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DVD 42nd Street --- MEDIA PN1997 .A174 2006 AFI Greatest Musicals of All Time
The movie musical that introduced the choreography of Busby Berkeley, 42nd Street also contains the classic plot involving a tyrannical director, egotistical leading lady and wide-eyed ingenue, all set to a standout musical score.

DVD All That Jazz --- MEDIA PN1997 .A3242 2003 AFI Greatest Musicals of All Time
The story of an obsessed, pill-popping chain-smoking choreographer/director dancing simultaneously with love and death. But even while dying, he creates some great dancing. Based on the life of Bob Fosse.

DVD An American in Paris --- MEDIA PN1997 .A44 1999 AFI Greatest Musicals of All Time
An ex-GI loves Paris and loves even more an alluring, but engaged, perfume-shop clerk.

DVD Annie --- MEDIA PN1997 .A565 2003
The story of the comic strip character Little Orphan Annie, who is adopted by billionaire "Daddy" Warbucks.

DVD The Band Wagon --- MEDIA PN1997 .B253 2005 AFI Greatest Musicals of All Time
Fading movie musical star Tony Hunter, down and out in Hollywood, decides to try his luck on the Broadway stage.

DVD Beauty and the Beast --- MEDIA PN1997 .B438 2017 AFI Greatest Musicals of All Time
The story of a vain and cruel prince who is turned by an enchantress into a horrible beast, revealing to the world his true inner self. The spell can only be broken if the beast can win the true love of lovely and pleasant local village girl before a magic rose loses its last petal.

DVD Bride and Prejudice --- MEDIA PN1997.2 .B732 2005
An Indian woman attempts to marry her four daughters off to prosperous bachelors. In the process, several of the daughters fall for men their families do not approve of.

DVD The Broadway Melody --- MEDIA PN1997 .B762 2005
The Mahoney Sisters are successful singers in the boondocks, and now they've come to New York for the big time. Hank (Henrietta) is the smart one, while Queenie is the beautiful one--as Hank's fiancé Eddie Kearns says, they're "a coupla swell kids." Songwriter Eddie gets the girls a part in a revue featuring his song, "The Broadway Melody." Eddie, long engaged to Hank, falls for Queenie, whom he hasn't seen since she was a little girl. But Eddie and Queenie are both devoted to Hank, so Queenie gives in to the wooing of one of the show's rich backers, so as not to come between Hank and Eddie. This only causes more trouble, because both Hank and Eddie know exactly what kind of danger Queenie is courting by putting herself in a playboy's hands.

VHS Bye Bye Birdie --- Classroom Collection
When rock star Conrad Birdie gets drafted, his manager organizes a nationwide contest in which one lucky girl wins a farewell kiss on The Ed Sullivan show.

DVD Cabaret --- MEDIA PN1997 .C32 2013 AFI Greatest Musicals of All Time
Inside the Kit Kat Club of 1931 Berlin, starry-eyed singer Sally Bowles and an impish emcee sound the call to decadent fun, while outside a certain political party grows into a brutal force.

DVD Carousel --- MEDIA PN1997 .C376 1999
A smooth-talking carny barker falls in love with a sweet millworker. Although he is killed during a robbery before the birth of his daughter, years later he is allowed to return to earth for one day to redeem himself—and to teach his daughter one very important lesson.

VHS Cats --- Classroom Collection
A musical based on Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats by T.S. Eliot.

DVD Chicago --- MEDIA PN1997.2 .C45 2002 AFI Greatest Musicals of All Time
At a time when crimes of passion result in celebrity headlines, nightclub sensation Velma Kelly and spotlight-seeking Roxie Hart both find themselves on Chicago's famed Murderess Row. They also share Billy Flynn, the town's slickest lawyer with a talent for turning notorious defendants into local legends.

DVD A Chorus Line --- ON ORDER
The high voltage story of a group of young performers who audition for the chorus of a Broadway musical.

DVD Damn Yankees --- MEDIA PN1997 .D2821236 2004
A Washington Senators fan sells his soul to the devil to become a great baseball player and to help his favorite team win the pennant.

DVD Dreamgirls --- MEDIA PN1997.2 D75 2007
Three young women Deena Jones, Effie White, and Lorrell Robinson desire to become pop stars. They get their wish when they are picked to be backup singers for the legendary James "Thunder" Early. When they are set free for leads, Curtis Taylor and Effie's brother C.C. decide that Deena should be the lead singer, which upsets Effie. The girls discover exactly what it takes to be in the music business and what they must give up to realize their dream.

