The Santa Fe Career Resource Center maintains informational resources to assist students in choosing career goals, majors, colleges, and life directions, and to learn the steps that lead toward those goals. We offer computerized assessments of a person’s interests, values, personality and other relevant factors. These are used to suggest career fields that may be worthy of investigation. Our assessments do not attempt to prescribe the “right job” - no program can do that well. Instead they lead to information about oneself and career possibilities to enable better-informed and well-considered career decisions. Assistance in searching for colleges, scholarships, and potential employers is also available. The Career Resource Center is open to community members as well as Santa Fe students, faculty and staff.

The Vision:

For all members of the Santa Fe Community to achieve satisfying careers.

The Goal:

Our users will make timely and effective decisions leading to academic achievement and career success.

The Software:

MyPlan, ACT Profile, the Guide for Occupational Exploration Interest Inventory, and others.

Close Affiliates:

We work closely with Counseling, Career and Job Placement, Student Development Instruction, Academic Advisement, and the Financial Aid Office to help our students to utilize these services effectively.

Services Information:

We provide services to:

  • Current students
  • Prospective students
  • Graduates
  • Santa Fe Instructors
  • Community Organizations

To Contact the Career Resource Center 

Call, write, or visit us
Location:  Building R, Room 217
Phone:  (352) 395-4121
E-mail:  careercenter@sfcollege.edu
Walk-ins are welcome, but if you are going to any trouble to get here, an appointment is recommended.

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