New Titles Received in April 2016

Philosophy, Psychology
& Religion

Business & Economics
Social Sciences
Fine Arts
Languages & Literature
Math & Science
Health & Medicine
Military Science
Children & Young Adult Literature


B- Philosophy, Psychology & Religion

I eat therefore I thinkB105.F66 B65 2014          I eat, therefore I think :food and philosophy / Boisvert, Raymond D.

B126 .P84 2016          The path :what Chinese philosophers can teach us about the good life / Puett, Michael J., 1964-

B128.C8 N477 2016          Confucius :the man and the way of Gongfu / Ni, Peimin, author.

BF201 .H357 2014          Hoax springs eternal :the psychology of cognitive deception / Hancock, Peter A., 1953-

BF385 .B87 1992          The memory system :remember everything you need when you need it / Burg, Bob.

BF575.G7 S44 2015          We get it :voices of grieving college students and young adults / Servaty-Seib, Heather L. (Heather Lynn), author.

BF575.S75 B377 1996          Stress control :how you can find relief from life's daily stress / Bell, Steve.

BF637.S4 C685 2004          The 8th habit :from effectiveness to greatness / Covey, Stephen R.

BF637.S8 C68 2013          The 7 habits of highly effective people :powerful lessons in personal change / Covey, Stephen R.

BF773 .H66 2010          The science of superstition :how the developing brain creates supernatural beliefs / Hood, Bruce M. (Bruce MacFarlane)

Struggling in good faithBL65.S4 S77 2016          Struggling in good faith :LGBTQI inclusion from 13 American religious perspectives /

BS680.F6 N44 2014          The food and feasts of Jesus :the original Mediterranean diet, with menus and recipes / Neel, Douglas E., 1954- author.

C-F - History

D118 .R53 2016          A history of the Middle Ages, 300-1500 / Riddle, John M., author.

DS888.2 .M579 2013 Vol. 1-4          Showa :a history of Japan / Mizuki, Shigeru, 1922- author, illustrator.

DS907.18 .S426 2016          A concise history of Korea :from antiquity to the present / Seth, Michael J., 1948- author.

E78.S7 H39 2015          Southwestern pottery :Anasazi to Zuni / Hayes, Allan, author.

E98.G2 N37 2015          Native American identity in sports :creating and preserving a culture / Salamone, Frank A., editor

E185.61 .K358 2016          Stamped from the beginning :the definitive history of racist ideas in America / Kendi, Ibram X., author.

F1386 .G65 2014          Interior circuit :a Mexico City chronicle / Goldman, Francisco.

F204.W5 H65 2016          The invisibles :the untold story of African American slaves in the White House / Holland, Jesse J., author.

G - Geopraphy, Anthropology, Folklore & Recreation

Chinese New YearGT4905 .W46 1997          Chinese New Year / Welch, Patricia Bjaaland, 1953-

GV583 .D66 2015          The anatomy of competition in sports :the struggle for success in major US professional leagues / Doob, Christopher Bates, author.

GV715 .G83 2015          Fanaticus :mischief and madness in the modern sports fan / Gubar, Justine, author.

H - HG - Business & Economics

HB3722 .G45 2014          Stress test :reflections on financial crises / Geithner, Timothy F. author.

HD53 .G742 2016          Originals :how non-conformists move the world / Grant, Adam M., author.

HD9199.A2 F75 2014          Coffee / Fridell, Gavin, author.

HD9665.5 .D85 2014          Pharmaceuticals, corporate crime and public health / Dukes, M. N. G. (Maurice Nelson Graham)

HF5382.5.U5 S436 2016          There is life after college :what parents and students should know about navigating school to prepare for the jobs of tomorrow / Selingo, Jeffrey J., author.

HF5389.3.A78 S39 2015          Access to Asia :your multicultural guide to building trust, inspiring respect, and creating long-lasting business relationships / Schweitzer, Sharon, 1961- author.

