New Titles Received in August 2016

Philosophy, Psychology
& Religion

Business & Economics
Social Sciences

Political Science
Fine Arts
Languages & Literature
Math & Science
Health & Medicine
Library Science


B- Philosophy, Psychology & Religion

The dream of the enlightenmientB791 .G68 2016         The dream of enlightenment :the rise of modern philosophy / Gottlieb, Anthony, author.

BD444 .B36         The denial of death / Becker, Ernest.

BF431 .D8185 2016         Smarter faster better :the secrets of being productive in life and business / Duhigg, Charles, author.

BF632 .W66 2015         Build your brain power :the art of smart thinking / Wootton, Simon, author.

BF637.M4 K227 2012         Mindfulness for beginners :reclaiming the present moment--and your life / Kabat-Zinn, Jon.

BF723.C57 C45 2017         Communicating with children from birth to four years / Chalmers, Debbie, 1966- author.

BF773 .D85 2008         Mindset :the new psychology of success / Dweck, Carol S., 1946-

BL41 .H445 2016         A beginner's guide to the study of religion / Herling, Bradley L., 1969- author.

BL627 .W43 2016         Why can't I meditate? :how to get your mindfulness practice on track / Wellings, Nigel, author.

BL1202 .F58 2015         Everyday Hinduism / Flueckiger, Joyce Burkhalter, author

BP187.3 .H2433 2016         The Hajj :pilgrimage in Islam /

Muslim fashionBP190.5.C6 L49 2015         Muslim fashion :contemporary style cultures / Lewis, Reina, 1963- author.

BQ5612 .S915 2011         The brightened mind :a simple guide to Buddhist meditation / Sumano, Ajahn, Bhikkhu.

BR307 .D69 2015         Atlas of the European Reformations / Dowley, Tim, author. aut

BX8635.3 .M555 2015         Mormonism :a guide for the perplexed / Millet, Robert L., author.

C - F - History

DD247.R58 W58 2016         The Devil's Diary :Alfred Rosenberg and the Stolen Secrets of the Third Reich / Wittman, Robert K., author.

DK290.3.G67 G67213 2016         The new Russia / Gorbachev, Mikhail Sergeevich, 1931- author.

DS134.72.T87 A313 2016         Family history of fear :a memoir / Tuszyńska, Agata, author.

DS247.Y42 M295 2014         Yemen :the unknown Arabia / Mackintosh-Smith, Tim, 1961-

DS706 .C51138 2016         China's geography :globalization and the dynamics of political, economic, and social change /

DS779.4 .S45 2016         China's Future / Shambaugh, David L., author.

Korean history in mapsDS907.18 .K675 2014         Korean history in maps :from prehistory to the twenty-first century /

DT30.5 .W54 2016         War and conflict in Africa / Williams, Paul D., 1975- author.

DT515.57 .B68 2015         Nigeria :a new history of a turbulent century / Bourne, Richard, 1940- author.

E97.55 .B687 2015         Capturing Education :Envisioning and Building the First Tribal Colleges / Paul Boyer. / Boyer, Paul, 1964- author.

E451 .B85 2015         John Brown speaks :letters and statements from Charlestown / Brown, John, 1800-1859, author.

E807 .B76 2016         Rightful heritage :Franklin D. Roosevelt and the land of America / Brinkley, Douglas, author.

E907 .C459 2016         The long game :how Obama defied Washington and redefined America's role in the world / Chollet, Derek H., author.

F316.2 .P57 2016         Oh, Florida! :how America's weirdest state influences the rest of the country / Pittman, Craig, author.

F317.E9 S54 2016         An ecotourist's guide to the Everglades and the Florida Keys / Silk, Robert, author.

G - Anthropology, Geography, Folklore & Recreation

GR341.T63 Y3613 2015         Folk legends from Tono :Japan's spirits, deities, and phantastic creatures / Yanagita, Kunio, 1875-1962.

KimonoGT1560 .K488 2015         Kimono :the art and evolution of Japanese fashion : the Khalili collections /

GV191.63 .C58 2015         A little bit of dirt :55+ science and art activities to reconnect children with nature / Citro, Asia, author.

GV1003.62.T66 A3 2016         A different kind of daughter :the girl who hid from the Taliban in plain sight / Toorpakai, Maria, 1990-

GV1469.3 .V5225 2016         The video game debate :unravelling the physical, social, and psychological effects of digital games /

GV1469.34 .P79 M33 2016         Getting gamers :the psychology of video games and their impact on the people who play them / Madigan, Jamie, author.

