New Titles Received in January 2017

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B - Philosophy, Psychology & Religion

Genghis Khan and the quest for GodBL640 .W43 2016         Genghis Khan and the quest for God :how the world's greatest conqueror gave us religious freedom / Weatherford, J. McIver, author.

D - F - History

D157 .L36 2016         God's armies :crusade and Jihad: origins, history, aftermath / Lambert, Malcolm (Malcolm D.), author

E77 .B65 2017         Native nations :cultures and histories of native North America / Bonvillain, Nancy, author

E185 .H534 2014         African Americans :a concise history / Hine, Darlene Clark, author.

E185.86 .L69 2016         They can't kill us all :Ferguson, Baltimore, and a new era in America's racial justice movement / Lowery, Wesley, 1990- author.

E802 .J429 2016         Herbert Hoover :a life / Jeansonne, Glen, 1946- author.

F316.2 .C58 2007         From yellow dog Democrats to red state Republicans :Florida and its politics since 1940 / Colburn, David R.

F316.23 .A75 2011         Reubin O'D. Askew and the golden age of Florida politics / Dyckman, Martin A.

G - Geography, Anthropology & Recreation

GE220 .Q47 2005         The quest for environmental justice :human rights and the politics of pollution /

GE230 .Z56 2015         Clean and white :a history of environmental racism in the United States / Zimring, Carl A., 1969- author.

Too much of a good thingGN281.4 .G65 2015         Too much of a good thing :how four key survival traits are now killing us / Goldman, Lee (Physician), author.

GT2850 .A83 2016         At the table :food and family around the world / GV1452 .N85 2001         Understanding chess move by move / Nunn, John, 1955-

GV716 .F87 2016         Players :the story of sports and money, and the visionaries who fought to create a revolution / Futterman, Matthew, author.

H - HG - Business & Economics

H62 .H2565 2014         How to critique journal articles in the social sciences / Harris, Scott R., 1969 September 16- HB501 .S5696 2016         Capitalism :competition, conflict, crises / Shaikh, Anwar, author.

HC110.I5 B66 2016         Two nations, indivisible :a history of inequality in America / Bronstein, Jamie L., 1968- author.

HD1525 .H685 2013         Fresh fruit, broken bodies :migrant farmworkers in the United States / Holmes, Seth M., 1975-

HD7287.96.U6 D47 2016         Evicted :poverty and profit in the American city / Desmond, Matthew.

HD8073.V37 A3 2016         Hillbilly elegy :a memoir of a family and culture in crisis / Vance, J. D., author.

The new minorityHD8395 .G47 2016         The new minority :white working class politics in an age of immigration and inequality / Gest, Justin, author.

HF5718 .G3533 2016         The storyteller's secret :from TED speakers to business legends, why some ideas catch on and others don't / Gallo, Carmine, author.

HM - HZ - Sociology

HM851 .S644 2017         Social media and your brain :web-based communication is changing how we think and express ourselves /

HN65 .F373 2015         Welfare for the wealthy :parties, social spending, and inequality in the United States / Faricy, Christopher G., 1973-

HN90.M84 W45 2015         Considering hate :violence, goodness, and justice in American culture and politics / Whitlock, Kay.

HQ76.8.U5 D69 2016         Stand by me :the forgotten history of gay liberation / Downs, Jim, 1973- author

HQ77.9 .B48 2017         Being transgender :what you should know / Bevan, Thomas E., author.

HQ503 .A18 2015         History of marriage :from same sex unions to private vows and common law, the surprising ... diversity of a tradition. / Abbott, Elizabeth, 1942-

HQ535 .S97 2016         American child bride :a history of minors and marriage in the United States / Syrett, Nicholas L., author.

HQ796 .M493 2016         Freaks, geeks, and cool kids :teenagers in an era of consumerism, standardized tests, and social media / Milner, Murray

Divorce & ChildrenHQ814 .D622 2015         Divorce and children /

HQ880.4.U6 T73 2016         All the single ladies :unmarried women and the rise of an independent nation / Traister, Rebecca, author.