HF5415.13 .C253 2012          Breakthrough marketing plans :how to stop wasting time and start driving growth / Calkins, Tim.

Mobile InfluenceHF5548.32 .M3736 2013          Mobile influence :the new power of the consumer / Martin, Chuck, 1949-

HF5548.4.M525 S84 2016          Data visualization & presentation with Microsoft Office / Sue, Valerie M.

HM-HZ - Sociology

HM1116 .H36 2002          Handbook of violence /

HM291 .F27 1978          Social deviance / Farrell, Ronald A., comp.

HQ759.4 .M78 2015          MTV and teen pregnancy :critical essays on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom /

HQ799.2.I5 S25 2016          American girls :social media and the secret lives of teenagers / Sales, Nancy Jo, author.

HV 6626 .W34 1979          The battered woman / Walker, Lenore E.

HV1553 .D544 2016          Disabilities sourcebook

HV2475 .J396 2011          Don't just "sign"-- communicate! :a student's guide to ASL and the deaf community / Jay, Michelle

HV6529 .D67 2015          Active shooter :preparing for and responding to a growing threat. / Doss, Kevin T., author

On being rapedHV6558 .D68 2016          On being raped / Douglas, R. M., 1963- author.

HV6594 .S742 2008          Stalking, threatening, and attacking public figures :a psychological and behavioral analysis /

HV6773 .G66 2015          Future crimes :everything is connected, everyone is vulnerable and what we can do about it / Goodman, Marc.

HV7923 .C28 2003          Contemporary threat management :a practical guide for identifying, assessing, and managing individuals of violent intent / Calhoun, Frederick S.

HV8059 .C37 2015          Citizen-protectors :the everyday politics of guns in an age of decline / Carlson, Jennifer.

HV8073 .S39 2015          The Process of investigation :Concepts and strategies for investigators in the private sector / Sennewald, Charles A. 1931- author

HV8291.U6 B74 2014          The effective security officer's training manual / Brislin, Ralph F.

HV8883.3.U5 B75 2015          Bringing college education into prisons /

HV9304 .H294 2015          Violent offenders :appraising and managing risk / Harris, Grant T. author.

K - Law

KF3821 .P69 2016          Legal aspects of health care administration / Pozgar, George D., author.

Psychological evaluations for the courtsKF8922 .P77 2007          Psychological evaluations for the courts :a handbook for mental health professionals and lawyers /

L - Education

LB1139.35.P37 P693 2016          Parent engagement in early learning :strategies for working with families / Powers, Julie, 1957- author.

LB2343.3 .B725 2015          College hacks :(ka-lij, haks) noun. / Bradford, Keith, 1989- author.

LB2369 .G53 2016          MLA handbook.

LB2376 .B47 2013          A student guide to study abroad / Berdan, Stacie Nevadomski

LB2866 .H36 2008          The handbook for campus threat assessment & management teams /

LB3013.3 .H346 2012          Handbook of school violence and school safety :international research and practice /

LB3013.3 .K68 2002          School violence threat management :a practical guide for educators, law enforcement, and mental health professionals / Mohandie, Kris.

M - Music

ML1015.G9 S36 2015          The contemporary guitar / Schneider, John author.

ML3531 .E38 2015          The concise guide to hip-hop music :a fresh look at the art of hip-hop, from old-school beats to freestyle rap / Edwards, Paul, 1982-

Rap YearbookML3531 .S477 2015          The Rap year book :the most important rap song from every year since 1979, discussed, debated, and deconstructed. / Serrano, Shea.

ML3790 .S382 2015          The song machine :inside the hit factory / Seabrook, John.

ML3795 .H46 2012          So you want to be in musicals? / Henshall, Ruthie.

ML385 .S592 2014          Women drummers :a history from rock and jazz to blues and country / Smith, Angela, 1945- author.

