New Titles Received in May 2017

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Youth Collection

B - Philosophy, Psychology & Religion

From Bacteria to BachB105.C477 D445 2017         From bacteria to Bach and back :the evolution of minds / Dennett, D. C. (Daniel Clement), author.

B833 .M47 2017         The enigma of reason / Mercier, Hugo, author.

B5251 .T73 2017         Traditional Korean philosophy :problems and debates /  

BF76 .C38 2017         Career paths in psychology :where your degree can take you /  

BF561 .B337 2017         How emotions are made :the secret life of the brain / Barrett, Lisa Feldman, author.

BF575.G68 E458 2013         Gratitude works! :a twenty-one-day program for creating emotional prosperity / Emmons, Robert A.

BJ1589 .M259 2016         The subtle art of not giving a fuck :a counterintuitive approach to living a good life / Manson, Mark, author.

BL80.3 .B694 2016         12 major world religions :the beliefs, rituals, and traditions of humanity's most influential faiths / Boyett, Jason, author.

BL1202 .R53 2017         Introducing Hinduism / Rodrigues, Hillary, 1953- author.

BL2747.6 .R425 2015         Religion and transhumanism :the unknown future of human enhancement /  

BP172 .A436 2017         The Islamic Jesus :how the king of the Jews became a prophet of the Muslims / Akyol, Mustafa, 1972- author.

Reforming SodomBR115.H6 W446 2015         Reforming Sodom :Protestants and the rise of gay rights / White, Heather Rachelle, 1974-

D - E - History

D769.8.A6 C34 2016         Un-American :the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II / Cahan, Richard, author.

D810.L53 R93 2017         The book thieves :the Nazi looting of Europe's libraries and the race to return a literary inheritance / Rydell, Anders, 1982- author.

DK288 .R46 1994         Lenin's tomb :the last days of the soviet empire / Remnick, David.

DS62.4 .A63 2016         A history of the modern Middle East :rulers, rebels, and rogues / Anderson, Betty S. (Betty Signe), 1965- author.

DS146.G4 C75 2014         Antisemitism in the German military community and the Jewish response, 1914-1938 / Crim, Brian E. author.

DS556.5 .K53 2017         Viet Nam :a history from earliest times to the present / Kiernan, Ben, author.

DS557.8.L3 K87 2017         A great place to have a war :America in Laos and the birth of a military CIA / Kurlantzick, Joshua, 1976- author.

DS558 .W76 2017         Enduring Vietnam :an American generation and its war / Wright, James Edward, 1939- author.

DS754.14 .S6 2015         The Qing Dynasty and traditional Chinese culture / Smith, Richard J. (Richard Joseph), 1944- author.

Egypt and the EyptiansDT61 .B68 2007         Egypt and the Egyptians / Brewer, Douglas J.

DT83 .R663 2017         A history of ancient Egypt,from the Great Pyramid to the fall of the Middle Kingdom / Romer, John, author.

DT636.53.J64 C66 2017         Madame President :the extraordinary journey of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf / Cooper, Helene, author.

E98.S6 R47 2016         The other slavery :the uncovered story of Indian enslavement in America / Resendez, Andres, author.

E184.V53 B85 2017         The best we could do :an illustrated memoir / Bui, Thi, author, artist.

E185 .B5746 2017         Black history in its own words / Wimberly, Ronald, compiler, illustrator.

E185.86 .T85 2016         The birth of cool :style narratives of the African diaspora / Tulloch, Carol, author.

E901.1.T78 W54 2017         Why irrational politics appeals :understanding the allure of Trump /  

F296 .D38 2017         The Gulf :the making of an American sea / Davis, Jack E., 1956- author.

F689.D64 C55 2017         Dodge City :Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, and the wickedest town in the American West / Clavin, Thomas, author.

G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

Sea level rise in FloridaGC90.U5 H55 2016         Sea level rise in Florida :science, impacts, and options / Hine, Albert C., author.