DVD Evita --- MEDIA PN1997 .E9 1998
True-life story of Eva Peron, who rose above childhood poverty and a scandalous past to achieve fortune and fame.

DVD Fiddler on the Roof --- MEDIA PN1997 .F5335 2011
Tevye is a poor milkman in czarist Russia, where he provides for three unmarried daughters and a sharp-tongued wife. Faced with mounting financial strain and growing anti-Semitism, Tevye strives to maintain balance despite the precarious nature of his situation.

DVD Funny Girl --- MEDIA PN1997 .F8615 2003 AFI Greatest Musicals of All Time
A musical film that follows the early career of stage comedienne Fanny Brice.

DVD A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum --- MEDIA PN1997 .F96 2000
A bawdy tale set in early Rome, about Pseudolus, a comically sly and conniving slave, eager to win his freedom. All he has to do is hook up his innocent, young master with the courtesan next door.

DVD Gigi --- MEDIA PN1997 .G54 2000
A musical set in Paris in which a girl trained as a high society courtesan falls in love with a rich and handsome boulevardier.

DVD Godspell --- MEDIA PN1997 .G637 2001
Film adaptation of the off-Broadway musical based on the Gospel According to St. Matthew. Set in contemporary New York City, the film features a cast drawn from both the original New York and various stage companies.

DVD Grease --- MEDIA PN1997 .G74374 2006 AFI Greatest Musicals of All Time
It's love when a greaser falls for a good girl in this classic musical depicting young life in the fifties.

DVD The Great Ziegfeld --- MEDIA PN1997 .G732 2004
Ziegfeld is a theatrical impresario, whose show business empire begins when he stage-manages a tour for a strongman. With almost no money in the bank, he charms European stage star Anna Held to headline his "Follies". From 1907, Ziegfeld stages annual editions of Broadway's most fabulous revue.

DVD Guys and Dolls --- MEDIA PN1997 .G89 2012 AFI Greatest Musicals of All Time
In New York, a gambler is challenged to take a cold female missionary to Havana, but they fall for each other, and the bet has a hidden motive to finance a crap game.

DVD Hair --- MEDIA PN1997 .H35 2009
Fresh from the farm, Claude Bukowski arrives in New York City for a date with the Army Induction Board, only to walk into a hippie "happening" in Central Park and fall in love with the beautiful Sheila. Befriended by the hippies' pacifist leader, Berger, and urged to crash a formal party in order to declare his love for Sheila, Claude begins an adventure that lands him in jail, Central Park Lake and finally, in the army. But Berger's final effort to save Claude from Vietnam sets in motion a bizarre twist of fate ... with shocking consequences.

DVD Hairspray --- MEDIA PN1997.2 .H37 2007
In 1962 Baltimore there are changes in the air. Plus-sized teen Tracy Turnblad, with big hair and even bigger heart, has only one passion, to dance. She wins a spot on the local TV dance program, "The Corny Collins Show" and is transformed overnight from outsider to irrepressible teen celebrity. The trendsetting Tracy aims to win the heart of teen-dream Link Larkin and stand up for what she believes in.

DVD The Harvey Girls --- MEDIA PN1997 .H373 2017
Susan Bradley, a mail order bride, is disappointed in the man whom she was to marry, so she takes a job as a waitress in a Harvey restaurant.

DVD Hello, Dolly! --- MEDIA PN1997 .H455 2013
A matchmaking widow takes on the assignment of finding a wife for a successful hay-and-feed merchant in Yonkers in 1890.

DVD Into the Woods --- MEDIA PN1997.2 .I58 2015
A modern twist on several of the beloved Brothers Grimm fairy tales, intertwining the plots of a few choice stories and exploring the consequences of the characters' wishes and quests. This humorous and heartfelt musical follows the classic tales of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Rapunzel, all tied together by an original story involving a baker and his wife, their wish to begin a family and their interaction with the witch who has put a curse on them.

DVD Jailhouse Rock --- MEDIA PN1997 .J355 2007
Vince Everett is serving a one-year jail sentence for manslaughter. While in the big house, his cellmate, a former country singer, introduces him to the record business. Vince takes to it so well that he decides to become a singer when he gets out. However, he is quickly disillusioned by the record business. But with the help of a new friend, he decides to form his own label, and soon he becomes an overnight sensation. As he becomes a superstar, his desire for fame and money may cause him to forget the people who got him there.