ML3920 .K67 2015          The music therapy profession :inspiring health, wellness, and joy / Korb, Christine

ML460 .P3115 2016          Basic elements of music :a primer for musicians, music teachers, and students / Pagliaro, Michael J.

MT145.B42 R67 2002          Beethoven's piano sonatas :a short companion / Rosen, Charles, 1927-

MT893.P87 M8 2016          Musical theatre song :a comprehensive course in selection, preparation and presentation for the modern performer / Purdy, Stephen, author.

N - Visual Arts

NA202 .S48 2002          The seventy wonders of the modern world /

NA7126 .Z45 2009          Tiny houses / Zeiger, Mimi.

Big little housesNA7533 .K33 2015          BIG little house :small houses designed by architects / Kacmar, Donna.

NA7533 .K35 2014          Tiny homes on the move :wheels and water / Kahn, Lloyd, 1935-

NA7533 .M58 2014          Tiny house living :ideas for building and living well in less than 400 square feet / Mitchell, Ryan, author.

NA7533 .R534 2011          Nano house :innovations for small dwellings / Richardson, Phyllis.

NA7533 .S34 2010          Small structures :compact dwellings, temporary structures, room modules /

NC760 .W535 2015          Classic human anatomy in motion :the artist's guide to the dynamics of figure drawing / Winslow, Valerie L., author.

NC782 .L39 2012          The Laws guide to drawing birds / Laws, John Muir.

P - Languages & Literature

PN2071.A92 B73 2005          Winning auditions :101 strategies for actors / Brandon, Mark.

PN2071.A92 H47 2012          Auditions :a practical guide / Hester, John.

PN2071.A92 P69 2014          The audition Bible :secrets every actor needs to know / Powell, Holly.

Best Women's stage monologuesPN2080 .B459 2015          The Best women's stage monologues./  Best women's stage monologues (2013)

PN2080 .B47 2014          Best Monologues from The Best American Short Plays /

PN2080 .K68 2014          Book of sides :original, short scenes for actors and directors / Kost, Dave, author.

PN2080 .N53 2003          New one-act plays for acting students :a new anthology of complete one-act plays for one, two, or three actors /

PN2581 .W43 1998          Renaissance drama in action :an introduction to aspects of theatre practice and performance / White, Martin, 1947-

PN4783 .D86 2015          Watch your words :a writing and editing handbook for the multimedia age / Dunsky, Marda, author.

PN6727.B378 G35 S3 2015          The Sandman :overture / Gaiman, Neil, author.

PQ - PS - Fiction

PQ2667.A7737 S6513 2015          Sphinx / Garreta, Anne F.

PQ2680.U48 I5813 2015          The age of reinvention / Tuil, Karine.

PQ4866.O2 F5413 2015          The Pope's daughter / Fo, Dario, author.

Story of my teethPQ7298.422.U37 H5713 2015          The story of my teeth / Luiselli, Valeria, 1983- author.

PQ7798.1.I7 C4613 2015          Dinner / Aira, Cesar, 1949- author.

PQ8180.17.A395 P5413 2016          Night prayers. / Gamboa, Santiago, author. 1965-

PR2771 .B68 1992          Shakescenes :Shakespeare for two / Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616.

PR3095 .G88 2000          Staging in Shakespeare's theatres / Gurr, Andrew.

PR6069.M4213 H69 2014          How to be both / Smith, Ali, 1962-

PR6102.H36 N67 2015          The normal state of mind / Bhattacharya, Susmita, author. 1974-

PR6103.H76 M33 2015          Made to kill / Christopher, Adam, 1978- author.

PR6113.U78 M37 2015          The mark and the void / Murray, Paul, 1975-

PR9199.4.H36 L67 2015          Lord of Ten Thousand Years :The Paper Dragon / Chan, Sidney, author.

Lost BoiPR9199.4.L72 L69 2015          Lost boi / Lowrey, Sassafras, author.