GN482 .V57 2014         Anthropology of childhood and youth :international and historical perspectives / Vitale, Geoffrey.

GT1720 .E39 2016         How to read a dress :a guide to changing fashion from the 16th to the 20th century / Edwards, Lydia (Lydia Jenny), author.

GT511 .B69 2016         Corsets and codpieces :a history of outrageous fashion, from Roman times to the modern era / Bowman, Karen (Karen Elizabeth), author.

GV351 .N64 2016         Indentured :the inside story of the rebellion against the NCAA / Nocera, Joseph, author.

GV436 .F53 2017         Fitness and exercise sourcebook :basic consumer health information about the benefits of physical fitness, including strength, endurance, longevity, weight loss, bone health, and stress management, with exercise guidelines for people of all ages and tips for maintaining motivation, measuring exercise intensity, preventing injuries, and exercising with a health condition ; along with information on exercise equipment, fitness tourism, and wearable technology, a glossary of related terms, and a directory of resources for addition /  

GV1469.34.S52 B86 2017         Power play :how video games can save the world / Burak, Asi, author.

H - Business & Economics

HC79.T4 R677 2016         The industries of the future / Ross, Alec, 1971- author.

HD31.2 .P75 2017         Principles of business. /  

HD9975.U52 B27 2016         Freegans :diving into the wealth of food waste in America / Barnard, Alex V., 1987- author.

Ace the GMATHF1118 .R6923 2016         Ace the GMAT :master the GMAT in 40 days / Royal, Brandon, author.

HF5635 .H617 2013         Accounting changes :chronicles of convergence, crisis, and complexity in financial reporting / Herz, Robert H.

HF5636 .A226 2015         Accounting for small business owners. /  

HF5636 .B43 2015         Advanced Accounting, / Beams, Floyd A. (author)

HF5636 .B73 2014         Accountants' Guidebook :a financial and managerial accounting reference / Bragg, Steven M. CPA (author)

HF5636 .R68 2014         The Routledge companion to accounting, reporting and regulation /  

HF657.4 .R668 2014         The intentional accountant :your road map for building a next generation accounting firm. / Root, M. Darren

HG256 .W44 2016         Naked money :a revealing look at what it is and why it matters / Wheelan, Charles J., author.

HG4026 .P75 2017         Principles of business :Finance /  

HG4027.35 .P37 2016         The Financial Controller and CFO's Toolkit :Lean Practices to Transform Your Finance Team / Parmenter, David, author.

HM - HZ - Social Science

Women in Imperial ChinaHQ1767 .H56 2016         Women in imperial China / Hinsch, Bret, author.

HV2392.2 .O34 2016         The silent garden :a parent's guide to raising a deaf child / Ogden, Paul W., author.

HV5840.L3 D773 2015         Drug trafficking, organized crime, and violence in the Americas today /  

HV6250.4.W65 M66 2014         Domestic abuse, homicide and gender :strategies for policy and practice / Monckton Smith, Jane.

HV6515 .S546 2015         Rethinking serial murder, spree killing, and atrocities :beyond the usual distinctions / Shanafelt, Robert, 1957-

HV8143 .S34 2017         Barron's police officer exam :most up-to-date review and practice tests currently available / Schroeder, Donald J., author

HV8145.F6 T76 2016         Florida Law Enforcement Basic Abilities Test (BAT) Exam Guide :prepare for success! / Tropea, Angelo, author.

HV9471 .P449 2017         Locked in :the true causes of mass incarceration--and how to achieve real reform / Pfaff, John F., author.

J - Political Science

JC573.2.U6 C748 2009         Debating the American conservative movement :1945 to the present / Critchlow, Donald T., 1948-

K - Law

KF224.M356 E94 2016         The silencing of Ruby McCollum :race, class, and gender in the South / Evans, Tammy, 1959- author

LSAT Prep BookKF285.Z9 L73 2016         LSAT prep book /  

KF4550.Z9 L58 2016 v. 1-2         Contemporary Supreme Court cases :landmark decisions since Roe v. Wade / Lively, Donald E., 1947- author.

