Advisory Committees


Advisory Committees are established by the college to help determine training needs within the college service district of Alachua and Bradford counties. The very nature of occupational change requires educational decision-makers to stay informed of current and anticipated job skill needs. To provide this information, committees are appointed to advise college faculty and administrators regarding instructional programs in specific trades, skills and occupations. Advisory Committees ensure that skills taught are in line with specific and current job requirements. This is not to be interpreted as the Advisory Committee having ultimate authority or perceived as a governing board. The ultimate responsibility for quality education and its process lies within the purview of the college.


Advisory Committee members are appointed by SF's District Board of Trustees upon the recommendation of the president. Committee members have no legislative or administrative authority. They serve voluntarily and without pay.

Criteria for Selection

Four essential criteria are utilized in selecting individuals to serve as Advisory Committee members. These are:

  • Experience: Members must have had successful firsthand experience in the area being served. They are persons who have the respect and confidence of their associates.
  • Adequate time: Since an Advisory Committee must meet at least two times per year, members should maintain close contact with the activities of the school. It may occasionally be necessary to devote some time to committee work, some of which will be on campus.
  • Character: Most members are invited to serve on an Advisory Committee at the recommendation of their colleagues. These potential committee members are described as exhibiting a strong sense of responsibility and civic-mindedness and are considered highly cooperative by their immediate supervisors.
  • Diversity: Santa Fe College benefits from Advisory Committees that embody the social, economic and regional diversity of our community. Representatives are sought not only for their professional expertise but also for their ability to communicate specific needs and goals within Alachua and Bradford counties.

Student Membership

Students may also serve as Advisory Committee members, particularly those who are in the later stages of a particular program. It is important for students, other committee members, faculty and staff to know the role student members serve on the Advisory Committee.

Advisory Committees for Academic Programs

Advisory Committees for Educational Centers