Registration is one of the few services used repeatedly by Santa Fe College students throughout their educational experience. As a primary non-classroom contact between the institution and its students, it is a key element in the overall educational process. Successful registration requires cooperation and advanced planning on the part of faculty, administration, academic advisors, and students. Read the instructions on "How to Register" prior to registration for each term.

Please be sure to complete the Admissions Process prior to registration

How to Register:

Note: You will not be permitted to register until your appointed time to register.  Please sign in to eSantaFe to view your registration date.  You will be able to register on this date, or any date after Assigned registration dates are given approximately 2 weeks prior to the start of registration.  If you do not see an assigned registration date in eSantaFe please contact the Records Office, Northwest Campus, R-112.

Sign in to eSantaFe

  1. Go to and choose eSantaFe Login (lower left of page)
  2. Login to eSantaFe by entering your Student ID and Password
  3. If it's your first time logging on to eSantaFe, your password is the password you created when you filled out your online admissions application.

To register for classes:

  1. Click on the Advisement tab in eSantaFe, then Degree Audit, then “Degree Audit Detail” to review your degree requirements.
    **You MUST view your Degree Audit Detail each semester before you will be allowed to register for classes.**
  2. Click the My Classes link in the menu bar
    • a. Click Register Classes
    • b. Select term to register for if not automatically indicated (ex. Fall, Fall A/B…)
    • c. Type in the course number in the Enter a Course Number box
    • d. Select Show ALL Sections at the top right of screen
    • e. Select campus location and restrict days and times (only if necessary)
    • f. Click Search Courses
    • g. Click on name of class to view description, prerequisites, and fees
    • **IMPORTANT: pay close attention to all notes associated with specific sections
    • h. Click the REGISTER button for the section of the class desired. If REGISTER buttons are not visible, your registration is not activated or the class is full. Read the error message(s) if applicable, and view the My Information screen, located under the Records tab on your eSantaFe account for more information
    • i. Option: Click the Notify Me button if the section of the class you desire is full, this will put you on a waiting list for that class. Be sure to check your notifications regularly, as you will be notified via a notification sent to your eSantaFe account when a seat opens.
    • j. Once registration is complete, your classes will show on the My Schedule screen. You are responsible for those classes and required to pay any fees associated with those classes on or before the due date designated at bottom right of the My Schedule screen.

To view your schedule and see payment options:

  1. Click on My Classes and then choose My Schedule.
  2. To see payment options, click on the Finances link on your eSantaFe account then click on View and Pay Fees.
    • **Fees must be paid by the designated deadline as identified on the My Schedule screen. Failure to pay fees by the fee DUE DATE will result in some or all of your classes being dropped.