KF4819.6 .C363 2004         U.S. immigration made easy / Canter, Laurence A.

L - Education

LB1028.5 .G73 2016         Grading strategies for the online college classroom :a collection of articles for faculty. /  

LB1044.87 .B64 2016         The online teaching survival guide :simple and practical pedagogical tips / Boettcher, Judith V., author.

LB2353.2 .C55 2016         Reading and Writing Workout for the SAT :extra practice to help achieve an excellent SAT verbal score. / Princeton Review

LB2376 .W55 2016         Study Abroad 101 / Williamson, Wendy ,

LB2395.7 .K6 2017         Teaching online :a practical guide. / Ko, Susan Schor. author

LB3060.33.G45 S77 2016         GED Essentials Preparation 2017 :GED Study Guide & Practice Test Questions for the GED Test / Strategic test prep solutions GED Test Team

M - Music

1001 Albums you must hear before you dieML156.9 .A18 2010         1001 albums you must hear before you die /  

N - Art

N8070 .H47 1998         Her face :images of the Virgin Mary in art : selections from the New Testament, Apocryphal Gospels, devotions, hymns, legends and poetry /  

N8070 .V48813 2005         Mary in Western art / Verdon, Timothy.

NA737.W7 A4 2003         Wright-sized houses :Frank Lloyd Wright's solutions for making small houses feel big / Maddex, Diane.

NC730 .M294613 2017         Draw like the masters / Martín i Roig, Gabriel, 1970- author., illustrator.

NX163 .C375 2017         Careers in the arts :fine, performing & visual. /  

P - Languages & Literature

P118.M33 T35 2016         Talking baby :helping your child discover language / Maclagen, Margaret, author

PE1128.I87 E46 2017         TOEFL ® ITP TEST :Listening, Grammar & Reading / Elmetaher, Hosam, [author]

PK6235.5 .A86 2015         Farsi (Persian) for beginners :mastering conversational Farsi / Atoofi, Saeid, 1965- author.

PK6381.E5 A34 2009         Oxford picture dictionary. / Adelson-Goldstein, Jayme.

What we talk about when we talk about clone clubPN1992.77.O75 P46 2016         What we talk about when we talk about clone club :bioethics and philosophy in Orphan Black / Pence, Gregory E., author.

PN1997.R57565 S47 2013         The disaster artist :my life inside The room, the greatest bad movie ever made / Sestero, Greg, 1978-

PN2085 .F39 2017         Stage manager :the professional experience refreshed / Fazio, Larry, 1939- author.

PN4874.F385 A3 2016         In the darkroom / Faludi, Susan, author.

PN6727.B378 B78 F3 2016         The fade out / Brubaker, Ed.

PQ - PT - Literature

PQ7298.15.S638 L4913 1996         The law of love / Esquivel, Laura, 1950-

PR6113.A87 Z46 2016         The return :fathers, sons, and the land in between / Matar, Hisham, 1970- author.

PR9199.4.K377 A6 2015         Milk and honey / Kaur, Rupi, author.

PR9199.4.O64 L66 2017         The Lonely Hearts Hotel / O'Neill, Heather, author.

PS3515.E37 W75 2017         Writer, sailor, soldier, spy :Ernest Hemingway's secret adventures, 1935-1961 / Reynolds, Nicholas E., author.

4321PS3551.U77 A615 2017         4 3 2 1 / Auster, Paul, 1947- author.

PS3553.O225 F66 2016         Fool me once / Coben, Harlan, 1962- author.

PS3558.E476 C3 2011         Catch-22 / Heller, Joseph, author.

PS3565.A8 B66 2017         A book of American martyrs / Oates, Joyce Carol, 1938- author.

