Student Parking Tickets

Students receiving parking violations at Santa Fe College may fill out the form below to appeal their tickets. Santa Fe staff or visitors may appeal their tickets at the Santa Fe College Police Station, Bldg T. Map.

The next meeting will be held on Wed., July 12 at 2:00 p.m. in S-141.

Students are welcome to appear before the Appeals Committee to present their case in person, but are not required to do so.

I will:

Reason for Appeal (This information will be recognized by the committee as your statement of appeal):

Will supporting documentation be emailed? (see below for more information)

Yes     No

I am a currently enrolled Santa Fe student (if you are not currently enrolled, please contact the Santa Fe Police Department to submit an appeal).

Please submit this form and supporting documentation (if applicable) within 10 business days after issuance of parking ticket. Supporting documentation (e.g. photos) may be emailed to Krystal Nelson at Please include your name, SF ID#, and ticket number in your email. If you do not receive confirmation that your appeal submission has been received within three business days, please contact Krystal Nelson.

For more information, please consult College Rule 6.8P