Student Support Services at Santa Fe College provides academic and related support to eligible students. The program is designed to consider all aspects of a student's educational life. The services are provided free to eligible participants in an effort to ensure that the student's postsecondary experience is a successful one.This program is funded by the U.S. Department of Education.

Eligibility Requirements

Student Support Services is a federally-funded program which requires that participants meet specific eligibility criteria. First generation college students, defined as students whose parents have not received a bachelor's degree, low income, and/or students who are disabled may be eligible for a variety of free educational services. The Student Support Services staff will review student applications to determine who qualifies based on the educational, economic, and personal background of each applicant.

Goals Of The Program

  • To provide the supportive services necessary for academic success and the attainment of an A.A. degree.
  • To increase the retention rate of students
  • To provide experiences which enhance the development of self-esteem.
  • To assist in the transfer to upper division 4 yr. schools offering Bachelor degrees.