DVD Jazz Singer --- MEDIA PN1997 .J39 2007
A Jewish cantor's son breaks with his family to become a popular music singer.

DVD Jesus Christ Superstar --- MEDIA PN1997 .J435 2004
Rock opera musical version of the last days of Christ.

DVD Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat --- MEDIA PN1997 .J67 2000
Tells the rags-to-riches story of Joseph, his eleven brothers and the coat of many colors.

DVD The King and I --- MEDIA PN1997 .K564 2006 AFI Greatest Musicals of All Time
An English schoolteacher finds herself at odds with the King when she is the teacher at the royal court in the 1860s.

DVD Les Misérables --- MEDIA PN1997.2 .M573 2013
When Jean Valjean is released from prison he breaks parole to create a new life for himself and is relentlessly hounded by Inspector Javert.

DVD Love Me Tonight --- MEDIA PN1997 .L68 2003
A carefree tailor leaves Paris to collect on a past due bill at an aristocratic client's chateau. Mistaken for royalty, he attempts to woo a lovely princess.

DVD Love's Labour's Lost: A Romantic Musical Comedy --- MEDIA PR2822.A2 B73 2000
The King of Navarre and his friends think that they cannot love again. When the Princess of France and her attendants arrive for a visit, their plans are completely turned upside down.

DVD Mary Poppins --- MEDIA PN1997 .M37 2013 AFI Greatest Musicals of All Time
After a banker's children lose their nanny due to her frustration with them, a change in the wind blows in a magical nanny who matches the children's qualifications, but not those of their very proper father. As Mary Poppins helps the children magically explore the world around them, their father grows increasingly disapproving of her methods, and he must eventually deal with his own distance from his children.

DVD Meet Me in St. Louis --- MEDIA PN1997 .M44 2004 AFI Greatest Musicals of All Time
In Saint Louis before the 1904 World's Fair, Alonzo Smith threatens to uproot his family and move to New York, which greatly upsets his wife and four daughters.

DVD Moulin Rouge! --- MEDIA PN1997.2 .M68 2001 AFI Greatest Musicals of All Time
Christian is an idealistic and impoverished young writer who, newly arrived in Montmartre, is haphazardly inducted into a circle of young bohemians led by Toulouse-Lautrec. A comedy of mistaken identities ensues, quickly enmeshing the young poet in a love triangle involving the unobtainable and consumptive Satine, queen courtesan of the Moulin Rouge, and the foppish Duke of Roxbury, his villainous rival for her affections.

DVD The Music Man --- MEDIA PN1997 .M874 1999
Silver-tongued con artist Harold Hill hoodwinks the stubborn townsfolk of River City, Iowa into buying instruments and uniforms for a boy's band, but his game ultimately and romantically backfires.

DVD My Fair Lady --- MEDIA PN1997 .M9 2009 AFI Greatest Musicals of All Time
A Cockney waif is transformed by a linguistics professor into an elegant lady.

DVD A Night at the Opera --- MEDIA PN1997 .N544 2004
A Marx Brothers comedy, in which Groucho's hilarious business schemes bring Milan's finest opera stars to New York, with some unexpected stowaways on board—Harpo and Chico. The three of them create a near riot on the ship, a scandal in New York and an evening of insanity in the concert hall that the opera world will never forget.

DVD Oklahoma! --- MEDIA PN1997 .O38 1999
A cowboy wins his girl despite the intervention of a sinister hired hand.

DVD Oliver! --- MEDIA PN1997 .O45 1998
A young orphan, Oliver is left to fend for himself until he is befriended by a band of young thieves who quickly train him in their craft. But Oliver is not content to be a thief for he knows that life holds great joys and true happiness cannot be stolen, but must be earned.

DVD On the Town --- MEDIA PN1997 .O58 2008 AFI Greatest Musicals of All Time
Three sailors and their girl friends go on a spree in New York.

DVD The Phantom of the Opera --- MEDIA PN1997.2 .P436 2005
Tells the story of a disfigured musical genius who haunts the catacombs beneath the Paris Opera, waging a reign of terror over its occupants. When he falls fatally in love with Christine, the Phantom devotes himself to creating a new star for the Opera, exerting a strange sense of control over the young soprano as he nurtures her extraordinary talents.

DVD Quadrophenia --- MEDIA PN1997 .Q23 2001
Songs by The Who set the background for this story of the passions of British street kids, circa 1964.