PR9199.4.M656174 S54 2015          Signal to noise / Moreno-Garcia, Silvia, author.

PR9387.9.O2756 F57 2015          The fishermen :a novel / Obioma, Chigozie.

PR9619.4.S35 K56 2015          A kind of grief :a novel / Scott, A. D.

PR9639.4.S27 A83 2015          American blood :a novel / Sanders, Ben, 1989-

PS3552.U3394 R45 2015          The relic master :a novel / Buckley, Christopher, 1952-

PS3569.T736 M9 2016          My name is Lucy Barton :a novel / Strout, Elizabeth, author.

PS3573.I4496 A6 2015          The visiting privilege :new and collected stories / Williams, Joy, 1944- author.

PS3601.R6 I5 2015          I'll always be with you / Armour, Violetta. author

PS3602.O6565 Y47 2015          Yes / Boney, Brad, author.

Facing FirePS3604.I467 F3 2015          Facing fire / Dimon, HelenKay, author.

PS3608.E274 M58 2015          Miss Dreamsville and the lost heiress of Collier County :a novel / Hearth, Amy Hill, 1958- author.

PS3608.O59458 A45 2015          Alice in bed :a novel / Hooper, Judith, 1949-

PS3608.O623 N68 2015          November 9 :a novel / Hoover, Colleen.

PS3611.O58 I87 2015          It's. Nice. Outside. :a novel / Kokoris, Jim, author.

PS3611.U6 H47 2015          Her brother's keeper / Kupari, Mike.

PS3618.E4344 E345 2013          The edge of never / Redmerski, J. A.

PS3619.W57 S36 2016          The score / Swinson, Kiki, author.

PS3623.O6225 L68 2015          Love love :a novel / Woo, Sung J.

PS508.D43 D426 2013          Deaf lit extravaganza /

PT9877.12.A32 M3613 2014          A man called Ove :a novel / Backman, Fredrik, 1981- author.

Q - Mathematics & Science

Man called Ove

QD31.3 .P75 2016          Principles of chemistry /

QD51 .M68 2015          The matter factory :a history of the chemistry laboratory / Morris, Peter John Turnbull.

R - Health & Medicine

RA395.C3 M349 2015          Health care in Canada / Maioni, Antonia, author.

RA440.9 .W67 2015          Working in public health :

RA997 .P73 2016          Long-term care :managing across the continuum / Pratt, John R., author.

RA999.A35 F37 2011          Meeting the leadership challenge in long-term care :what you do matters / Farrell, David, 1963-

RA999.A35 S56 2016          Effective management of long-term care facilities / Singh, Douglas A., 1946-, author.

RC439.4 .M44 2000          Violence risk and threat assessment :a practical guide for mental health and criminal justice professionals / Meloy, J. Reid.

RC569.5.V55 R47 2001          Rethinking risk assessment :the MacArthur study of mental disorder and violence /

Violence Prediction SchemeRC569.5.V55 V55 1994          The Violence prediction scheme :assessing dangerousness in high risk men /

RC78.7.N83 L43 2015          Basic science of nuclear medicine :the bare bone essentials / Lee, Kai H., author.

RM301.14 .H65 2015          Core concepts in pharmacology / Holland, Leland Norman, 1957- author.

T - Technology

TH4890 .R69 2013          Compact houses :50 creative floor plans for efficient, well-designed small homes / Rowan, Gerald, author.

TT835 .A4358 2015          Get started quilting :the complete beginner guide /          Alexandrakis, Jessica, author.

U - Military Science

UB357 .B58 2016          Bridging the Gap from Soldier to Civilian A Road Map to Success for Veterans. / Michael, Jr. Bluemling

UB357 .K525 2012          Field tested :recruiting, managing and retaining veterans / King, Emily, 1965-

ZA3075 .T434 2015          Teaching information literacy threshold concepts :lesson plans for librarians /

Youth Collection

Youth AUDBK PZ7.K296184 Cu 2015          The curious world of Calpurnia Tate          Kelly, Jacqueline.

