Student Conduct

As outlined in the Student Conduct Code (College Rule 7.23), the College promotes civility, integrity, and harmony among its College community. Therefore, students are expected to respect the law and adhere to the highest ethical and moral standards of conduct. The Student Conduct Code sets forth the conduct prohibited for students and other members of the College community. These regulations are considered necessary to preserve and maintain an environment conducive to learning, to ensure the safety and welfare of the members of the College community, to encourage students in the development and practice of good citizenship and self-discipline, and to protect the property and equipment of the College. The Student Conduct officers, working out of the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs (Building R, room 211), are charged with administering the processes provided for in the Student Conduct Code.

All members of the Santa Fe community are encouraged to report any observed behavior that might be a violation of the Student Conduct Code. These should be reported using the online Student Conduct Report Form. Please note that any supporting documentation (photos, video, Email, etc.) may be uploaded as part of the submission.

Faculty reporting Academic Misconduct should use the online Student Conduct Report Form: Academic Misconduct. A video has been created to explain some recent updates to the Student Conduct Code, including the new process for reporting and handling academic misconduct: