New Titles Received in August 2016

Philosophy, Psychology
& Religion

Business & Economics
Social Sciences

Political Science
Fine Arts
Languages & Literature
Math & Science
Health & Medicine
Library Science
Children & Young Adult Literature

Sing & SymbolsAZ180 .O256 2009         Signs & symbols :what they mean and how we use them / O'Connell, Mark.

B- Philosophy, Psychology & Religion

B126 .C45 2010         Chinese wisdom :the way to perfect harmony /

BF575.L3 H86 2007         A mirthful spirit :embracing laughter for wellness / Huntley, Mary author

BF575.L8 L34 2016         A book about love / Lehrer, Jonah, author.

BF637.S8 C68 2013         The 7 habits of highly effective people :powerful lessons in personal change / Covey, Stephen R.

BL41 .N67 2015         Making sense in religious studies :a student's guide to research and writing / Northey, Margot, 1940- author.

BL900 .C45 2008         Celtic wisdom :the poetry and prose of a mystic tradition /

BQ9289.5 .B83 2009         Buddhist Wisdom :The Path to Enlightenment / Benedict, Gerald.

BT520 .D69 2010         The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ :The Missing Years / Dowling, Levi H. , author

BX8615.I3 B53 2006         Nauvoo :Mormon city on the Mississippi River / Bial, Raymond.

Two years in God's Mormon armyBX8661 .P35 2011         Two years in God's Mormon army / Palfreyman, Ross H. (Author)

C - F - History

CB353 .G48 2016         Life in a medieval city / Frances Gies author.

D757.85 .W55 2013         The SS :Hitler's instrument of terror : the full story from street fighters to the Waffen-SS / Williamson, Gordon, 1951-

D764.3.K8 B37 2013         Kursk :the greatest tank battle, July 1943 / Barbier, M. K., author.

D764.3.S7 H4513 2015         Stalingrad :the city that defeated the Third Reich / Hellbeck, Jochen, author.

D764.3.S7 T87 2012         Stalingrad, day by day / Turner, Jason.

D783.7 .B56 2006         Battleground Atlantic :how the sinking of a single Japanese submarine assured the outcome of World War II / Billings, Richard N.

D810.S8 D562 2008         Trained to be an OSS spy / Doundoulakis, Helias.

DD256.5 .W4318 2012         Hitler conspiracies :secrets and lies behind the rise and fall of the nazi party. / Welch, David.

DG261 .S74 2014         Julius Caesar and the transformation of the Roman Republic / Stevenson, Tom (Thomas Reginald), 1958- author.

The Iran-Iraq WarDS318.85 .M8725 2014         The Iran-Iraq War :a military and strategic history / Murray, Williamson.

DS328.2 .C87 2015         By steppe, desert, and ocean :the birth of Eurasia / Cunliffe, Barry W., author.

DS485.B49 M864 2015         Hungry Bengal :War, Famine and the End of Empire / Mukherjee, Janam, author.

DS559.916 .Z48 2015         Deng Xiaoping's Long War :the military conflict between China and Vietnam, 1979-1991 / Zhang, Xiaoming, 1951- author.

DT56.2 .S63 2009         The beloved land / Slabak, Benjamin author.

DT159.944 .T48 2015         South Sudan :a slow liberation / Thomas, Edward, 1965- author.

E77 .W882 2015         The world of indigenous North America /

E77.5 .C37 2001         Indian country / Cates, Gwendolen.

E99.P84 E55 2015         Poverty Point :revealing the forgotten city : a UNESCO World Heritage Site / Ellerbe, Jenny, 1960- author.

E477.61 .W56 2001         April 1865 :the month that saved America / Winik, Jay, 1957-

John F. Kennedy: the inaugural addressE838.5.K47 P37 2010         John F. Kennedy :the inaugural address /

E877.2 .Q54 1990         What does Joan say? :my seven years as White House astrologer to Nancy and Ronald Reagan / Quigley, Joan.

E903 .F45 2011         While America sleeps :a wake-up call for the post-9/11 era / Feingold, Russ, 1953-

E907 .S3675 2012         Trickle down tyranny :crushing Obama's dream of the socialist states of America / Savage, Michael, 1942-

F209 .C64 2016         The American South :a history / Cooper, William J., Jr. (William James), 1940- author.