PS3569.A7897 L56 2017         Lincoln in the Bardo :a novel / Saunders, George, 1958- author.

PS3603.H347 L66 2014         The long way to a small, angry planet / Chambers, Becky, author.

PS3606.O96 D53 2016         Diamonds and Pearl / K'wan, author.

PS3607.R36395 E94 2016         Every heart a doorway / McGuire, Seanan, author.

PS3607.Y37 H66 2016         Homegoing / Gyasi, Yaa, author.

PS3609.V54 T6 2016         To the bright edge of the world :a novel / Ivey, Eowyn, author.

Opposite of EveryonePS3610.A3525 O67 2016         The opposite of everyone / Jackson, Joshilyn.

PS3611.O74927 S53 2017         The shadow land :a novel / Kostova, Elizabeth, author.

PS3612.I84 P74 2015         Preparation for the next life / Lish, Atticus, author.

PS3620.O945 G46 2016         A gentleman in Moscow / Towles, Amor, author.

PS3623.A35245 B44 2016         Behind the throne / Wagers, K. B., author.

PS625 .H57 2017         100 greatest American plays / Hischak, Thomas S., author.

Q - Science & Mathematics

Q162 .C33 2016         The infographic guide to science / Cabot, Tom, author.

QA159.2 .S743 2010         Algebra I for dummies / Sterling, Mary Jane.

QA43.M3 P75 2016         Math workout for the SAT / Chiu, Jonathan, author.

QA63 .C66 2016         Common sense mathematics / Bolker, Ethan D., author.

Writing in BiologyQH304 .K59 2005         A student handbook for writing in biology / Knisely, Karin.

QH307.2 .P75 2017         Principles of biology /  

QH316 .G38 2007         Get ready for biology / Garrett, Lori K.

QH332 .G5626 2014         Global bioethics and human rights :contemporary issues /  

QH332 .M42 2012         Bioethics for beginners :60 cases and cautions from the moral frontier of healthcare / McGee, Glenn, 1967-

QR41.2 .W38 2016         Applied microbiology and biotechnology. / Watson, Dean editor

R - Health & Medicine

R131 .P27 2016         Medicine :the definitive illustrated history / Parker, Steve, 1952- author.

R724 .H586 2017         Bioethics :a philosophical introduction / Holland, Stephen (Stephen Michael), 1963- author.

R725.5 .B52 2009         Bioethics at the movies /  

R725.56 .C66 2015         Bioethics across the life span /  

Right to DieR726 .B255 2017         The right to die :a reference handbook / Ball, Howard, 1937- author.

R726.8 .D3785 2017         Death and dying sourcebook :basic consumer health information about end-of-life care and related perspectives and ethical issues, including end-of-life symptoms and treatments, pain management, quality-of-life concerns, the use of life support, patients' rights and privacy issues, advance directives, physician-assisted suicide, caregiving, organ and tissue donation, autopsies, funeral arrangements, and grief along with statistical data, information about the leading causes of death, a glossary, and directories of support ... /  

R726.8 .F48 2017         Caring for the dying :the doula approach to a meaningful death / Fersko-Weiss, Henry, author.

RA395.A3 P587 2016         Policy and politics for nurses and other health professionals :advocacy and action /  

RA418.5.M4 H35 2017         The bioethics of enhancement :transhumanism, disability, and biopolitics / Hall, Melinda Gann, author.

RA644.R8 W33 2017         The vaccine race :science, politics, and the human costs of defeating disease / Wadman, Meredith, author.

RA728 .L33 2015         Healthcare and medical office accounting :medical practice finance and accounting basics for doctors, medical assistants and bookkeeping professionals. / Label, Wayne A. [author] MD (Wayne Allan), 1943-

RA776 .H183 2016         If our bodies could talk :a guide to operating and maintaining a human body / Hamblin, James, author.

RA971 .G3695 2016         Healthcare finance :an introduction to accounting & financial management / Gapenski, Louis C., author.

