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Virtual Librarian

What is a Virtual Librarian?

A librarian added to your online course in Canvas to field questions about research and library usage as well as develop course specific library materials and assignments.

What does the Virtual Librarian do?

  • Teach Information Literacy skills through course specific lessons and assignments designed by the Virtual Librarian in coordination with course faculty
  • Help students access and search online library resources such as the library catalog, electronic databases, eBooks, and e-journals
  • Help students find authoritative course specific resources online or in the library
  • Help resolve technical difficulties in accessing online library materials
  • Inform students of special library services that occur during the semester
  • Act as a resource for students and faculty about library materials and services
  • Offer chat reference assistance within your Canvas class

Can a Virtual Librarian help?

Do any of your assignments require research? If so, a librarian would be helpful, especially if you require peer-reviewed sources. Are you tired of students only using websites as sources in their papers? A librarian can guide students to more authoritative sources.


Contact: Nance Lempinen-Leedy, Reference Librarian at 352-395-5256 or by e-mail at .