Equipment Loans

The Center for Student Leadership & Activities (SLA) maintains an inventory of equipment available for check-out to students and student organizations. A Santa Fe ID card is required to check-out any equipment, and an Equipment Loan Request Form must be signed when check.

The SLA has a limited number of TI-83+ and TI-84 calculators available to students taking math courses. A student may borrow a calculator for a limited period of time and must return it to the SLA in the same condition as when it was checked-out. The individual checking out the calculator agrees to pay the SLA replacement costs if the TI-83+ is lost, damaged or returned with parts missing.

The SLA owns equipment that may help in the success of student events. To borrow these items, students must show that they need the equipment for an activity arranged by an SF student organization. These items must be returned to the SLA in the same condition as when they were checked out, and are intended for short-term use. The student organization representative checking out the equipment will be held personally responsible for payment of replacement or repair costs if the equipment is lost or damaged.