HQ1073 .D55 2014         Digital death :mortality and beyond in the online age /

HT151 .W56 2016         Science and the city :the mechanics behind the metropolis / Winkless, Laurie, author.

HV4505 .S39 2016         Invisible nation :homeless families in America / Schweid, Richard, 1946- author

HV5825 .B436 2016         How the drug war ruins American lives / Benavie, Arthur, author.

HV6250.4.W65 P635 2011         Honor killings in the twenty-first century / Pope, Nicole.

HV6250.4.W65 R632 2014         Honor-based violencepolicing and prevention / Roberts, Karl Anton.

HV6433.I722 I8576 2016         ISIS :an introduction and guide to the Islamic State / Steed, Brian L., author.

HV6439.U5 H6794 2015         The history of street gangs in the United States :their origins and transformations / Howell, James C., author.

The mind of a murdererHV6515 .R2534 2011         The mind of a murderer :privileged access to the demons that drive extreme violence / Ramsland, Katherine M., 1953-

HV8138 .B554 2016         Virtuous policing :bridging America's gulf between police and populace / Bolgiano, David G., author.

HV8144.S43 G66 2016         Secret service dogs :the heroes who protect the President of the United States / Goodavage, Maria, 1962- author.

J - Political Science

JK1726 .L59 2016         The deep state :the fall of the constitution and the rise of a shadow government / Lofgren, Mike, author.

JK1967 .A57 2015         White backlash :immigration, race, and American politics / Abrajano, Marisa, 1977-

JK2316 .F73 2016         Listen, liberal, or, What ever happened to the party of the people? / Frank, Thomas, 1965- author.

JK2356 .F54 2016         Black elephants in the room :the unexpected politics of African American Republicans / Fields, Corey, author.

JV6255 .M55 2016         Strangers in our midst :the political philosophy of immigration / Miller, David, 1946- author.

JV6465 .E28 2016         Integration nation :immigrants, refugees, and America at its best / Eaton, Susan E.

JV6475 .P47 2016         The cultural politics of U.S. immigration :gender, race, and media / Perry, Leah, author.

Politics of ImmigrationJV6483 .W67 2017         The politics of immigration :partisanship, demographic change, and national identity. / Wong, Tom K., author.

JV6485 .B395 2016         Defectives in the land :disability and immigration in the age of eugenics / Baynton, Douglas C., author.

K - Law

KF224.M356 E94 2016         The silencing of Ruby McCollum :race, class, and gender in the South / Evans, Tammy, 1959- author

KF9730 .S56 2014         Mass incarceration on trial :a remarkable court decision and the future of prisons in America / Simon, Jonathan, 1959- author

L - Education

LB1028 .N55 2016         Research methods for pedagogy / Nind, Melanie, author. LB1029.M75 G88 2016         Bringing Montessori to America :S.S. McClure, Maria Montessori, and the campaign to publicize Montessori education / Gutek, Gerald Lee, author.

LB1029.P67 L54 2012         Documenting learning with ePortfolios :a guide for college instructors / Light, Tracy Penny, 1970-

LB1775.2 .C374 2016         Careers in education & training /

LB2831 .H68 2016         How valuable is a college degree? /

LB3060.83 .S47 2016         In common no more :the politics of the common core state standards / Shober, Arnold F., 1976- author.

Pedagogy of the HeartLB880.F732 P4313 2014         Pedagogy of hope :reliving Pedagogy of the oppressed / Freire, Paulo, 1921-1997.

LC71 .F7413 2016         Pedagogy of the heart. / Freire, Paulo 1921-1997.

LC191.8.L29 F7413 2013+         Education for critical consciousness / Freire, Paulo, 1921-1997, author.

LC268 .P54 2017         Graduating with honor :best practices to promote ethics development in college students / Plante, Thomas G., author

M - Music

ML421.R64 M374 2016         The Rolling Stones :all the songs : the story behind every track / Margotin, Philippe, author.

ML3477 .P44 2016         Smash hits / Perone, James E., author.

ML3534 .W284 2016         Gainesville punk :a history of bands and music / Walker, Matthew.

ML3830 .M36 2017         Performance anxiety strategies :a musician's guide to managing stage fright / McGrath, Casey, 1983-

MT1 .O75 2017         The origins and foundations of music education :international perspectives / Robin Sydney Stevens

N - Visual Arts

N87 .C57 2016         Becoming an Artist: Design, Drawing, Value, and Color / Christiansen, Jan L., author

Walk through wallsN7253.A27 A2 2016         Walk through walls :a memoir / Abramovi c, Marina, author.

N8187.5 .T7313 2006         Icons and saints of the Eastern Orthodox Church / Tradigo, Alfredo.

NB237.N43 W54 2016         Louise Nevelson. Art is life. / Wilson, Laurie

NC1000 .K53 2013         Go :a Kidd's guide to graphic design / Kidd, Chip, author, book designer

NC880 .B8613 2015         The art of the pastel / Burns, Thea, author

P - Languages & Literature

P118.3 .C53 2017         Language in children / Clark, Eve V., author

PJ1943 .W75 2016         Writings from ancient Egypt /

PN1995.9.I43 H67 2016         Girls will be boys :cross-dressed women, lesbians, and American cinema, 1908-1934 / Horak, Laura, author.

PN1995.9.N4 L24 2015         L.A. Rebellion :creating a new black cinema /

PN1996 .M465 1997         Story :substance, structure, style and the principles of screenwriting / McKee, Robert, 1941- Movement for actorsPN2071.M6 P68 2016         Movement for Actors / Potter, Nicole editor

PN2091.S8 C36 2016         Technical Theater for Nontechnical People / Campbell, Drew PN4181 .P46 2016         Dictionary of debate and public speaking / Phillips, Leslie, author.

PN6141 .A78 1995         The Art of the personal essay :an anthology from the classical era to the present /

PN6710 .L68 2015         The complete guide to self-publishing comics :how to create and sell comic books, manga, and webcomics / Love, Comfort, 1980- author.

PN6727.B378 S53 C67 2016         Cosplayers :perfect collection / Shaw, Dash, author, illustrator

PQ - PZ - Fiction

PQ8097.N4 A2 2016         Then come back :the lost Neruda poems / Neruda, Pablo, 1904-1973, author

PR6045.I577 N6         No laughing matter. / Wilson, Angus, 1913-1991

PR6103.O443 T6 2016         To capture what we cannot keep / Colin, Beatrice, author.

PR6113.A2618 T87 2016         Twisted river / MacDonald, Siobhan, author.

Curious Charms of Arthur PepeerPR6116.A84545 C87 2016         The curious charms of Arthur Pepper / Patrick, Phaedra.

PR9199.3.V356 L47 2016         The lesser blessed / Van Camp, Richard, author.

PR9619.4.S6255 O55 2016         Only daughter / Snoekstra, Anna, author.

PS3552.O932 T47 2016         The terranauts / Boyle, T. Coraghessan, author.

PS3553.A76334 L54 2016         The life she wants / Carr, Robyn, author.

PS3553.H15 M96 2016         Moonglow :a novel / Chabon, Michael, author.

PS3557.A7132 F56 2016         Find her :a novel / Gardner, Lisa, author.

PS3561.U446 W4 2016         We are still tornadoes / Kun, Michael, author.

PS3570.H582 R48 2015         Return of the Convict :a novel of 97,500 words / Thomas, William Alan,‏ ‎ author

PS3573.O64524 A85 2016         Another Brooklyn :a novel / Woodson, Jacqueline, author

Performance of becoming humanPS3602.O79 A6 2016         The performance of becoming human / Borzutzky, Daniel, author.

