Teaching Zoo Fact Sheet

Location: Gainesville, Florida

Acres: 10 acres

Number of Species: 75

Number of Individual Animals: 220

Staff: 9

Students: 80 - 120 per semester


Adults (13 to 59) $4

Children (4 to 12) & Seniors (60+) $3

SF Students & Staff FREE with ID

Large Groups: Contact Zoo at 352-395-5601 or send email request to


Zoo Animal Technology (ZAT) Program

Zoo Animal Technology Program Graduates:

  • Employed in 43 states
  • Employed in 154 zoological institutions
  • Other employment areas: Federal and state wildlife agencies, park service, research technicans, veterinary work, museum and nature interpretation, animal entertainment, teachers, pet store operators, zoo administration.
  • Placement Rate: 90%
  • Out-of-State Students: 50%
  • Largest employer of zookeepers in the U.S. (Disney's Animal Kingdom) has filled 20% of their positions with SF ZAT graduates.

SF Teaching Zoo Community Education

  • Partnerships: School Board of Alachua County and other school board districts, Private Schools, Home Schools, Public Libraries, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Private Individuals and Organizations, Senior Citizen Retirement Homes, Disabled Living Assistance Facilities, Correction Facilities
  • Public Tours
  • On-site Programs
  • Badge Programs for Scouts
  • Outreach Programs
  • Career Shadowing and Junior Zoologist Programs
  • College for Kids
  • Educational Programs serve 3000+ people annually

Financial Contributions to Support Conservation Projects

  • Rhinoceros Species Survival Plan
  • Otter Species Survival Plan
  • Tree Kangaroo Species Survival Plan
  • Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge

Financial Contributions to Support Charities

  • American Heart Association
  • March of Dimes
  • Children's Miracle Network
  • American Cancer Society
  • Local Food Banks
  • Alachua Volunteer Center

Recent SF Teaching Zoo Awards and Commendations

  • The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) *Accreditation - 2000
  • AZA International Tree Kangaroo Conservation Award - 2002
  • AZA National Awareness Campaign Award
  • Receives regular commendations for the annual Halloween event (Boo-At-The-Zoo) that provides a safe activity for over 7,000 visitors in one night. Florida Leader Magazine described it as "Best Creature Feature" on any campus in the state.

*AZA Accreditation - The Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo has been accredited since 2000. "All zoos must reapply for AZA accreditation every five years. During this process all zoos must successfully pass a rigorous application process and equally rigorous on-site inspection. At the national conference the zoo staff must field questions about their application and inspection from the AZA Accreditation Commission."