F311.6 .W75 2010         It happened in Florida :remarkable events that shaped history / Wright, E. Lynne, 1931-

F319.O7 W5 2008         Where Orlando Eat! :Great Meals Wherever You Are / Where Magazine

F319.O7 W54 2008         Where Orlando CityGuide :popout map + guide / Wheeler-Smith, Wendy author

F625 .A28 1998         A Brit among the Hawkeyes / Acton, Richard Lyon-Dalberg-Acton, Baron, 1941-2010.

F1408.3 .N485 2015         Pop Culture in Latin America and the Caribbean / Nichols, Elizabeth Gackstetter, author.

The Haitian RevolutionF1923 .G338 2014         The Haitian Revolution :a documentary history / Geggus, David Patrick.

F2229 .G87 2015 Bottom Shelf         The lost tribes of Tierra del Fuego :Selk'nam, Yamana, Kawésqar / Gusinde, Martin, 1886-1969, photographer.

F3429 .I6 1992         Incas :lords of gold and glory

G - Anthropology, Geography, Folklore & Recreation

G2111.S1 B3 2015         Restless Empire :a historical atlas of Russia / Barnes, Ian, 1946-2014, cartographer, author.

G3934.M5 B47 1998         Miami :guía turística / Berlitz Guides

GN316 .A84 2015         For ethnography / Atkinson, Paul, 1947- author.

GN419.15 .G35 2006         Body painting :masterpieces / Gair, Joanne.

GN851 .J33 2015         The hunter, the stag, and the mother of animals :image, monument, and landscape in ancient North Asia / Jacobson-Tepfer, Esther, 1939-

GV1785.W525 L63 2016         Wilde times :Patricia Wilde, George Balanchine, and the rise of New York City Ballet / Lobenthal, Joel.

GV1801 .S56 2014         The greatest shows on earth :a history of the circus / Simon, Linda, 1946- author.

H - HG - Business & Economics

Business Cycle EconomicsHB3711 .K627 2015         Business cycle economics :understanding recessions and depressions from boom to bust / Knoop, Todd A.

HD2337 .P694 2014         Out of poverty :sweatshops in the global economy / Powell, Benjamin, 1978-

HD2904 .G68 2005         Corruption arts in third world international business :traps, swizzles, and swindles used by master players / Gottbreht, Rich.

HD6331 .F58 2016         Rise of the robots :technology and the threat of a jobless future. / Ford, Martin.

HD8038.A1 S87 2015         The future of the professions :how technology will transform the work of human experts / Susskind, Richard E., author.

HD9696.2.A2 C36 2015         From mainframes to smartphones :a history of the international computer industry / Campbell-Kelly, Martin.

HD9993.E452 H47 2017         Women in game development :breaking the glass level-cap / Hepler, Jennifer Brandes, author.

HE5620.D59 D48 2016         One split second : the distracted driving epidemic :how it kills and how we can fix it. / Dixit, Vijay author

HF5381.7 .H69 1999         How sharp is your pencil? /

HF5382.5.U5 O33 2016         Occupational outlook handbook /

Red TeamHF5386 .Z46 2015         Red team :how to succeed by thinking like the enemy / Zenko, Micah.

HF5549.5.E43 G836 2016         The essential guide to workplace investigations :a step-by-step guide to handling employee complaints & problems / Guerin, Lisa, 1964-

HG4910 .C345 2016         Investing 101 :from stocks and bonds to ETFs and IPOs, an essential primer on building a profitable portfolio / Cagan, Michele, author.

HG4910 .W285 2009         The Wall Street journal guide to the end of Wall Street as we know it :what you need to know about the greatest financial crisis of our time-- and how to survive it / Kansas, Dave.

HM - HX - Social Sciences

HM881 .I43 2015         Ideas and movements that shaped America :from the Bill of Rights to "Occupy Wall Street" /

HQ471 .S855 2015         Pornography :structures, agency and performance / Sullivan, Rebecca, 1966-

HQ801 .S65 2005         Pocket guide to your heart for relationships :become the beloved to attract and inspire the beloved relationship / Smith, Colleen Hoffman, 1953-

HQ801 .S659 2014         Social influences on romantic relationships :beyond the dyad /

HQ1063.6 .H63 2016         Bettyville :a memoir / Hodgman, George.

HQ1090 .N287 2015         Replacing misandry :a revolutionary history of men / Nathanson, Paul, 1947- author.

Economics of RaceHT1521 .O33 2015         The economics of race in the United States / O'Flaherty, Brendan.

HV5822.M3 C43 2016         Getting high :marijuana through the ages / Chasteen, John Charles, 1955- author.

HV6432 .M3795 2014         The theater of operations :national security affect from the Cold War to the War on Terror / Masco, Joseph, 1964-

HV6491.L38 G75 2016         Gangster warlords :drug dollars, killing fields, and the new politics of Latin America / Grillo, Ioan, 1973- author.

HV6604.C7 B78 2010         Hostage nation :Colombia's guerrilla army and the failed war on drugs / Bruce, Victoria.

HV6787 .C76         Crime in the United States 2016 /

HV6795.L37 H83 2008         Storming Las Vegas :how a Cuban-born, Soviet-trained commando took down the Strip to the tune of five world-class hotels, three armored cars, and millions of dollars / Huddy, John.

HV7911.D488 L36 2008         Deal with the devil :the FBI's secret thirty-year relationship with a mafia killer / Lance, Peter.

J - Political Science

JF1525.C66 H65 2015         Corruption :a very short introduction / Holmes, Leslie, author.

KF363.G66 M56 2006         The President's counselor :the rise to power of Alberto Gonzales / Minutaglio, Bill

Is bipartisanship dead? JK1021 .H365 2015         Is bipartisanship dead? :policy agreement and agenda-setting in the House of Representatives / Harbridge, Laurel, author.

JK2391.T43 R37 2010         Mad as hell :how the Tea Party movement is fundamentally remaking our two-party system / Rasmussen, Scott W.

JK526 2004 .P45 2005         Sneaking into the flying circus :how the media turn our presidential campaigns into freak shows / Pelosi, Alexandra.

K - Law

KF4800 .M68 2014         Immigration outside the law / Motomura, Hiroshi, 1953- author.

KFF282.R4 C73 2016         Florida real estate principles, practices & law / Crawford, Linda L.

L - Education

L901 .P447         Peterson's four-year colleges 2017.

LB1139.35.A37 Y675 2016         Roots and wings :affirming culture and preventing bias in early childhood / York, Stacey, 1957-

LB2331 .S82 2003         50 Ways to Leave your Lectern :Active Learning Strategies to Engage First-Year Students / Staley, Constance Courtney, author.

LB2822.8 .M47 2015         A prison called school :creating effective schools for all learners / Metzger, Maure Ann, 1957- author.

LB2866 .L33 2015         College in the crosshairs :an administrative perspective on prevention of gun violence / Labanc, Brandi Hephner, 1971-

Advancing black male student success from preschool through PhDLC2731 .H36 2016         Advancing Black male student success from preschool through Ph. D / Harper, Shaun R., 1975-

LC5215 .B658 2015         Teaching adults :a practical guide for new teachers / Brockett, Ralph Grover.

LD4191.O72 M43 2016         67 shots :Kent State and the end of American innocence / Means, Howard B., author.

M - Music

ML3534 .M356 2014         The history of rock 'n' roll in ten songs / Marcus, Greil.

ML3545 .O85 2015         The other classical musics :fifteen great traditions /

MT820 .H7 2016         Voice secrets :100 performance strategies for the advanced singer / Hoch, Matthew, 1975- author.

N - Visual Arts

N6512.5.P67 H46 2013         The mysticism of money :precisionist painting and machine age America / Hemingway, Andrew, author.

N8217.F64 R55 2015         Food in art :from prehistory to the Renaissance / Riley, Gillian, author.

NA4600 .H64 2010         Seeking the sacred in contemporary religious architecture / Hoffman, Douglas R., 1949-

NC1001 .H45 2015         Becoming a graphic & digital designer :a guide to careers in design / Heller, Steven, author.

Figure drawing for artistsNC765 .H87 2016         Figure drawing for artists :making every mark count / Huston, Steve, author.

ND553.T7 F67 2012         Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec / Forty, Sandra.

ND653.B65 F67 2012         Hieronymus Bosch / Forty, Sandra.

NK1653.M6 M33 2015         Day of the Dead Folk Art / Mack, Stevie.

P - Languages & Literature

P106 .C523 1998         On language :Chomsky's classic works Language and responsibility and Reflections on language in one volume / Chomsky, Noam.

PA3001 .P35 2014         Twelve voices from Greece and Rome :ancient ideas for modern times / Pelling, C. B. R., author.

PA4414.A2 T36 2015         Sophocles :four tragedies : Oedipus the King, Aias, Philoctetes, Oedipus at Colonus / Sophocles, author.

PE1129.S8 V54 2002         Viento del sur / León, Inés Villafañe-, 1934-

PE1137 .P448 2016         How to sound cultured :master the 250 names that intellectuals love to drop into conversation / Hodgkinson, T. W. (Thomas W.), author.

PE3102.N42 O94 2015         The Oxford handbook of African American language /

GilgameshPJ3771.G5 E5 2013         Gilgamesh :a new English version / Gilgamesh. English

PL6446 .W54 2005         Illustrated Hawaiian dictionary / Wight, Kahika

PN1995.9.H6 B110 2005         Movie monsters / Baird, David, 1956-

PN1995.9.M25 S64 2009         Stage & screen makeup :a practical reference for actors, models, makeup artists, photographers, stage managers & directors / Spencer, Kit.

PN1998.3.P4575 L44 2015         Tyler Perry's America :inside his films / Lee, Shayne, author.

PN2589 .K44 2014         Acting companies and their plays in Shakespeare's London / Keenan, Siobhan, 1973- author.

PN6111 .B47 2014-15           The best American short plays 2014-2015 / edited by William W. Demastes.

PN6231.S886 G75 2010         Be ready when the sh*t goes down :a survival guide to the apocalypse / Griffin, Forrest.

PN6727.B378 M55 A3 2014         The complete Accident Man / Mills, Pat, author.

PR821 .O98 2010         English and British Fiction, 1750-1820 /

RedcoatPR6053.O75 R43 2003         Redcoat / Cornwell, Bernard.

PR6054.U415 T84 2011         Theodora :actress, empress, whore / Duffy, Stella.

PR6060.A32 S55 2016         Shylock is my name :the merchant of Venice retold / Jacobson, Howard, author.

PR6073.I558 G37 2015         The gap of time :a cover version of William Shakespeare's The winter's tale / Winterson, Jeanette, 1959- author.

PS228.W37 H88 2015         The war that used up words :American writers and the first world war / Hutchison, Hazel, author.

PS374.V55 B76 2012         The Broken Beads./Kline, Harry.

PS3525.I972 L67 1996         Lost laysen / Mitchell, Margaret, 1900-1949.

PS3552.U745 Z477 2003         Running with scissors :a memoir / Burroughs, Augusten.

PS3555.L94 E28 2005         Eating Mississippi / Ely, Scott.

PS3558.A46196 V65 2001         Voice of the Goddess :an epic of the minoan civilization / Hand, Judith author.

In the heart of the canyonPS3558.Y38 I5 2009         In the heart of the canyon / Hyde, Elisabeth.

PS3562.I7814 W48 2009         The whiskey rebels :a novel / Liss, David, 1966-

PS3566.U8 R43 2011         Red, White and Boom / Puttlitz, Karl author

PS3568.I3448 F73 1999         Franz Kafka's daughter meets the evil Nazi empire!!! :the heroism of roaches : Holocaust-tainted poems / Richman, Elliot.

PS3570.Y45 V56 2016         Vinegar girl :the taming of the shrew retold / Tyler, Anne, author.

PS3604.I323 U63 2010         Unexpectedly, Milo :a novel / Dicks, Matthew.

PS3607.A376 A44 2007         An American eagle, 1916-1917 / Galaher, Charles.

PS3612.I235 M37 2011         Married but looking / Libman, Daniel S.

PS3623.E4687 Y68 2004         Your Lolita / Wells, D. B.

PT2671.N327 E93 2002         Eva's cousin / Knauss, Sibylle, 1944-

Q - Science

Human face of big dataQA76.9.D343 S63 2012 BOTTOM SHELF         The human face of big data / Smolan, Rick.

QB175 .W45 2015         Celestial shadows :eclipses, transits, and occultations / Westfall, John Edward, 1938-

QB621 .T38 2014         The scientific exploration of Venus / Taylor, F. W., author.

QB641 .C53 1995x         The snows of Olympus :a garden on Mars / Clarke, Arthur C. (Arthur Charles), 1917-2008.

QE11 .R827 2014         Earth's deep history :how it was discovered and why it matters / Rudwick, M. J. S., author.

QE511.5 .G74 2015         Alfred Wegener :science, exploration, and the theory of continental drift / Greene, Mott T., 1945-

QE521 .E46 2009 BOTTOM SHELF         Earth on fire :how volcanoes shape our planet / Edmaier, Bernhard.