DVD Rent --- MEDIA PN1997.2 .R46 2006
Focuses on the year in the life of a group of friends in New York's East Village. The "bohemians" live carefree lives of art, music, sex, and drugs. It is carefree until Mark, an aspiring filmmaker, and Roger, an aspiring songwriter, find out they owe a year's rent to Benny. Benny is a former friend who had promised them free rent when he married the landlord's daughter. Roger has also attracted the attention of his downstairs neighbor, Mimi. Mark's former girlfriend, Maureen, has found a new romance in a lawyer named Joanne. Philosophy professor Tom finds his soul mate in drag queen Angel. With this being the late 1980s, the threat of AIDS is always present.

DVD The Rocky Horror Picture Show --- MEDIA PN1997 .R63 2002
A couple of ordinary kids have car trouble one dark and rainy night and knock on the door of a looming gothic mansion. They are stunned to learn that they have stumbled into an ongoing convention of kinky characters, hosted by Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a mad scientist from the planet Transsexual.

DVD Seven Brides for Seven Brothers --- MEDIA PN1997 .S3845 2000 AFI Greatest Musicals of All Time
When the new bride of a roughneck Oregon pioneer finds she has to keep house for her husband's six rowdy brothers, she decides to groom them so that they can find brides of their own.

DVD Show Boat --- MEDIA PN1997 .S5693 2000 AFI Greatest Musicals of All Time
Musical extravaganza which celebrates the loves and heartbreaks of a Mississippi riverboat troupe, starting with a young girl whose heart is stolen by a dashing gambler.

DVD Singin' in the Rain --- MEDIA PN1997 .S513 2002 AFI Greatest Musicals of All Time
Silent screen actors are caught in the bumpy transition to talking pictures in the late 1920's; a spoof of the early days of "talkie" films.

DVD The Sound of Music --- MEDIA PN1997 .S68 2010 AFI Greatest Musicals of All Time
Based on a true life story, Maria, leaves the convent to be the governess for the seven children of Captain von Trapp.

DVD South Pacific --- MEDIA PN1997 .S688 1999
Set in the Pacific theater during World War II, this musical film explores the theme of racial prejudice in two parallel stories—that of a Navy nurse's love for a plantation owner with two Eurasian children, and a Marine lieutenant's love for a native woman.

DVD A Star is Born --- MEDIA PN1997 .S737 2010 AFI Greatest Musicals of All Time
As a band singer is discovered and guided to heights of show-business success by an alcoholic ex-matinee idol, she performs one superb song after another in a production that exhilarates with its craft and style even as its story moves toward a heartbreaking finale.

DVD State Fair --- MEDIA PN1997 .S73 1999
A musical about the Frake family and their adventures at the Iowa State Fair. Each member of the family is out for a different prize—Father wants a blue ribbon for his favorite pig, while for his son and daughter the hunt is on for true love.

DVD Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street --- MEDIA PN1997.2 .S944649 2008
Reinventing himself as Sweeney Todd, a man unjustly sent to prison returns to exact revenge on those who ruined his life, especially the evil Judge Turpin who sent the man to prison. Not only does he seek revenge for the cruel punishment he suffered in prison, but also for what happened to his wife and daughter. When he returns to his home town, he reopens his barber shop, where Mr. Todd becomes the Demon of Fleet Street. Mrs. Lovett is Sweeney's amorous accomplice who creates diabolical meat pies out of the remains of Mr. Todd's victims.

DVD Sweet Charity --- MEDIA PN1997 .S94 2003
A lovelorn New York dance hall hostess named Charity Hope Valentine dreams of old-fashioned romance but falls in love with one undeserving man after another.

DVD Swing Time --- MEDIA PN1997 .S9655 2005
Fred Astaire plays a gambler intent on raising $25,000 in New York in order to marry his fiance back home. Romantic complications occur when he meets dancing teacher, Ginger Rogers.

DVD Thoroughly Modern Millie --- MEDIA PN1997 .T46 2003
During the carefree and fun era of the 1920s, an innocent country girl comes to the big city in search of a husband.

DVD Top Hat --- MEDIA PN1997 .T625 2005 AFI Greatest Musicals of All Time
Rogers and Astaire are caught up in a mistaken identity plot, in which Rogers assumes that Astaire is already married, and is alternatively charmed and repelled by his advances.

DVD Victor/Victoria --- MEDIA PN1997 .V53 2012
A poverty-stricken singer in Depression-era Paris becomes convinced that the only way she can earn a living on the nightclub circuit is to masquerade as a man who impersonates women. Then she meets the man of her dreams.

