Senate Bill 1720

Dear Santa Fe Student,

You may be impacted by state legislation regarding Developmental Education which went into effect January 1, 2014. If you entered a Florida public High School in 2003-2004 or beyond and graduated from a Florida public High School, with a standard diploma; or are active duty military, you may be exempt from placement testing and taking Developmental Education coursework. If interested in learning more about exemptions, please read the information information provided here. To see if you are eligible for the exemption or have further questions, please make an appointment to speak with your Academic Advisor as soon as possible. You can find your assigned advisor and his/her contact information by viewing your Degree Audit in eSantaFe.

Students are not able to register for classes until they choose a Testing Option and Developmental Education Option. While in eSantaFe, students must go to the Advisement Tab and then Dev Ed Options Tab and make a selection in order to proceed. Students needing further assistance are encouraged to make an appointment with their academic advisor. Students can schedule an appointment with their Academic Advisor and/or locate his or her contact information from the Degree Audit Tab located on eSantaFe under the Advisement Tab.

Senate Bill 1720 - Updates

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