H - HG - Business & Economics

HB849.44 .C37 2016         Population and society :an introduction / Carter, Gregg Lee, 1951- author.

HD53 .W5195 2016         Art thinking :how to carve out creative space in a world of schedules, budgets, and bosses / Whitaker, Amy, author, illustrator.

HD58.82 .A53 2016         Be bad first :get good at things fast to stay ready for the future / Andersen, Erika, author.

HD9000.5 .C545 2016         Food / Clapp, Jennifer, 1963- author.

HD9000.5 .J837 2015         Just food :philosophy, justice and food /

Career codeHF5386 .K328 2016         The career code :must-know rules for a strategic, stylish, and self-made career / Kerr, Hillary, author.

HF5548.4.M523 H37 2016         Excel 2016 for dummies / Harvey, Greg, PhD.

HF5548.4.M5255 D983 2016         Outlook 2016 for dummies / Dyszel, Bill, author.

HF5616.U5 B699 2016         GAAP guidebook :2016 edition / Bragg, Steven M., author

HF5616.U5 H876 2014         Pick a number :internationalizing U.S. accounting / Hussey, Roger, author.

HF5681.B2 B73 2015         IFRS guidebook : 2016 edition / Bragg, Steven M. author CPA

HF5681.B2 C57 2013         IFRS essentials /

HG179 .S235365 2016         Quicken 2016 :the official guide / Sandberg, Bobbi, author.

HG4028.E27 v36 2012         Accounting standards and earnings management :the effect of rules-based and principles-based accounting standards on accounting and transaction decisions / van Beest, Ferdy

HG4521 .G665 2006         The intelligent investor :a book of practical counsel / Graham, Benjamin, 1894-1976.

HM - HX - Social Sciences

Critical perspectives on social media and protestHM742 .C75 2015         Critical perspectives on social media and protest :between control and emancipation /

HQ1237 .B38 2016         Everyday sexism / Bates, Laura, active 2014, [author]

HV6465.A2 L43 2016         The lynching :the epic courtroom battle that brought down the Klan / Leamer, Laurence, author.

HV6773.5 .L48 2017         The violence of hate :understanding harmful forms of bias and bigotry / Levin, Jack, 1941- author.

HV8073 .K439 2016         Key terms and concepts for investigation :a reference for criminal, private, and military investigators /

HV8141 .P5 2016         Critical government documents on law and order. / Philpott, Don author

J - Political Science

JC596 .V56 2016         Privacy :a short history / Vincent, David, 1949- author.

JK516 .M274 2017         The imperiled presidency :leadership challenges in the twenty-first century / Mackenzie, G. Calvin, author.

JK528 .P76 2015         Presidential swing states :why only ten matter /

K - Law

KF5053 .P75 2016         The Presidents and the Constitution :a living history /

Latinos and the voting rights actKFT1620.85.A6 F56 2015         Latinos and the Voting Rights Act :the search for racial purpose / Flores, Henry, author.

L - Education

LA227.4 .B685 2016         Lesson Plan :an agenda for change in American higher education / Bowen, William G., author.

LA632 .J59 2016         Education in Britain :1944 to the present / Jones, Ken, 1950- author.

LB1029.G3 B69 2016         100 fun & easy learning games for kids :teach reading, writing, math and more with fun activities / Boyarshinov, Amanda, author.

LB1060 .B394 2016         Learning theories simplified :...and how to apply them to teaching / Bates, Bob, 1951- author.

LB1139.5.L35 W38 2016         Exploring Poetry with Young Children :Sharing and creating poems in the early years. / Watts, Ann, author

LB1585 .F4 1990         Handbook to schoolyard plants and animals of North Central Florida :a guide for elementary school teachers or anyone else seeking local subjects for hands-on investigations into ecological sciences, outdoor biology, and natural history / Feinsinger, Peter.

LB2331.68 .F36 2015         Family-friendly policies and practices in academe /

LB3013 .A87 2016         Difficult students and disruptive behavior in the classroom :teacher responses that work / Austin, Vance L., author.

M - Music

ML3521 .O27 2015         Early blues :the first stars of blues guitar / Obrecht, Jas, author.

Boys in the treesML420.S56296 A3 2015         Boys in the trees :a memoir / Simon, Carly, author.

MT956 .F56 2016         Get the callback :the art of auditioning for musical theatre / Flom, Jonathan, 1977- author.