QE714.3 .F67 2015         Fossils :the key to the past / Fortey, Richard A., author.

QE721.2.E97 W54 2015         The worst of times :how life on earth survived eighty million years of extinctions / Wignall, P. B., author.

QH31.M9 A3 2012         My first summer in the Sierra / Muir, John, 1838-1914.

Visions of ParadiseQH45.5 .V57 2008         Visions of paradise.

QH431 .B6355 2015         Decoding the language of genetics / Botstein, David.

QK71 .S65 1996         Botanical gardens / Smit, Daan.

QK98.2 .F67 2013         Botanical prints / Forty, Sandra

QL542 .V36 2015         Butterflies :a complete guide to their biology and behavior / Vane-Wright, Richard Irwin.

QL737.C22 E77 2015         Of wilderness and wolves / Errington, Paul L. (Paul Lester), 1902-1962.

QL737.C4 W44182 2015         Whales, dolphins, & porpoises :a natural history and species guide /

QP34.5 .F697 2015         Adventures in human being :a grand tour from the cranium to the calcaneum / Francis, Gavin.

R - Health & Medicine

RA423 .L39 2015         A-Z of public health / Laverack, Glenn, author.

RA639 .G76 2014         Tapeworms, lice and prions :a compendium of unpleasant infections / Grove, David I. author.

Body RXRA776 .C758 2001         Body Rx :Dr. Scott Connelly's 6-pack prescription : 6 meals a day, 6 weeks to strength, 6 weeks to sculpt, 6 weeks to burn fat, 6 weeks to maintain = 6 months to a great body / Connelly, A. Scott.

RA976 .M33 2014         Case studies in health information management / McCuen, Charlotte, author.

RC76.3 .A97 2014         Auscultation skills :breath & heart sounds / Coviello, Jessica Shank, author.

RC280.P7 B58 2010         Invasion of the prostate snatchers :no more unnecessary biopsies, radical treatment or loss of sexual potency / Blum, Ralph, 1932-

RC394.A5 B65 2011         My life, deleted :a memoir / Bolzan, Scott, 1962-

RC394.W6 E537 2016         Dyslexia :developing the debate / Elliott, Julian, 1955- author.

RC437.5 .S9 2010         The myth of mental Illness :foundations of a theory of personal conduct / Szasz, Thomas Stephen, 1920-2012.

RC437.5 .W35 2015         The great psychotherapy debate :the evidence for what makes psychotherapy work / Wampold, Bruce E., 1948-

RC455.4.E8 J46 2015         Extraordinary conditions :culture and experience in mental illness / Jenkins, Janis H., author.

RC489.G4 P47 1976         The Gestalt approach & Eye witness to therapy / Perls, Frederick S.

Phobias :the psychology of irrational fearRC535 .P52 2015         Phobias :the psychology of irrational fear /

RC660.4 .R63 2014         The diabetes solution :how to control type 2 diabetes and reverse prediabetes using simple diet and lifestyle changes / Rodriguez, Jorge E.

RC924.5.L85 P66 2006         Portraits of success lupus patients who celebrate life /

RC924.5.L85 T46 2014         The lupus encyclopedia :a comprehensive guide for patients and families / Thomas, Donald E., Jr., 1961-

RJ506.H9 B764 2012         Non-drug treatments for ADHD :new options for kids, adults, and clinicians / Brown, Richard P.

RK60.7 .S74 2015         The dental hygienist's guide to nutritional care / Stegeman, Cynthia A., author.

RM184 .K38 2014         The spark in the machine :how the science of acupuncture explains the mysteries of western medicine / Keown, Daniel, author.

RM222.2 .G7225 2006         The best life diet / Greene, Bob (Bob W.)

RM222.2 .K747 2009         The metabolism miracle :3 easy steps to regain control of your weight... permanently / Kress, Diane.

RM222.2 .M4834 2013         Slim for life :my insider secrets to simple, fast, and lasting weight loss / Michaels, Jillian.

Understanding pharmacology for health professionalsRM300 .T85 2016         Understanding pharmacology for health professionals / Turley, Susan M., author.

RM301 .N88 2015         Nutritional supplements in sport, exercise and health :an A-Z guide /

RM666 .H33 V367 2015         Phytomedicines, herbal drugs, and poisons / Van Wyk, Ben-Erik, author.

