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Information pages for online classes are posted each semester . Click the "online courses" link above to view them.

As part of its commitment to its mission, values, and goals, Santa Fe College promotes and enables open access to its programs through a variety of means.  Recognizing the need for and the advantage of online classes for the communities that it serves, the College created the Open Campus, a virtual campus dedicated to providing students with online educational opportunities. 

Students taking online classes at Santa Fe enjoy many advantages and have many responsibilities.  The following list highlights some of those qualities:

  • Enhanced Technological Skills: Online students develop their technological skills in learning environments that utilize current and innovative technologies—skills that transfer to the workplace and to other demands of attending college.
  • Flexible Schedule: While online students enjoy the flexibility possible in an online environment, they have to meet the requirements (like deadlines) for their classes just like all Santa Fe students.  Consequently, discipline plays a big part of success in your online classes.  If you have not done so already, you should review the link “Is Online for You?” in the right hand menu on this page.
  • Full Access to Support Services: Depending on their locations and their inclinations, online students may access all of the resources available to students who are physically on campus, including student support services, library resources, registration, and student complaints. 
  • Increased Accessibility:  Online students enjoy the advantages of an asynchronous learning environment.  Without having to attend set class schedules, online students can incorporate school with work, home, and other activities in ways that help them achieve academic and personal success.
  • Technology and Related Fees:   Although students pay a technology fee for each online class that they take, they do not pay any fees to verify their identities as students in online classes.  Please see the Tuition and Fees page for details.

    Students should also be aware that proctored assignments might require additional testing fees.
  • Various Class Configurations:  All students at Santa Fe classes may choose from classes that are exclusively on campus or online, or they may choose from blended classes (Classes that meet on campus, but use Canvas as well.).  Moreover, Santa Fe students may complete entire degrees online.