RA971.3 .F55 2014         Financial management strategies for hospitals and healthcare organizations :tools, techniques, checklists, and case studies /  

Fundamentals of human resources in healthcareRA971.35 .H864 2012         Fundamentals of human resources in healthcare /  

RA981.A2 A6234 2017         AHA hospital statistics :a comprehensive reference for analysis and comparison of hospital trends /  

RC71.3 .B525 2014         Laboratory protocols in applied life sciences / Bisen, Prakash S., author.

RC108 .D58 2017         Disease management sourcebook :basic consumer health information about coping with chronic and serious illnesses, navigating the health care system, communicating with health care providers, assessing health care quality, and making informed health care decisions, including facts about second opinions, hospitalization, surgery, and medications; along with a section about children with chronic conditions, information about legal, financial, and insurance issues, a glossary of related terms, and directories of additional resources /  

RC113 .C664 2016         Contagious diseases sourcebook :basic consumer health information about diseases spread from person to person through direct physical contact, airborne transmissions, sexual contact, or contact with blood or other body fluids, including pneumococcal, staphylococcal, and streptococcal diseases, colds, influenza, lice, measles, mumps, tuberculosis, and others ; along with facts about self-care and over-the-counter medications, antibiotics and drug resistance, disease prevention, vaccines, and bioterrorism, a glossary, and a ... /  

RC582 .I4626 2017         Immune system disorders sourcebook :basic consumer health information about disorders of the immune system, including immune system function and response, diagnosis of immune disorders, information about inherited immune disease, acquired immune disease, and autoimmune diseases, including primary immune deficiency, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), lupus, multiple sclerosis, type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and graves disease along with treatments, tips for coping with immune disorders, a glossary, and a directory ... /  

RC636 .B556 2016         Blood and circulatory disorders sourcebook :basic consumer health information about blood and circulatory system disorders, such as anemia, leukemia, lymphoma, Rh disease, hemophilia, thrombophilia, other bleeding and clotting deficiencies, and artery, vascular, and venous diseases, including facts about blood types, blood donation, bone marrow and stem cell transplants, tests and medications, and tips for maintaining circulatory health; along with a glossary of related terms and a list of resources for additional help and information. /  

RC682 .S48 2014         Heart-sick :the politics of risk, inequality, and heart disease / Shim, Janet K., 1969-

RJ387.A25 F384 2014         AIDS :science and society / Fan, Hung, 1947-

RJ61 .C5427 2017         Childhood diseases and disorders sourcebook :basic consumer health information about the physical, mental, and developmental health of pre-adolescent children, including facts about infectious diseases, asthma and allergies, cancer, diabetes, growth disorders, and conditions affecting the blood, heart, ear, nose, throat, gastrointestinal tract, kidney, liver, bones, muscles, brain, lungs, skin, and eyes; along with information about vaccines, medications, wellness promotion, a glossary of related terms, and a list of resources for parents /  

Dental Care SourcebookRK61 .O66 2016         Dental care and oral health sourcebook :basic consumer health information about caring for the mouth and teeth, including facts about dental hygiene and routine care guidelines, fluoride, sealants, tooth whitening systems, cavities, root canals, extractions, implants, veneers, dentures, and orthodontic and orofacial procedures; along with information about periodontal (gum) disease, canker sores, dry mouth, temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders (TMJ), oral cancer, and other conditions that impact oral health, suggestions for ... /  

RM301.15 .I94 2016         Drugs :a very short introduction / Iversen, Leslie L., author.

RT55 .I79 2017         NCLEX_PN premier 2017 with 2 practice tests :online + book + video tutorials + mobile. /  

RT62 .M66 2017         NCLEX-PN Secrets Study Guide :Complete Review, Practice Tests, Video Tutorials for the national council licensure examination for practical nurses. / NCLEX Exam Secrets Test Prep Team

RT62 .S28 2017         Saunders comprehensive review for the NCLEX-RN examination / Silvestri, Linda Anne, author.