RM666.H33 B73 2015 v. 1-2         Herbs & natural supplements :an evidence-based guide / Braun, Lesley, author, editor.

RT50.5 .N8693 2015         Nursing informatics and the foundation of knowledge /

RT51 .S66 2015         Diseases and disorders :a nursing therapeutics manual / Sommers, Marilyn Sawyer, author.

RT55 .A76 2015         NCLEX-RN drug guide :300 medications you need to know for the exam /

S - Science & Agriculture

SB273 .S93 2014         A golden weed :tobacco and environment in the Piedmont South / Swanson, Drew A., 1979-

SB404.9 .B83 2015         The reason for flowers :their history, culture, biology, and how they change our lives / Buchmann, Stephen L., author.

SB418 .R638 2010         The encyclopedia of container plants :more than 500 outstanding choices for gardeners / Rogers, Ray (Raymond Joseph)

Gardening with native plants of the southSB439.24.S66 W37 1994         Gardening with native plants of the South / Wasowski, Sally, 1946-

SB472.45 .D36 2012         Lifelong landscape design / Dargan, Mary Palmer.

SF459.R4 M66 2012         Keeping reptiles & amphibians in the classroom / Monlezun, Mike.

T - Technology

T14.5 .A33 2015         The sceptical optimist :why technology isn't the answer to everything / Agar, Nicholas, author.

T14.5 .A73 2016         Overcomplicated: Technology at the Limits of Comprehension / Arbesman, Samuel author

TA1145 .R45 2015         Roads were not built for cars :how cyclists were the first to push for good roads & became the pioneers of motoring / Reid, Carlton, author.

TK7887 .S36 2016         Complete comptia a+ guide to it hardware and software / Schmidt, Cheryl A. 1961-

TL789.85.P55 A3 2011         But for the grace of God :an autobiography of an aviator and astronaut / Pogue, William R.

TP248.65.F66 L36 2016         What's so controversial about genetically modified food? / Lang, John T., author.

TR654 .G6575 2004         American nomad :Larry Dale Gordon : a retrospective./Gordon, Larry Dale.

Australia exposedTR655.K56 A4 2003         Australia exposed /Kimberley, Jason.

TR721 .R69 2006 Bottom Shelf         North America the beautiful / Rowell, Galen A.

TR897.7 .S26 2015         The digital artist's portfolio and demo reel guide :inside knowledge for landing your dream job in the digital art, animation, CG, motion-graphics & VFX industries. / Scotland, Dave author

TX715.2.L68 C456 2015         The Gator Queen Liz cookbook / Choate, Elizabeth.

TX740 .S35 2014         Simply salads / Ferguson, Valerie, 1954- editor.

TX840.B3 R65 2003         JR's cookbook :true ringside tales, BBQ and down home recipes / Ross, Jim, 1952-

U-V - Military & Naval Science

U766 .F37 2016         Military life 101 :basic training for new military families . / Farley, Janet I., author.

UD380 .C43 2001         Small arms of World War II / Chant, Christopher, 1945-

UG1242.D7 W66 2015         Sudden justice :America's secret drone wars / Woods, Chris (Journalist), author.

VK1010 .S30 2010         Lightships of the United States of America :Gulf, Western, Great Lakes / Schoenewolff, Thomas

Maximizing the one-shotZ675.U5 M3373 2015         Maximizing the one-shot :connecting library instruction with the curriculum / Markgraf, Jill, 1962- author.

Reference Books

REF HA203 .V58 2016         Vital statistics of the United States :births, life expectancy, deaths, and selected health data /

REF NA31 .C86 2015         The Oxford dictionary of architecture / Curl, James Stevens, 1937-

REF TH435 .R86 2015         Plumbing Cost Data 2016 / Mossman, Melville J. , senior editor.

REF TH435 .W3 2015         Building estimator's reference book :a reference book setting forth detailed procedures and cost guidelines for those engaged in estimating building trades.

Youth Collection

Youth Collection JUV BT315.3 .K39 2009         To whom the angel spoke :a story of the Christmas / Kay, Terry.

Youth Collection JUV DS407 .M295 2016         India / Markovics, Joyce L.

Youth Collection JUV DS556.3 .M37 2016         Vietnam / Markovics, Joyce L, (Author)

Youth Collection JUV DS656.2 .L66 2016         The Philippines / Longworth, Holly, author.

Youth Collection JUV DS706 .M299 2016         China / Markovics, Joyce L.

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