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Student Grievances

How to Report

Santa Fe College offers a variety of avenues to file a report, depending on the nature of your concern.

  • If you have an immediate concern for your safety, contact the Santa Fe College Police Department immediately – 352-395-5555. If it is a non-emergency, please call 352-395-5519.
  • If you see behavior that indicates a potential for violence or threatens anyone at or on Santa Fe College, please dial 911 or call the Santa Fe College Police Department IMMEDIATELY at 395-5555 and report the behavior with information including location, date and time, persons involved, descriptions, and witness.
  • If you have been a victim of sexual or gender-based misconduct by any person, please review the College's Title IX/Sexual Misconduct information, where you can contact the College’s Title IX officer, Lela Frye at 352-395-5420.
  • If the complaint pertains to discrimination by a College employee towards you, you may file a Report under the College's Prohibition Against Discrimination and Harassment procedures, outlined in College Rule 2.8P. Contact the Equity Officer with questions about this process or to initiate a report.
  • If the complaint pertains to a faculty or staff member's decision, you can follow the Academic Reporting Process (if it pertains to an academic issue) or the Non-Academic Reporting Process (if it is not academic in nature). These processes are outlined HERE.