RT79 .N863 2016         Nursing school entrance exams /  

RT82 .L67 2016         Nursing beyond the bedside :60 non-hospital careers in nursing / Lowey, Susan Eva, author. 1972-

RT82 .W66 2017         Mentoring in nursing and healthcare :supporting career and personal development / Woolnough, Helen M., author.

S - Agriculture

SF756.28 .R67 2013         Career choices for veterinary technicians :opportunities for animal lovers / Rose, Rebecca, 1966- author.

SF761 .I443 2012         Illustrated veterinary anatomical nomenclature / Constantinescu, Gheorghe M., 1932- editor

Duke's Physiology of domestic animalsSF768 .R44 2015         Dukes' physiology of domestic animals. /  

T - Technology

TA164 .P56 2017         The body builders :inside the science of the engineered human / Piore, Adam, author.

TP248.15 .R46 2017         Biotechnology for beginners / Renneberg, Reinhard.

TP248.2 .G57 2014         Medical biotechnology / Glick, Bernard R., author.

TR267.5.A3 F3782 2017         Adobe Photoshop CC :2017 release / Faulkner, Andrew, author.

TX763 .B525 2016         How to bake everything :simple recipes for the best baking / Bittman, Mark, author.

U & V - Military & Naval Science

UC74 .H69 2017         The Military Advantage :The Guide to Military and Veterans Benefits / Terry Howell author

UG1242.D7 C86 2017         Drones, surveillance, and targeted killings /  

Youth Collection

JUV PE1117 .R43 2003         Readers' theater. /  

JUV SB413.C5 Z56 2011         Eliza's cherry trees :Japan's gift to America / Zimmerman, Andrea Griffing.

Vast fields of ordinaryPZ7.B915985 Vas 2009         The vast fields of ordinary / Burd, Nick.

PZ7.D29392 Lem 2012         The lemonade war / Davies, Jacqueline, 1962-

PZ7.L3483 Dre 2017         Dreamland burning / Latham, Jennifer, author.

PZ7.M639874 All 2016         All we have left / Mills, Wendy, 1973- author.

PZ7.P17526 We 2017         We're all wonders / Palacio, R. J, author, illustrator.

PZ7.P75163 Abb 2014         Abby Carnelia's one & only magical power / Pogue, David, 1963-

PZ7.R945 St 2016         Stepping Stones :A Refugee Family's Journey / Ruurs, Margriet, author.

PZ7.1.R53 G68 2013         Goth Girl and the ghost of a mouse / Riddell, Chris, author, illustrator.

PZ7.5.C76 One 2015         One / Crossan, Sarah, author

PZ8.S34525 Rum 2013         Rump :the true story of Rumpelstiltskin / Shurtliff, Liesl.


WorldmarkGN333 .W67 2017         Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life /  

HA203 .U172         State rankings :a statistical view of America. / State rankings (Washington, D.C.)

HF1010 .N37 2017         Nations of the world :a political, economic, and business handbook /  

HF5415.332.H6 N49 2017         Household Spending :Who Spends How Much (American Money) / Editorial Staff at New Strategist Press

JV6450 .I46 2017         Immigration & immigrant communities (1650-2016) /  

KF9217 .C75 2017         The criminal justice system / Criminal justice. 2017.

PK6239 .A93 2006         Farsi :Farsi-English English-Farsi dictionary & phrasebook / Awde, Nicholas.

Q123 .D53 2017         A dictionary of science / Law, Jonathan.

QC981.8.G56 E46 2016         Encyclopedia of climate change / Encyclopedia of global warming.

RA784 .N88 2016         Salem health :nutrition /  

CancerRC265 .C336 2016         Cancer /  

S930 .E58 2016         Environment & conservation (1791-2015) /  


AUDBK RC280.L8 K35 2016         When breath becomes air / Kalanithi, Paul, author.

