Research 101: Writing Tips

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Writing Tips


Once you have completed your research, it's time to write your paper. If you are instructed to follow a certain publication style, make sure to be familiar with it (see Citing Your Sources). Below is a list of books and websites that can help you with the organization and language of your paper. Are you having problems with organizing your essay or with grammar? Contact the Santa Fe Writing Lab for further help writing your paper. You may also submit your paper through the Smarthinking Online Tutoring service, accessible through eSantaFe (go to Study Tools > Online Tutoring).


How to Write

  • The Academic Writer's Toolkit: A User's Manual (eBook)
  • Academic Writing: A Handbook for International Students (eBook)
  • The Allyn & Bacon Guide to Writing (PE1408 .R18 2009, 3rd floor)
  • Anthem Critical Thinking and Writing Skills: An Introductory Guide (eBook)
  • The Bedford Handbook, 9th Edition (PE1408 .H33 2014, 2nd floor and Reserves) - A complete guide to proper writing, grammar, and composition (see also the 10th edition)
  • Essay Writing Skills: Essential Techniques to Gain Top Marks (eBook)
  • The Facts on File Guide to Good Writing (LB1576 .M3775 2006, 3rd floor) - A very helpful tool that goes from preparing to write through the entire writing process, including information on preparing to write, revising, grammar, punctuation, and more.
  • Grammar Girl Presents the Ultimate Writing Guide for Students (PE1112 .F6127 2011, 3rd floor)
  • How to Write Anything: A Complete Guide (PE1408 .B8573 2014, 3rd floor)
  • How to Write Fast Under Pressure (eBook)
  • Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue - One of the top writing labs, this page contains many brief handouts to guide you in writing.
  • The Only Writing Book You'll Ever Need: A Complete Resource for Perfecting Any Type of Writing (PE1408 .H2925 2005, 3rd floor & eBook)
  • Paradigm Online Writing Assistant (POWA) - An online site designed to guide you through the entire writing process. Includes information on specific assignments, like argumentative essays.
  • Rewriting: How to Do Things with Texts (PE1404 .H363 2006, 3rd floor)
  • The Rowman & Littlefield Guide to Writing with Sources (PE1478 .D37 2012, 3rd floor)
  • Sin Boldly: Dr. Dave's Guide to Writing the College Paper (PE1408 .W589 2004, 3rd floor & eBook)
  • The St. Martin's Handbook, 6th edition (REF PE1112 .L86 2008, 2nd floor) - Similar to the Bedford Handbook, this covers writing, documentation, grammar, and critical thinking.
  • Starting the Writing Process (OWL at Purdue)
  • A Student's Writing Guide How to Plan and Write Successful Essays (eBook)
  • Style for Students Online - Covers grammar, writing, technical writing, presenting figures and tables, and more.
  • Stylish Academic Writing (eBook)
  • "They Say / I Say": The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing (PE1431 .G73 2014, 3rd floor) - Fantastic book that covers how to incorporate other viewpoints and sources within your writing, as well as setting up arguments.
  • UNC Writing Center - Handouts covering the parts of a paper, grammar, specific writing assignments, and writing for a discipline.
  • Watch Your Words: A Writing and Editing Handbook for the Multimedia Age (PN4783 .D86 2015, 3rd floor)
  • Write Right! A Desktop Digest of Punctuation, Grammar, and Style (PE1112 .V4 2001, 3rd floor)
  • Writer's Digest Grammar Desk Reference: The Definitive Source for Clear and Correct Writing (eBook)
  • Writing Well in the 21st Century: The Five Essentials (eBook)

Specific Writing Assignments

Writing In Disciplines

  • The AMA Handbook of Business Writing: The Ultimate Guide to Style, Grammar, Usage, Punctuation, Construction, and Formatting (REF HF5726 .W55 2010, 2nd floor & eBook)
  • AMA Manual of Style: A Guide for Authors and Editors (REF R119 .A533 2007, 2nd floor) - medical and scientific writing
  • Disciplinary Writing Guides (Harvard) - includes psychology, art history, social anthropology, East Asian studies, philosophy, performance studies, economics, life sciences, and religious studies
  • How to Write and Illustrate a Scientific Paper (eBook)
  • Just the Facts: Investigative Report Writing (HV7936.R53 B54 2008, 3rd floor) - police report writing
  • Legal Writing in a Nutshell (KF250 .B34 2009, 3rd floor)
  • The Political Science Student Writer's Manual (JA86 .S39 2008, 3rd floor)
  • The Psychologist's Companion: A Guide to Writing Scientific Papers for Students and Researchers (BF76.8 .S73 2010, 3rd floor)
  • Quality Research Papers for Students of Religion and Theology (BL41 .V94 2008, 3rd floor)
  • Scientific Style and Format: The CSE Manual for Authors, Editors, and Publishers (REF T11 .S386 2014, 2nd floor)
  • Scientific Writing: Thinking in Words (T11 .L52864 2011, 3rd floor)
  • Scientific Writing 2.0: A Reader and Writer's Guide (eBook)
  • A Short Guide to Writing About Chemistry (QD8.5 .D38 2010, 3rd floor)
  • Writing About the Humanities (PE1408 .D593 2008, 3rd floor)
  • Writing About Music: A Style Sheet (eBook)
  • Writing Empirical Research Reports: A Basic Guide for Students of the Social and Behavioral Sciences (LB2369 .P97 2011, 3rd floor)
  • Writing Essays: A Guide for Students in English and the Humanities (eBook)
  • Writing in Sociology (HM569 .E39 2015, 3rd floor)
  • Writing Philosophy Papers (B52.7 .S44 2009, 3rd floor)
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