Spanish Speaking Interpreters

Ofrecemos traductores en español.

Santa Fe College is committed to providing quality services to all students, including those who are not proficient in English. Throughout SF offices, tent cards are posted in Spanish to inform Spanish-speaking visitors that interpreters are readily available by request. Spanish-speaking staff on the list below may be called on to serve as interpreters for ESL individuals. These Spanish-speaking staff-members are available to provide in-person or over-the-telephone interpretation services.

Spanish-Speaking Staff




Phone Ext.

Chris Ahern Athletics V-06 5638
Myrna Cabrera-Rivero Student Life S-137 5807
Annette Hernandez Financial Aid R-122 5930
Carlos Iriarte Student Support Services L-54 5067
Marina Jordan Counseling R-227 5508
Helda Montero Student Development Instruction S-245 5407
David Rinehart Admissions R-101 7099
Chrissy Segura Student Development Instruction S-243 6123
Angelica Suarez PPS S-250 3821
Tatiana Velasco Bruno International Student Services R-101 5889


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