The Student Development Instruction Department offers a variety of elective credit courses designed to meet the ever-changing needs of a diverse student population. These courses include: Life and Career Development, College Success, Living Effectively in Today’s World, Leadership Development Studies, and Standards of Academic Progress. The focus of these courses centers on areas which contribute to: student growth, academic accomplishment, decision making, awareness of the world around them, enlightened life and career choice, a working knowledge of college systems, greater self understanding, and service to the community. The Student Development Instruction department courses attempt to meet students need to develop 21 st Century skills that address personal and interpersonal skills, academic and life skills, critical thinking skills and leadership competencies.

New Course

SLS2352 - Career Development in the Global Workplace

Career Development in the Global Workplace focuses on the theories, knowledge, skills and attitudes required to engage successfully in the global workplace. Emphasis will be placed on practical guidelines and strategies for navigating one's career in an intercultural context, both in the United States and abroad. Topics will include organizational behavior, workplace relationships, multicultural communication, and career management. The capstone of the course will be the development of an E-portfolio. Note: 50% of the course will have an international focus, and ounts towards the International Studies Certificate.


The mission of the Student Development Instruction and Cooperative Education is to foster student mastery of 21 st Century skills necessary for academic excellence and life/career success.

"The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving." -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe