Navigating the College Experience

After reviewing institutional data and analyzing feedback from students, faculty, staff and community members, Santa Fe College has developed a plan that will change SF's learning environment to better prepare students to navigate college more efficiently and effectively. This quality enhancement plan will be implemented over a five-year period beginning in 2013 to strengthen advisement processes, student support systems, and communication. Navigating the College Experience (NCE) proposes two initiatives, early alert and progressive advisement, to enhance the student learning environment and improve students' abilities to navigate their college experience. The plan's initiatives are designed to route incoming students towards success and to help students stay on course as they proceed, fostering learning that will equip students to be engaged, proactive, and responsible for their own academic goals and achievements.

  • Initiative 1: an academic early warning system will provide for early intervention with students showing signs of being academically at risk and allow all students to better chart their own progress and connect to the resources they need.

  • Initiative 2: ongoing, personalized advising will assist students to take ownership of their own educational goals, stay on track, and persevere.

The goal is to enhance SF's learning environment to cultivate students' educational persistence and academic perseverance by implementing an integrated system of intentional intervention and progressive advisement. Successful implementation of project initiatives will create an environment that better supports student learning through improved communication designed to promote academic achievement, more personalized feedback to and support for participating students, advisement and intervention interactions designed to elicit learning related to perseverance, and increased student engagement.

NCE will strengthen the College by

  • Encouraging student responsibility and action in the learning process
  • Ensuring personalized support for students working towards goals
  • Making student learning central to advising support services
  • Improving communication and building accountability
  • Fostering collaboration in support of student academic achievement
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Providing for professional development to support student learning

View the full quality enhancement plan: Navigating the College Experience (pdf)

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