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Suggested Titles

Bike Trip / Betsy and Giulio Maestro --- JUV GV1043.5 .M34 1992
A family takes a bicycle trip and experiences the sights, sounds, and smells of town, country, and seashore.

Choking Wolf / Dosh Archer --- PZ8.1.R343 U74 2009
There's an emergency. City hospital is on standby. Will doctor Glenda and nurse Percy be able to cope?

E-mergency! / Tom Lichtenheld and Ezra Fields-Meyer --- PZ7.L592 Eam 2011
The letter E has fallen and injured herself—which letters will replace her and how will words be spelled without her?

I Can Be Safe: A First Look at Safety / Pat Thomas --- JUV HV675.5 .T54 2003
This friendly little book acknowledges kids' fears and makes them aware of things they need in order to feel safe in different situations. They learn, for instance, to look both ways when crossing a road, to wear special clothing for sports, to know their parents' names, phone number, and emergency numbers, and many other details.

I Can Play It Safe / Alison Feigh --- JUV HQ770.7 .F45 2008
Teaches kids (and helps adults reinforce) seven important rules to personal safety in a nonthreatening way. It covers topics like safe versus harmful secrets, safe versus harmful touches, and the importance of having a community of trusted adults to turn to for help.

I Said No! A Kid-to-Kid Guide to Keeping Private Parts Private / Zack and Kimberly King --- JUV HQ71 .K524 2010
Written from a kid's point of view, this book helps kids set healthy boundaries for their private parts and describes how to deal with inappropriate behavior by others.

No Dragons for Tea: Fire Safety for Kids (and Dragons) / Jean Pendziwol --- PZ8.3.P3759 No 1999
When a dragon who came over for tea accidentally sets the table on fire, the little girl knows just what to do.

Officer Buckle and Gloria / Peggy Rathmann --- PZ7 .R1936 Of 1995
The children at Napville Elementary School always ignore Officer Buckle['s safety tips, until a police dog named Gloria accompanies him when he gives his safety speeches.

Once Upon a Dragon: Stranger Safety for Kids (and Dragons) / Jean Pendziwol --- JUV PS8581.E55312 O53 2006
When a little girl and her dragon friend stumble into a fairy tale world, it is up to the little girl to keep her companion out of harm's way when they meet up with the hungry wolf of "Little Red Riding Hood," Snow White's evil stepmother, and other unseemly characters.

Road Safety / Sue Barraclough --- JUV HE 5614 .B34 2008
How to be safe in, on and around our roads.

Safety in My Neighborhood / Shelly Lyons --- JUV HQ770.7 .L96 2013
Presents information about being safe in a neighborhood, including knowing the people, looking both ways before crossing the road, and staying in the yard.

Stop Drop and Roll / Margery Cuyler --- PZ7.C997 St 2001
Jessica, who worries about everything from her spelling homework to remembering to fill her dog's water dish, learns that fire safety begins with extinguishing her fears.

Staying Safe Around Strangers / Lucia Raatma --- JUV HQ784.S8 R33 2012
Presents some rules for safe behavior around people you don’t know.

A Treasure at Sea for Dragon and Me: Water Safety for Kids (and Dragons) / Jean Pendziwol --- JUV GV770.6 .P46 2005
Introduces information on water safety through the story of a little girl who invites a teddy bear-toting, fire-breathing dragon to spend the day at the beach.

Watch Out! At Home / Claire Llewellyn --- JUV HV675.5 .L54 2006
Teaches children the different ways to keep safe when they are at home and use electricity, handle hot things, or take medicine.

Watch Out! Near Water / Claire Llewellyn --- JUV GV770.6 L54 2006
Teaches children the different ways to keep safe when in or near the water.

Your Body Belongs to You / Cornelia Spelman --- JUV HQ784.S8 S74 1997
Explains what to say and do if someone touches your body when you do not want to be touched, especially when the action involves the touching of private parts.

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