver in small places; move independently from location to location; sit/walk for extended periods of time; possess sufficient strength to lift and transport patients.

Tactile and Motor Skills

Standard: Must be able to grasp, hold, grip, seize, turn or otherwise manipulate equipment with hands; possess gross and fine motor abilities sufficient to safely and effectively perform job tasks.


Standard: Must possess auditory ability - with or without assistive devices - sufficient to monitor and assess health needs.


Standard: Must possess visual ability - with or without assistive devices - sufficient for patient observation and assessment; observe and monitor equipment.


Performance on Licensure Examination

Expected Level of Achievement: Annual licensure examination pass rate will be at least 80% for all first-time test takers during the same 12-month period. 

Licensure Examination Pass Rates

  • 2020 - 93.5%
  • 2019 - 92.9%
  • 2018 - 87.4%

Program Completion

Expected Level of Achievement: Seventy-five percent or greater of the A.S.N. students admitted will successfully complete the A.S.N. program within 150% of program length. 

Program Completion Rate

  • 2020 - 79.7%
  • 2019 - 82.3% 
  • 2018 - 88.7% 

Job Placement Rates

Expected Level of Achievement: 85% of responding A.S.N. graduates will be employed in nursing 6 months after graduation.

Job Placement Rate

  • 2020 - 98.8%
  • 2019 - 94.9%
  • 2018 - 97.9%



The Cost of Attendance (COA) is not the bill that you will receive from Santa Fe College. It is an estimate of what it costs the typical student to attend Santa Fe College for one academic year including tuition, books, course materials, living expenses, transportation, and miscellaneous personal expenses.

Tuition and fees in the cost of attendance below are calculated for credit hour programs, assuming enrollment in 12 credit hours in the Fall and Spring semesters. Actual tuition and fees may vary by program. For a better understanding of your chosen program’s tuition and fees, see program costs above.

Undergraduate Lower Division Courses (A.A./A.S. Degree Courses)

  Off-Campus* Off-Campus w/ Parent**

Tuition and Fees

In-State: $106.77 per credit
Out-Of-State: $382.90 per credit

In-State: $2,563

Out-Of-State: $9,190

In-State: $2,563

Out-Of-State: $9,190

Books, Course Materials,
Supplies, and Equipment

$783 $783
Living Expenses
(Food & Housing)
$10,367 $3,654
Personal Expenses
$2,394 $2,394
Transportation $1,197 $3,942

In-State: $17,304

Out-Of-State: $23,931

In-State: $13,336

Out-Of-State: $19,963

Undergraduate Upper Division Courses (Bachelor's Degree Courses)

  Off-Campus* Off-Campus w/ Parent**

Tuition and Fees

In-State: $126.33 per credit
Out-Of-State: $428.83 per credit

In-State: $3,032

Out-Of-State: $10,292

In-State: $3,032

Out-Of-State: $10,292

Books, Course Materials,
Supplies, and Equipment
$783 $783
Living Expenses
(Food & Housing)
$10,367 $3,654
Personal Expenses
$2,394 $2,394
Transportation $1,197 $3,942

In-State: $17,773

Out-Of-State: $25,033

In-State: $13,805

Out-Of-State: $21,065

*Off-Campus: you intend to live off-campus but not with your parent(s).

**Off-Campus with Parent: you intend to live with your parent(s) or other relatives.

Note: All costs and rates are subject to change for the upcoming year.

For more detailed information, visit SF's Cost of Attendance page.


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