N - Visual Arts

N5660 .H5 2014         Minoan and Mycenaean art / Higgins, Reynold Alleyne.

N5700 .H313 1981         The birth of Greek art, from the Mycenaean to the Archaic period / Hampe, Roland.

N6502.5 .B36 2015         Twentieth-century art of Latin America / Barnitz, Jacqueline, author.

NC730 .K69 2016         Tangle Journey :Exploring the Far Reaches of Tangle Drawing, from Simple Strokes to Color and Mixed-Media / Krahula, Beckah.

ND1054.6.I46 J37 2015         Japan's love for impressionism :from Monet to Renoir /

P - Languages & Literature

P93.53.M534 L694 2016         PowerPoint 2016 for dummies / Lowe, Doug, 1959- author.

P94.5.W65 F36 2015         Fan girls and the media :creating characters, consuming culture /

PJ3771.G5 E5 1972         The epic of Gilgamesh :an English version, with an introduction / Gilgamesh. English

The extraPJ5054.Y42 N5813 2016         The extra / Yehoshua, Abraham B, author.

PN1551 .M46 2016         Dialogue :the art of verbal action for page, stage, screen / McKee, Robert, 1941- author.

PN1993.5.U6 F75 2016         Life moves pretty fast :the lessons we learned from eighties movies (and why we don't learn them from movies anymore) / Freeman, Hadley, author.

PN1995.9.I48 H55 2016         Native Americans in the movies :portrayals from silent films to the present / Hilger, Michael, 1940- author.

PN1999.W27 D43 2016         Debating Disney :pedagogical perspectives on commercial cinema /

PN2277.C42 S455 2016         Steppenwolf theatre company of Chicago :in their own words / Mayer, John, author.

PN6727.B378 F45 C68 2016         Cousin Joseph :a graphic novel / Feiffer, Jules, author, illustrator.

PN6727.B378 F6 M37 2012         Marbles :mania, depression, Michelangelo, and me : a graphic memoir / Forney, Ellen.

PQ2673.O3 V5713 2016         Villa triste / Modiano, Patrick, 1945- author.

PQ9939.C45 N5513 2016         The first wife :a tale of polygamy / Chiziane, Paulina, 1955- author.

Other side of silencePR6061.E784 O84 2016         The other side of silence / Kerr, Philip, author.

PR6101.L4539 A6 2016         The race / Allan, Nina. author.

PR6102.O33 H68 2016         House of shattered wings. / De Bodard, Aliette, author.

PR6109.N57 R63 2016         A robot in the garden / Install, Deborah, author.

PR6118.E575 A59 2016         Amy Snow / Rees, Tracy.

PR6123.A745 W66 2016         The woman in cabin 10 / Ware, Ruth, author.

PR6123.Y43 Z46 2016         Everything is teeth / Wyld, Evie, author.

PR9199.3.W4982 B44 2009         Before Green Gables / Wilson, Budge.

PR9619.3.H3725 E47 2016         Emperor of the Eight Islands / Hearn, Lian, author.

PS - American Literature

PS3519.A59 C55 2016         Children of the dark / Janz, Jonathan, author.

Admit onePS3553.O4752 A766 2016         Admit one :an American scrapbook / Collins, Martha, 1940- author.

PS3557.I5215 A6 2016         99 poems :new & selected / Gioia, Dana, author.

PS3557.R198 F63 2016         Flawless / Graham, Heather, author.

PS3558.A4619 W95 2015         Wylding Hall / Hand, Elizabeth, author.

PS3558.I217 B37 2002         Basket case / Hiaasen, Carl.

PS3565.C65 T48 2016         Thomas Jefferson dreams of Sally Hemings :a novel / O'Connor, Stephen, author.

PS3568.O2893 A95 2016         Aurora / Robinson, Kim Stanley, author.

PS3568.U812 E94 2016         Everybody's fool / Russo, Richard, 1949- author.

PS3573.O52 B67 2015         A borrowed man / Wolfe, Gene, author.

PS3602.E2475 K37 2015         Karen Memory / Bear, Elizabeth.

The houseguestPS3602.R6453 H68 2016         The houseguest :a novel / Brooks, Kim (Author and essayist), author.

PS3602.U85 A68 2016         The aeronaut's windlass / Butcher, Jim, 1971- author.

PS3603.H3348 A6 2016         Standing water / Chai, Eleanor, 1967- author.

PS3603.O9 G57 2016         A girl like you / Cox, Michelle (Historical fiction writer), author.