PS3606.O38 H47 2016         Here I am / Foer, Jonathan Safran, 1977- author.

PS3608.I436 N59 2016         The nix / Hill, Nathan, 1975- author.

PS3610.O2546 F38 2016         The fate of the Tearling :a novel / Johansen, Erika, author.

PS3616.A9566 T74 2016         The travelers :a novel / Pavone, Chris, author.

PT8952.12.J66 H4613 2015         I'm Traveling Alone. / Bjork, Samuel

Q - Mathematics & Science

Q180.55.M4 F56 2010         Conducting research literature reviews :from the Internet to paper / Fink, Arlene.

QA76.73.J38 S334 2014         Java :the complete reference / Schildt, Herbert.

QA76.76.O63 M36 2016         Network Security Assessment : Know Your Network / McNab, Chris, author 1970-

QB34.5 .S63 2016         The glass universe :how the ladies of the Harvard Observatory took the measure of the stars / Sobel, Dava.

Pope of PhysicsQC16.F46 S44 2016         The Pope of Physics :Enrico Fermi and the birth of the atomic age / Segrè, Gino, author

QR360 .R567 2016         Virus / Roossinck, Marilyn J., author.

R - Health & Medicine

R852 .D38 2012         Reading research :a user friendly guide for health professionals / Davies, Barbara

RA1148 .I57 2016         Inside forensic psychology /

RA395.A3 A955 2017         The United States health care system :combining business, health, and delivery / Austin, Anne, 1960- author.

RA413.5.U5 K655 2016         Health insurance and managed care :what they are and how they work / Kongstvedt, Peter R. (Peter Reid), author, editor.

RA445 .H68 2015         Beyond Obamacare :life, death, and social policy / House, James S., 1944- author.

RA448.4 .M38 2015         Just medicine :a cure for racial inequality in American health care / Matthew, Dayna Bowen.

RA448.5.N4 P74 2014         Precarious prescriptions :contested histories of race and health in North America /

RA563.M56 H63 2012         Black and blue :the origins and consequences of medical racism / Hoberman, John M. (John Milton), 1944- EpidemiologyRA651 .G58 2014         Epidemiology / Gordis, Leon, 1934- author.

RA971.35 .H864 2015         Human resources in healthcare :managing for success /

RC451.5.N4 C683 2016         Counseling African American males :effective therapeutic interventions and approaches /

RC489.M53 M36 2016         Cure :a journey into the science of mind over body / Marchant, Jo, 1973- author.

RC489.M55 R639 2016         The mindful twenty-something :life skills to handle stress... & everything else / Rogers, Holly, author.

RC71.3 H38 2016         Snowball in a blizzard :a physician's notes on uncertainty in medicine / Hatch, Steven, 1969- author.

RT42 .M44 2015         Evidence-based practice in nursing & healthcare :a guide to best practice / Melnyk, Bernadette Mazurek, author.

S - Agriculture

S521.5.M8 H55 2016         Dirt, sweat, and diesel :a family farm in the twenty-first century / Hilty, Steven L., author.

SF430 .E94 2016         Every dog :the ultimate guide to over 450 dog breeds / Hajeski, Nancy J., 1951- author

T - Technology

T58.5 .C375 2016         Careers in information technology / The WheelTJ181.5 .B85 2016         The wheel :inventions & reinventions / Bulliet, Richard W., author

TR15 .M273 2015         Photography :a cultural history / Marien, Mary Warner author.

TX335 .P63 2016         Pogue's basics :money : essential tips and shortcuts (that no one bothers to tell you) about beating the system / Pogue, David, 1963- author.

U - V - Military Science

UB357 .H524 2017 v. 1-2         The civilian lives of U.S. veterans :issues and identities / Hicks, Louis, author.

Z - Library Science

Z711.92.H3 K69 2017         Creating inclusive library environments :a planning guide for serving patrons with disabilities / Kowalsky, Michelle author.