DVD West Side Story --- MEDIA PN1997 .W453 2003 AFI Greatest Musicals of All Time
The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet set in a New York City 1950s backdrop of rival street gangs, the Jets, second-generation American teens, and the Sharks, Puerto Rican teen immigrants. A young woman who is the sister of the Sharks' leader has her first taste of love with the former head of the Jets.

DVD The Wiz --- MEDIA PN1997 .W59 2009
A discontented kindergarten teacher living in Harlem is lost in a blizzard and comes upon the wonderland of Oz. There she meets new friends, tries to find her way home, and finds that her life is not so bad after all.

DVD The Wizard of Oz --- MEDIA PN1997 .W59 2013 AFI Greatest Musicals of All Time
Dorothy and her dog Toto, are caught in a tornado's path and somehow end up in the land of Oz. Here she encounters some memorable friends and foes in her journey to meet the Wizard of Oz who everyone says can help her return home and possibly grant her new friends their goals of a brain, heart and courage.

DVD Yankee Doodle Dandy --- MEDIA PN1997 .Y36 2003 AFI Greatest Musicals of All Time
A rousing musical depicting the life of George M. Cohan--playwright, entertainer, and composer.

DVD Yellow Submarine --- MEDIA PN1997 .Y45 2012
Animated feature with the Beatles trying to save Pepperland from the Blue Meanies.

Concerts & Stage Productions

DVD Billy Elliot: The Musical Live --- MEDIA M1500.J64 B5 2015
Eleven-year-old miner's son Billy Elliot is on his way to boxing lessons when he stumbles upon a ballet class. Billy secretly joins the class, knowing that his blue-collar family would never understand. Filmed in London's West End.

DVD Grease Live! --- MEDIA PN1992.77 .G74 2016
A live one night musical production of the massively popular crossover musical! Featuring a young ensemble cast, this will reintroduce and reimagine some of the show's most memorable moments, great music, and timeless love story to an entirely new generation. Broadcast live on Fox.

DVD Into the Woods --- MEDIA M1500.S66 I5 1999
The fairy tale characters of Little Red Ridinghood, Cinderella, and Jack (and the Beanstalk) are linked together with the characters of a baker and his wife. Their stories intertwine as they all search for something different in the woods. After they have all found happiness, they must band together to fight a giant. Taped in 1989 at the Martin Beck Theater shortly before the end of the Broadway run.

DVD Jesus Christ Superstar --- MEDIA M1500.W323 J47 2001
Andrew Lloyd Webber's 1971 rock opera depicts the final weeks in the life of Jesus Christ. Videodisc release of the 2000 production.

DVD Les Misérables --- MEDIA M1503.S3685 M6 1998
Brings together a company of over 250 performers, featuring many of the stars who have appeared in the musical worldwide. The 10th anniversary concert at the Royal Albert Hall on October 8, 1995.

DVD Les Misérables: In Concert: The 25th Anniversary --- MEDIA M1500.S36 M57 2011
On the 25th anniversary of the musical hit "Les Misérables," original producer Cameron Mackintosh staged a spectacular concert version of the musical in London's O2 Arena. Seen by over 57 million people in 42 countries and 21 languages, "Les Misérables" is one of the world's most popular musicals. In celebration of 25 incredible years, this momentous occasion was marked by a host—over 500 actors and musicians, a star studded cast, a reunion of the cast of the original production at the Queen's Theatre, the cast of the new 25th anniversary production at the Barbican, and members of the original 1985 London cast—in rousing renditions of the songs that have made the show an audience favorite.

DVD Passing Strange --- MEDIA M1500 .P37 2010
A young man leaves behind his mother and life in a Los Angeles neighborhood and sets out on a journey of self-discovery in Europe during the 1970s in order to find his purpose in life through his music. A theatrical stage production of the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical.

DVD Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway --- MEDIA M1500 .R4681 2009
A year in the life of a group of friends who love, fight, and laugh together as they face important social issues such as AIDS, homosexuality, drug abuse, and homelessness. Documents the last performance of the Broadway production, which ran for 12 years.

DVD Stomp Live --- MEDIA ML1030 .S76 2008
A combination of percussion; movement; and visual comedy, Stomp can make music out of anything; anytime; anywhere. Now, see them live in one of the most successful stage shows of all time. This performance brings together performers from the West End, New York and Vegas for the very first time, to Stomp's home town and the theatre where many of the routines were originated; Brighton Dome.

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