PS3603.R38 H57 2016         The history of great things :a novel / Crane, Elizabeth, 1961- author.

PS3603.R68 D37 2016         Dark matter :a novel / Crouch, Blake, author.

PS3608.E543 M93 2016         My best friend's exorcism :a novel / Hendrix, Grady, author.

PS3608.I4342 F57 2016         The Fireman :a novel / Hill, Joe, author.

PS3611.R625 B54 2016         The big sheep / Kroese, Robert, author.

PS3612.E5734 A6 2016         Ramshackle ode / Leonard, Keith (Keith R.), author.

Best of my lovePS3613.A453 B475 2016         Best of my love / Mallery, Susan, author.

PS3619.H356415 A6 2016         Look :poems / Sharif, Solmaz, author.

PS3619.T74259 M63 2016         Modern lovers / Straub, Emma, author.

PS3620.A6837 G55 2016         The gilded years :a novel / Tanabe, Karin, author.

PS3623.O46 S43 2016         Security :a novel / Wohlsdorf, Gina, author.

Q - Mathematics & Science

QA9 .A7613 2015         Experimental mathematics / Arnolʹd, V. I. (Vladimir Igorevich), 1937-2010.

QA29.T8 O772 2016         The imitation game :Alan Turing decoded / Ottaviani, Jim, author.

QA76.76.W56 W36 2016         Office 2016 for dummies / Wang, Wally author

QB121 .G44 2015         Breakthrough! :100 astronomical images that changed the world / Gendler, Robert, author.

QB401 .H35 2016         Moons of the solar system :from giant Ganymede to dainty Dactyl / Hall, James A., author.

Black hole bluesQC179 .L48 2016         Black hole blues :and other songs from outer space / Levin, Janna, author.

QC931 .S77 2016         And soon I heard a roaring wind :a natural history of moving air / Streever, Bill, author.

QH541.15.B56 B68 2015         Biodiversity and earth history / Boenigk, Jens, author.

QL567.1 .U6 W55 2016         The bees in your backyard :a guide to North America's bees / Wilson, Joseph S., 1980- author.

QL651 .C65 2016         Peterson field guide to reptiles and amphibians of eastern and central North America / Powell, Robert, 1948- author.

QL698.3 .A285 2016         The genius of birds / Ackerman, Jennifer, 1959- author.

QL737.P9 M615 2015         Primates in the real world :escaping primate folklore and creating primate science / Montgomery, Georgina M. author.

QP475 .G5313 2015         The evolution of the eye / Glaeser, Georg, author, photographer.

R - Health & Medicine

RA395.A3 B86 2015         Our unsystematic health care system / Budrys, Grace, 1943- author.

RA395.D44 A43 2015         The ultimate Obamacare handbook :a definitive guide to the benefits, rights, responsibilities, and potential pitfalls of the affordable care act / Amadeo, Kimberly.

The geneRB155 .M85 2016         The gene :an intimate history / Mukherjee, Siddhartha, author.

RC350.H47 K87 2016         Herbs and nutrients for neurologic disorders :treatment strategies for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, stroke, multiple sclerosis, migraine, and seizures / Kurn, Sidney, 1943- author.

RC530 .H66 1992         Our inner conflicts, :a constructive theory of neurosis. / Horney, Karen, 1885-1952.

RC552.E18 A27 2016         Eating disorders :the facts / Abraham, Suzanne, author.

RC78.17 .C35 2017         Mosby's comprehensive review of radiography :the complete study guide and career planner / Callaway, William J. (William Joseph), 1951- author.

RG525 .P68125 2016         The pregnancy encyclopedia :all your questions answered /

RM184 .B785 2015         Acupuncture and Chinese medicine :roots of modern practice / Buck, Charles, 1955- author.

RT82 .K39 2016         Advancing your career :concepts of professional nursing / Kearney-Nunnery, Rose, author, editor.

S - Science & Agriculture

SF411.5 .P54 2016         Run, Spot, run :the ethics of keeping pets / Pierce, Jessica, 1965- author.

T - Technology

TJ810 .S828 2015         Power shift :from fossil energy to dynamic solar power / Stayton, Robert, author.

The altering eyeTR15 .N38 2015         The altering eye :photographs from the National Gallery of Art / National Gallery of Art (U.S.).

TR140.A73 L83 2016         Diane Arbus :portrait of a photographer / Lubow, Arthur, author.

