Research 101: Research Beyond Santa Fe

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Research Beyond Santa Fe

Old books

Santa Fe College's library strives to provide the resources needed for student research. However, sometimes you need specialized items or books that the library does not own. As a Santa Fe College student, you have several services available to you to ensure that you receive the information you need.

Reciprocal Borrowing

An agreement has been set up throughout the state that allows you to check out books for free at any of the 28 Florida colleges, and any of the 12 Florida public universities. Your Santa Fe ID card is your library card for any of these 39 institutions. To set up an account, visit the circulation desk at an institution's library. You are responsible for adhering to the rules and policies of that library.

Florida Colleges & Universities (uBorrow)

To search for books beyond Santa Fe College, use the Union Catalog. This catalog will allow you search all 28 Florida state colleges and 12 public universities. You can also enter the union catalog from the SF library catalog after performing a search; look for the the link that says "Show items that you can request statewide."

Entry point to union catalog

If you find a book you would like to request, click the UBorrow link. Please note that most libraries will not lend eBooks, videos, media, or items in reference or reserve collections.


When logging in, your Borrower ID is your 8-digit Santa Fe student ID number (no hyphen), and your PIN is the last four digits of your SF ID number.

To find out more, view a video tutorial on UBorrow.

University of Florida

The closest reciprocal institution to Santa Fe College is the University of Florida. Santa Fe College borrowers should complete a Request for Reciprocal Borrowing Privileges form to set up an account prior to visiting UF. UF has 7 libraries in their system. Santa Fe students may check out items from any of the libraries except for the Health Science Center Library and the Legal Information Center.

UF's library catalog may be accessed by clicking the Library Catalog tab on the UF Library's website. Just like Santa Fe's catalog, there are options for keyword searches, field searching, advanced search, and browsing.

In the search results, pay close attention to the item's library location, call number, and status. Electronic resources (eBooks, electronic journals, etc.) are not available to non-UF students, and certain materials may only be available for in-library-use.

UF Catalog Results

Interlibrary Loan

Any book or article that is not owned by Santa Fe College can be requested through interlibrary loan. An interlibrary loan (ILL) involves Santa Fe contacting a library that owns the item you need and borrowing it on your behalf. This process is usually free to you, and can take a week or two, so be sure to plan ahead. The book will be held for you at the circulation desk, and you will be notified when it is available. If an article is requested, you may ask for it to be delivered to your email. Movies and audiovisual materials are unable to be requested through interlibrary loan.

To request an item through interlibrary loan, you may contact a librarian or fill out an ILL form. This form may be accessed through the library's website by clicking the Student Services menu, and then choosing Interlibrary Loan on the submenu.

Student Services > Interlibrary Loan


If you would like to discover a wide variety of scholarship written on a particular area, you should use WorldCat. WorldCat is a "super library catalog," which pulls together the contents of library catalog across the nation, including some international libraries. WorldCat currently allows you to discover 1.5 billion items.


Because there is so much available through WorldCat, you should be as specific as possible in your search. Click the Advanced Search link and limit your search as necessary.

Available limits include language, date, audience, content, and format. Knowing the Library of Congress subject heading for your topic will also help you retrieve better results.

Click the title of any of the results to bring up the record, and to view which libraries own the item. You may request any book that is not available at Santa Fe College through interlibrary loan. You will need to provide the title, author, publisher, date of publication, and ISBN for the book, all of which can be found in the WorldCat record. Keep in mind that the fewer libraries that own the book, the harder it may be to borrow. You should allow at least two weeks for an interlibrary loan request to be filled.

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