C-disc M1630.18.M86 B33 2012         Babel /  

C-disc M1630.18.S95 A19 2014         1989 /  

C-disc ML3534.6.C45 J53 2005         Balls Under the Red Flag: / Jian, Cui

C-disc ML410.H13 M47 2016         Händel's Messiah :complete oratorio /  

MEDIA BR302 .T55 2016         This changed everything :500 years of the reformation. /  

MEDIA D804.66.S48 J68 2016         Defying the Nazis :the Sharps' war /  

MEDIA DS932.7 .U53 2016         Under the sun /  

WeinerMEDIA E901.1.W45 W45 2016         Weiner /  

MEDIA HD9340.A2 P483 2017         Pet fooled /  

MEDIA HV1569.3.W65 T57 2014         Invitation to dance /  

MEDIA HV4505 .Y466 2011         Homeless? :[an American question] /  

MEDIA HV5840.M6 C37 2016         Cartel land / Cartel land (Motion picture)

MEDIA HV6534.N5 W46 2016         The witness /  

MEDIA ML420.S5635 W43 2016         What happened, Miss Simone? / What happened, Miss Simone? (Motion picture)

MEDIA N6494.E27 T76 2015         Troublemakers /  

MEDIA PL767 .F85 2004         Fuji musume /  

MEDIA PN1992.77 .A45 2016         All the way /  

RootsMEDIA PN1992.77 .R66 2016         Roots / Roots (Television program : 2016)

MEDIA PN1997 .B438 2017         Beauty and the Beast /  

MEDIA PN1997 .B478 2016         The best intentions /  

MEDIA PN1997 .C38 2016         Cat people. /  

MEDIA PN1997 .C45 2016         Chimes at midnight / Chimes at midnight (Motion picture)

MEDIA PN1997 .C4647 2000         Chocolat / Chocolat (Motion picture : 2000)

MEDIA PN1997 .C54 1995         Clerks /  

MEDIA PN1997 .E293 1999         Easy rider / Easy rider (Motion picture)

MEDIA PN1997 .F6745 2006         Forrest Gump / Forrest Gump (Motion picture)

MEDIA PN1997 .K855 2003         Kumonosujō: Throne of blood (Spider's web castle) /  

Ox-bow incidentMEDIA PN1997 .O9 2003         Ox-bow incident /  

MEDIA PN1997 .P533 2001         Places in the heart /  

MEDIA PN1997 .S66 2017         Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs /  

MEDIA PN1997 .T614 2005         Ernest Hemingway's To have and have not /  

MEDIA PN1997 .Z36 2016         The story of the last chrysanthemum =Zangiku monogatari /  

MEDIA PN1997.2 .A67 2016         April and the extraordinary world /  

MEDIA PN1997.2 .D47 2016         From afar =Desde allá /  

MEDIA PN1997.2 .H45 2016         Hell or high water /  

MEDIA PN1997.2 .L36 2016         Lamb /  

MEDIA PN1997.2 .M6665 2017         Moonlight /  

MEDIA PN1997.2 .V36 2005         Vanity fair / Vanity fair (Motion picture : 2004)

Vanity FairMEDIA PN1997.2 .Z47 2017         Zero days. /  

MEDIA PN1997.2.W3 W563 2007         The wind that shakes the barley / Wind that shakes the barley (Motion picture)

MEDIA PR2987 .O84 2016         Othello [2015 version, recorded live at Stratford-Upon-Avon] /  

MEDIA QL76 .I57 2016         See the Keepers :Inside the Zoo /  

MEDIA RC523.2 .C363 2016         Can Alzheimer's be stopped? /  

MEDIA RJ506.A9 L534 2016         Life, animated /  

MEDIA S494.5.P47 I65 2015         Inhabit :a permaculture perspective /  

MEDIA TK5105.875.I57 L633 2016         Lo and behold :reveries of the connected world /