TR679 .M435 2015         Fashion's front line :fashion show photography from the runway to backstage / McInerney, Niall, 1941- photographer.

TR681.F28 H68 2016         Family photography now / Howarth, Sophie, author.

TS1090 .M8513 2014         White magic :the age of paper / Mϋller, Lothar, 1954- author.

TS1920 .A35 2016         Rubber band engineer :build slingshot-powered rockets, rubber band rifles, unconventional catapults, and more guerrilla gadgets from household hardware / Akiyama, Lance, author.

TT507 .D567 2016         Dressing the decades :twentieth-century vintage style / Dirix, Emmanuelle, author.

TX373 .V46 2016         The everyday meat guide :a neighborhood butcher's advice book / Venezia, Ray, author.

TX724.5.C5 P486 2016         All under heaven :recipes from the 35 cuisines of China / Phillips, Carolyn J., author.

TX724.5.K65 H2355 2016         Cook Korean! :a comic book with recipes / Ha, Robin, author.

U - Military Science

Deployment toolkitUB403 .M673 2016         The deployment toolkit :military families and solutions for a successful long-distance relationship. / Moore, Janelle B., author. 1972-

Z - Library Science

Z52.5.M52 G66982 2016           Word 2016 For dummies /


REF BL2525 .A845 2015 Vol. 1-2         Asian American religious cultures /

REF DS489.5 .P435 2015         Historical dictionary of Sri Lanka / Peebles, Patrick.

REF DU600 .L29445 2016         Historical dictionary of Fiji / Lal, Brij V., author.

REF GV1743 .S68 2016         The encyclopedia of world folk dance / Snodgrass, Mary Ellen, author.

REF HQ1073 .M33 2003 Vol.1-2         Macmillan encyclopedia of death and dying /

REF L112 .A35         Digest of education statistics. /

REF LB2337.2 .P468 2017         Peterson's scholarships, grants & prizes 2017. /

Concrete & Masonry cost dataREF TH435 .C66 2015         RSMeans concrete & masonry cost data 2016 / RSMeans Engineering Staff

REF TH435 .E44 2015         Means electrical cost data, 2016 /

REF TH435 .I576 2015         Interior cost data, 2016 /

REF TH435 .R77 2015         RSMeans square foot costs 2016 /


C-disc M1804 .A73 2007         Classical Chinese Folk Music /

C-disc M1804 .E44 2006         Eleven centuries of traditional music of China: music from the T'ang, Sung, Yuan and Ming Dynasties (600-1600). /

C-disc M1804 .L58 1997         Chinese traditional pipa musicpi pa yin yue / Fang, Liu, 1974-

C-disc ML410.H13 S53 2006         Messiah(The Complete Oratorio) / Handel, George Frideric, 1685 - 1759 composer

C-disc MT130.M8 M43 1995         Mozart for meditation: quiet music for quiet times / Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, 1756-1791.

MEDIA DT351.S9 B87 2009         Expedition Africa|h[videorecording] :Stanley & Livingstone /

In defense of foodMEDIA GT2850 .P65 2016         In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto / Public Broadcasting Service (U.S.).

MEDIA HD9577.G42 B54 2015         Big men /

MEDIA ML410.K636 C37 2016         Carole King :natural woman /

MEDIA PN1997 .I76 2016         The iron giant /

MEDIA PN1997.2.A1 S46 2012         Shorts HD presents The Oscar winning short films collection /

MEDIA PN1997.2 .B54 2015         Big Hero 6 /

MEDIA PN1997.2.F36 W3554 2008         WALL-E / WALL-E (Motion picture)

MEDIA PN1997.2 .R38 2007         Ratatouille / Ratatouille (Motion picture)

MEDIA PN1997.2 .U6 2009         Up / Up (Motion picture)

MEDIA PN1997.2 .w35 2006         Wallace & Gromit in the curse of the were-rabbit /

Semebene!MEDIA PN1998.3.S397 S46 2016         Sembene! /

MEDIA QA8.4 .G74 2015         The great math mystery /

MEDIA QB631 .E37 2015         Earth the inside story :the geology of our planet from core to crust to atmosphere /

MEDIA QC16.E5 I45 2016         Inside Einstein's mind / Nova (Television program) Inside Einstein's mind.

MEDIA QE721.2.E97 M36 2015         Mass extinction :life at the brink /

MEDIA QH367 .N68 2016         Life's rocky start / Nova (Television program). Selections.

MEDIA QR177 .H86 2013         Hunting the nightmare bacteria /