Youth JUV D671 .R57 2011          Veterans Day / Rissman, Rebecca.

Invicinible LouisaYouth JUV PS1018 .M4 1995          Invincible Louisa :the story of the author of Little women / Meigs, Cornelia, 1884-1973.

Youth JUV QA29.L72 W35 2015          Ada Byron Lovelace and the thinking machine / Wallmark, Laurie, author.

Youth JUV QL570.3.P4 S53 2015          Bugs in my hair! / Shannon, David, 1959-

Youth JUV QM151 .D57 2003          Bones & Muscles.

Youth JUV TA735 .P35 2015          See how they work & look inside diggers :have you ever thought about how buildings are made? This is where diggers come in handy! Construction machines can gouge huge holes in the ground, move heavy loads of rocks, pour cement for roads, and dig long tunnels deep underground. Diggers are pretty amazing! /

Youth JUV TH9372 .P35 2015          See how they work & look inside fire trucks :have you ever thought about the machines that fight fires? The first thing that comes to mind might be a big, red fire engine, but there are actually many types of machines for different kinds of emergencies. Fire trucks can help fight fires at sea, in tall buildings, or deep in forests! Fire trucks are pretty amazing! /

Youth JUV TL230.15 .P35 2015          See how they work & look inside big rigs /

Youth PZ7.1.N5672 Roy 2015          The royal heart / McGoon, Greg author.

Youth PZ7.1.Z46 Se 2016          The serpent king :a novel / Zentner, Jeff.

Youth PZ7.B748228 Vio 2008          Violet the pilot / Breen, Steve.

The smart princessYouth PZ7.D35 Sma 2006          The smart princess and other deaf tales :a project of the Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf /

Youth PZ7.D7194 Th 2015          These shallow graves / Donnelly, Jennifer.

Youth PZ7.H389 Wh 2016          When spring comes / Henkes, Kevin.

Youth PZ7.J3643 Hv 2016          The Hueys in What's the opposite? / Jeffers, Oliver, author, illustrator.

Youth PZ7.L32394 Au 2016          Audacity Jones to the rescue / Larson, Kirby, author.

Youth PZ7.R9553 Ec 2015          Echo :a novel / Ryan, Pam Muñoz, author.

Youth PZ8.L773 Ash 2009          Ash / Lo, Malinda.

Youth PZ83 .M213357 2007          Bisa Bia, Bisa Bel / Machado, Ana Maria, 1941-

Youth PZ83.B327 Mag 2013          O Mágico de Oz (Em Portugues do Brasil) / L. Frank Baum, author 1856-1919. Lyman Frank

Am I Small?Youth PZ90.S94 W5 Am 2014          Am I small? Mimi ni mdogo? / Winterberg, Philipp


Reference ML102.T78 K64 2015          Dictionary for the modern trumpet player / Koehler, Elisa, author.


AUDBK PR6113.O94 O54 2014          One plus one: a novel /

AUDBK PS3561.I483 F56 2015          Finders keepers :a novel /

MEDIA HD4966.A272 U67 2015          Food chains /

MEDIA HV2474 .H437 2009          The heart of the hydrogen jukebox

MEDIA ML3920 .A45 2014          Alive inside

MEDIA PN1992.77 .S944 2008          Sweet nothing in my ear /

MEDIA PN1997 .C56359675 2007          A clockwork orange / Clockwork orange (Motion picture)

MEDIA PN1997 .F54 2002          Fight club (Motion picture)

GoodfellasMEDIA PN1997 .G66 2007          GoodFellas

MEDIA PN1997 .H883 2003          Hud (Motion picture)

MEDIA PN1997 .S94 2003          Sweet Charity

MEDIA PN1997.2 .U55 2009          Universal signs: sense the life around you /

MEDIA RF305 .S68 2007          From silence to sound