A & S Fees Committee

From College Rule 7.30

The Activity & Service Fees Budget Committee shall be established to develop an annual budget for the use of student Activity & Service fees (A and S Fees). The budget is to be based upon an estimate of total funds generated from this fee as well as an estimate of funds carried forward from the prior year. This budget shall be approved by the College President. The monies shall be spent consistent with College Rules established by the Santa Fe College Board of Trustees, the administrative rules of the Department of Education, and the laws of the State of Florida and the United Sates of America, as applicable. During the course of a fiscal year, this committee shall make necessary allocations and budget adjustments to respond to new initiatives and changing needs.

The Activity & Service Fees Budget Committee shall be composed of thirteen voting members and four ex-officio members. The voting members shall include nine students, including the student body Vice President, the student body Treasurer, three student Senators appointed by the student body President, and four at-large students appointed by the Director of Student Life. Additional voting members shall include the Director for Student Life, the Vice President for Student Affairs, and two at-large staff members appointed by the Vice President for Student Affairs. Ex-officio members will include the Student Government Adviser, the Student Life Business Manager, and two representatives from the Office for Finance named by the Associate Vice President for Finance. The Director for Student Life will serve as chairperson for the committee and will ensure that a committee meeting schedule will be publicly posted.

The Activity & Service Fees Budget Committee will meet as often as deemed necessary, but not less than four times per fiscal year.