MEDIA D521 .S86 2004         The First World War[the complete series] /

MEDIA GV959.5 .T86 2007         2007 Tostitos BCS National Championship: official complete game broadcast /

MEDIA HF5383 .R47 2016         Resumes, cover letters, and portfolios for ex-offers :necessary tools for landing the interview. / Linx Educational Publishing Jacksonville, FL

MEDIA ML3521.M3 F4 2003         Feel like going home

MEDIA ML3521.M3 G6 2003         Godfathers and sons

Piano bluesMEDIA ML3521.M3 P5 2003         Piano blues

MEDIA ML3521.M3 R4 2003         Red, white & blues

Reference Books

Reference D445 .R595 2015         Let's split! :a complete guide to separatist movements and aspirant nations, from Abkhazia to Zanzibar / Roth, Christopher Fritz, author.

Reference GT76 .W54 2017 v.1-3         Celebrating life customs around the world :from baby showers to funerals / Williams, Victoria, author.

Reference HA203 .U172         State rankings :a statistical view of America. / State rankings (Washington, D.C.)

Reference HD2721 .I63         International directory of company histories.

Reference ML102.P5 S6 2016         A dictionary for the modern pianist / Siek, Stephen, author.

Reference N6490 .M6758 2016         Historical dictionary of contemporary art / Morgan, Ann Lee, author.

Youth Collection

Youth Collection JUV GT4905 .S38 2017         It's Chinese New Year! / Sebra, Richard, 1984- author.

Youth Collection PZ7.B26663 Gi 2016         The girl who drank the moon / Barnhill, Kelly Regan, author.

DefianceYouth Collection PZ7.H38928 D44 2013         The Defiance / Henley, A.G. , author

Youth Collection PZ7.H38928 F57 2015         The Fire Sisters / Henley, A. G. author

Youth Collection PZ7.H38928 S36 2012         The Scourge / Henley, A. G.

Youth Collection PZ7.K52654 Ki 2013         King for a day / Khan, Rukhsana, 1962- author

Youth Collection PZ7.P1325 Wr 2016         Wrecked / Padian, Maria, author

Youth Collection PZ7.P2116 Mad 2016         Madeline Finn and the library dog / Papp, Lisa, author.

Youth Collection PZ7.P2447 It 2009         It's okay to be different / Parr, Todd.

Youth Collection PZ7.R5224 Gi 2016         The girl in the well is me / Rivers, Karen, 1970- author.

Youth Collection PZ7.S5543 Dad 2007         My dadima wears a sari / Sheth, Kashmira.

Youth Collection PZ7.1.D87 Iam 2016         I am not a number / Dupuis, Jenny Kay, author.

Nerdy and the DirtyYouth Collection PZ7.1.G68 Ne 2016         The nerdy and the dirty / Gottfred, B. T. author.

Youth Collection PZ7.1.H464 Ot 2016         The other boy / Hennessey, M. G, author

Youth Collection PZ7.1.P27 Sk 2016         Sky-high Sukkah / Packer, Rachel Ornstein, author.

Youth Collection PZ7.1.R874 If 2016         If I was your girl / Russo, Meredith, author.

Youth Collection PZ7.1.M4345 Te 2016         Tek / McDonnell, Patrick, 1956- author

Youth Collection PZ7.1.P86 Lu 2016         Lucy and Linh / Pung, Alice, author

Youth Collection PZ7.1.S4 Dr 2016         Drag teen :a tale of angst and wigs / Self, Jeffery, author

Youth Collection PZ8.F25 Se 2016         The secret of Dreadwillow Carse / Farrey, Brian, author.

Youth Collection PZ8.3.B38447 Ad 2016         Ada Twist, scientist / Beaty, Andrea, author.

Youth Collection PZ8.3.B38447 Ig 2007         Iggy Peck, architect / Beaty, Andrea.

Youth Collection PZ8.3.S455 Wh 2015         The wheels on the tuk tuk / Sehgal, Kabir, author.