Searching for Scholarships

First things first!  Do the FAFSA!

It is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.
If you have not completed it, please do so.  
  • The application is quicker and easier than a scholarship search
  • The grants are far larger than most scholarships
  • It is required for a lot of State and private scholarships
For information on Federal financial aid, please visit Santa Fe's Financial Aid Office  
For assistance in completing the FAFSA, you may visit the Records and Registration Computer Lab in Building R, Room 226


The Bad News:

  • It's not easy - you should expect to spend several hours doing research, on the phone, on the web, writing letters, filling out applications, writing essays...
  • It's not quick - It usually takes 4 to 6 months to receive any scholarship money
  • There are No Guarantees - You could do a lot of work and end up with no scholarship money.

Good News:

  • There is a lot of scholarship money available, and if you do a good search, some of it might be yours!
  • The Career Resource Center offers personalized assistance to you in your scholarship search.
Helpful Resources:

Here are some materials used in these workshops:

  • Scholarships 101 - Printable version of the Bad News and Good News, plus recommendations for following-up on any interesting scholarship leads

  • PowerPoint slideshow used in these presentations

  • Here is a 2-minute video explaining the above.

  • Here is a longer video, detailing scholarship search programs and how to use the search results.  

SCAM WARNING: There are a lot of scams on the web using "Scholarship!" as the bait.

The links below are legitimate to the best of our knowledge - please let us know if you find out otherwise!

Watch out for the words "Quick," "Easy" and "Guaranteed" - These words are clues that the link might be a scam. has a good page on the topic of scholarship scams.

Scholarship Websites:

Recommended Starting Point:

1.  College Board Scholarship Search

  • A good way to "get your feet wet" with scholarship searching.  
  • You answer the questions, and the program will show a list of scholarship leads for which you might qualify.  

A good second step:

2.  Peterson's Scholarship Search.

  • With Peterson's you will answer some questions, and the program will suggest scholarships for which you might qualify.  
  • You will need to create an account to see contact info on the scholarships, but it is free and legitimate, so recommended.  

Specifically for Santa Fe:

Santa Fe College Office for Advancement

When a local business, family, or individual wishes to offer a scholarship for Santa Fe students, they are channeled through the Endowment Office. 

The application for these scholarships is NOT OPEN AT ALL TIMES, so you might not be able to complete the application right now.  

  • June 2nd 2017 The application will re-open for currently enrolled Santa Fe students to apply for scholarships for Fall 2017
  • This application will open again in September to apply for scholarships for Spring 2017
  • And in January 2018, it will re-open with a group of scholarships specifically  for high school seniors.

SF International Education Scholarships

  • For Santa Fe students who wish to do one of our STUDY ABROAD programs in another country.  
  • These scholarships are intended to help students afford the costs of the trip.

SF Fine Arts Scholarships

For students majoring in 
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Theater, or
  • Visual Arts

SF Career and Technical Education Scholarships

For students in:

To see the occupations for which these programs train, check out Career Coach

Santa Fe programs that offer to pay for tuition:

Note:  There are some restrictions on these programs, so please visit the websites and make contact with knowledgeable persons before making any assumptions.

TRAMCON - Training for the Manufactured Construction industry.  FREE TUITION.  See the State TRAMCON page for details on the program.  

Santa Fe College Tuition Waivers and Exemptions  - Certain persons under certain circustances may qualify for tuition waivers, thus avoiding tuition fees, or reducing out-of-state fees to State levels.  Such waivers do NOT cover books or living costs, but they can pay tuition which is a major expense.  

Tuition waivers are available for:

  • Senior citizens - 60 years of age and older
  • Employees of the State of Florida
  • Purple Heart recipients (and other military awards)
  • Homeless persons
... and others

Back to Work 50+  Primarily for women 50 and older, although men may also qualify. For short-term technical training only, funded by AARP

Other legitimate scholarship resources

State of Florida Scholarships:

Bright Futures Scholarship

Other State of Florida Scholarships

Transferring to a State University?

Most Financial Aid Offices at Florida Universities include lists of scholarships available at that school.  

Here are links to their Financial Aid Offices/Scholarship pages:  

Interested in transferring to other colleges?  

Find your school's website, navigate to their Financial Aid pages, and look for a listing of their scholarships.  Some will have search engines, some will not.  Some will have the application online, some will not.  
If you have difficulty finding a school's website, try College Navigator.  This program can also be useful in searching for colleges that offer your major in your desired location.  
Somewhat redundant, but another good source of scholarship leads:

This is the State of Florida's official career guidance program.  
It is a customized version of Kuder Journey. 
Don't let the funny name fool you - Kuder is one of the best career guidance systems available.  
It includes a scholarship search engine which is well worth using.
To use it, you must create an account.  
Here are the steps:
  1. Follow the link above.  
  2. Scroll down to MyCareerShines and select Register or Log In.
  3. Be sure to specify Santa Fe College as your school.
  4. Home page... in menu to right select "[  ] Find Financial Aid"
  5. Then:  "Find and Apply for Scholarships and Grants"
  6. Then:  "Search a National Database of Scholarships and Grants."
  7. Enable Filter Options, and fill in all the blanks that are relevant to you.
  8. Read each scholarship description.  If you qualify and would want it, visit the website and read whaever else they provide.
  9. If you STILL want it and believe you qualfiy, call or write and request an "Application Package"

Somewhat redundant, but another good source of scholarship leads:
Santa Fe College Library has licensed a database which includes scholarship leads.  It is open to students through eSantaFe.

Follow these steps:

  1. Check into eSantaFe with your student ID number and password, 
  2. Select: Study Tools
  3. Select:  Library Databases
  4. Select:  Testing and Education Resource Center
    (Scroll down, it's at the bottom of the page)
  5. Select:  College Prep Tools
  6. Select:  Scholarship Search
  7. Select:  Undergraduate Scholarship Search
  8. Register for an account, and complete the search

College browsers with financial aid components:

For personal assistance in your scholarship search, please call the Career Resource Center at Santa Fe College, (352) 395-5824 or write us a note to make an appointment.

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