Library Event Request

The library welcomes the opportunity to host educational events that support the Santa Fe College community and promote life-long learning.

Before requesting an event, please see the Events Calendar.

Please complete the information below at least two weeks prior to your requested date.

Unless otherwise requested, all programs will be held in the library lobby. If you have questions, please call the library events coordinator, Nance Lempinen-Leedy, at 352-395-5256.

Contact Information
Program Date(s)

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Program Information


Unless otherwise discussed with library staff, seating will be lecture style. Please check any additional requirements.


Check all that are needed for your program.

Policy Reminders

  • This form is only a "request." An email will be sent upon confirmation of date/time availability.
  • Light food and drinks are allowed during programs in the designated area of the lobby. Library staff is not responsible for procurement, serving, and/or clean-up of refreshments.
  • The contact person on this form must be present for the duration of the scheduled event and will serve as the main contact person to library staff.

View the full Policy.

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